North American Markball League; A Fictional Sport & A Fictional History: Expansion Council OPEN!

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16 hours ago, neo_prankster said:

Have there been any rumblings of a rival league popping up anytime soon?

I plan on adding a rival league in this timeline, but not for a while yet. the NAML is just too good right now that no other league would stand a chance against them.

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1959 NAML Playoffs

First Round

(3) Michigan Bandits vs (6) Toronto Nationals

The Bandits came in confident to this match, even though they were only 9 points above the Stallions. Michigan would open the scoring early with Hugh Westbrook getting a point 38 seconds in, giving the Bandits the momentum. However, the pace would quickly die down, and there were very few shots for the next few minutes until Westbrook finally got one past Andy Kappert, making it 5-0 Bandits. Michigan would get two more goals before the end of the quarter, while Toronto couldn't get one to go, but got four points. the Bandits would start quickly in the second, but still couldn't score, settling for two points. After a Toronto goal by Theo Krakowski, the Bandits would reply with a goal and point of their own. Toronto would finish the quarter with a goal from Russel Carlyle, and were down by 8 at the half. In the third, Toronto would finally solve the Bandits defense, and would eventually tie the game at 22 halfway through. The game would turn into a defensive stalemate again after that, but in the last rush of the quarter, Harry Keener would catch Kappert off his line, and hit the ball bar-down, restoring Michigan's lead. In the fourth, Krakowski would score twice in quick succession, giving Toronto their first lead of the game. Unfortunately, their glory has short-lived as Westbrook would get the lead right back 20 seconds later, and they would never look back. The defense was rock-solid, and the Bandits would add two goals while Toronto would only get another point with less than three minutes to go. Michigan would take it by a final score of 40-31.


(4) St. Louis Gatekeepers vs (5) Milwaukee Dragons

In St. Louis, Clark Street Stadium was reported by many to be the fullest and loudest it ever was as the 'Keepers started their title defense. The home fans would not be disappointed as Arnold Lejoscasa and Howard Tremble combined for three goals within the first 7 minutes of the match. After this scoring spree, the offense would die down, with only points being scored for the rest of the quarter. St. Louis led 14-1 through 21 minutes of play. In the second, Milwaukee would finally get the goal they needed when Willy Trenhue punched one in from close-range. After both teams traded points, Christopher McPherson and Tremble would score for the 'Keepers, and 41 seconds later, Heckie O'Caton would get one back for the Dragons. Despite the late goal, the Dragons were still down by 14 at the half. In the third, St. Louis would score an early point, but there was no more scoring until 9 minutes later, when Milwaukee got a point of their own. After Trenhue missed a great chance at a goal and got a point instead, Lejocasa would take advantage by scoring his third of the game. The 'Keepers would end the quarter with a goal and point from McPherson, now leading by 21 after 3. The fourth quarter started with the teams trading points early on, then trading goals 6 minutes later. Trenhue would score with 5 minutes left, but at that point, there was no chance for the Dragons to come back. The teams would end the quarter like it started, by each scoring a point of their own. St. Louis would advance much to the delight of their home crowd by a score of 40-23.




(1) Philadelphia Falcons vs (4) St. Louis Gatekeepers

The 'Keepers came into this one hoping for a repeat of the previous year, where they defeated the first-seed Nationals as the fourth seed. However, they didn't get off to a good start, allowing a goal by Jeremy Markson under 4 minutes in. The 'Keepers would reply with several rushes, but the P's defense stood tall. St. Louis would eventually get a point, but Philly would reply with a goal a minute later. Late in the quarter Lejoscasa would get the 'Keepers first goal, making the score 9-5 for the Falcons after 1. 3 minutes into the second quarter, Lejocasa would tie the game for St. Louis off a shot from an impossible angle. However, Patrick MacKenzie would retake the lead for the P's less than two minutes later. After a period of slow play, Markson would get a goal and point, increasing the Philly lead to 9. The Falcons would go full defensive mode after, but the Daunting Duo would break through late, cutting the lead back to 4 before the half. Both teams tried to go all out offensively in the third, with Lejoscasa once again tying the game early on, only to have the Falcons retake the lead with a point a minute later. After another period of defense prevailing, Lejoscasa scored once again, giving the 'Keepers their first lead of the game. the P's would wake up after, not letting St. Louis get a point for the rest of the quarter, while they would quickly retake the lead and more, eventually taking a 9-point lead after 3. Both teams would have several chances very early in the fourth, but both goalies only allowed points until Leo Adanny brought St. Louis within 6. The 'Keepers would get a point, then a key goal from Tremble to get to within one with 13 minutes to take the lead. St. Louis would get a chance right after, but goalkeeper Charles Jamison would deflect the ball out of bounds, saving his team. After that chance, Philly would not take anything for granted, sending everyone back defensively. It worked, and no points were scored until the last minute when St. Louis had everyone, even the goalkeeper up to try and score. However, the ball went right to MacKenzie, who ran the length of the field to score and secure victory for the P's, who advanced to their 4th Urquhart Cup in 6 years.


(2) Washington Warriors vs (3) Michigan Bandits

The Bandits kicked off this rivalry match with a bang, getting several chances and eventually gaining a 9-0 lead 6 minutes in, with two goals from Hugh Westbrook and a point from Dominic Abrams. Halfway through, Washington would break through the Bandit defense, with Cliff Jegou putting the Warriors within 5. Washington ended the quarter with two points from Lawrence Sanderson, doing a good job to bounce back from their slow start. In the second, the Bandits, who had been stopped halfway through the first, still couldn't get it together in the second, not even able to get a point throughout it. Washington would take advantage, taking the lead five minutes in with a goal from Sanderson, then increasing it 6 minutes later with Jegou scoring his second, and once again increasing it with Sebastian Carmaw potting one late in the quarter. Washington would lead 18-9 at the half.In the third, Michigan would finally get another point, with defenseman Mario Cracchiolo getting a rare point. Over the next 8 minutes, the Bandits would get 3 more great scoring chances, but only came away with points. Down by five, Westbrook would get another goal, and set up Daniel Thorn to take the lead. Washington, who hadn't scored yet in the quarter, would retake the lead with 8 seconds left in the quarter, off a free kick from Sanderson. In the fourth, Bert Olhouser would get Washington a goal 4 minutes in, giving them a 5-point lead. 3 minutes later, Thorn would score again, and it was once again a one-point game. Jegou would get the Warriors a point, but Michigan would retake the lead with 4 minutes to go, via a goal from Westbrook. Washington couldn't get themselves back together, only getting one more point in the remaining minutes. Michigan would win the game 29-28, and advanced to their first Urquhart Cup since 1954.



Urquhart Cup Final Preview:

I forgot to include this is last year's playoffs, the Cup match will be held in Washington's President's Park. the Stadium holds 51,000 and last hosted the inaugural match in 1947, Which Washington won over Philadelphia. Next year's game will be played in Chicago's Columbus Stadium.


Michigan @ Philadelphia, at Washington, D.C.

Previous Playoff Game: 1957 Semifinals

Result: Philadelphia 34-25 Michigan

This Urquhart Cup matchup has been played once before, that was back in 1954, Michigan's last appearance in the game. Philly won the match by 9 points to win their first Cup, and now they have a chance to tie the Bandits for most Urquhart Cup victories. Expect strong all-around games from both teams, and for one of the forwards to have a crazy game up front. There shouldn't be any extra rough play, since these teams don't see each other as rivals, though that may change after this game. This one will be fun to watch.

Prediction: The Falcons will win their third cup with a 38-34 victory.


This matchup was definitely one of the more expected ones compared to last year. After the Falcons finally won their first cup, they were bound to win at least one more, and now they have the chance to win their third. In my mind, the P's are gonna easily win it, but I feel the Bandits have a great chance at their fourth cup. What do you guys think? All C&C appreciated.


Thanks for reading!

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1959 Urquhart Cup Final

Date: September 26, 1959

Location: President's Park, Washington, D.C.

Weather: 70°F (21°C), Clear, Light Air

Attendance: 50,452


Just like the inaugural cup, President's Park was filled for the 13th Urquhart Cup. The first-seeded Falcons were coming in looking for their third cup victory in six years, while the third-seeded Bandits were looking for their fourth and first since 1952. Surprisingly, the majority of spectators at the game were Falcons supporters, with around 65% of the crowd consisting of them.


The game started off slower, but after point scored off a corner by Jeremy Markson, the offense would explode. A minute later, Daniel Thorn would score the game's first goal for the Bandits with a kick from just outside the arc. 19 seconds later, Johnny Ramsay would get the Bandits another from close-range, shocking the Falcons faithful. the Bandits would have another great chance, but Charles Jamison made a great reaction save and stopped the rebound. This would seem to kickstart Philly's offense, and a few minutes later, Herb Sauveterre cut the lead to three, deflecting a free kick with his fist. The P's continued to push, but for the next few minutes, Michigan's defense stood tall, not allowing anything. the P's would eventually get a point, then a great goal from Patrick MacKenzie, and they would take the lead. The Bandits tried to get back in the game and had three great chances, but they were all either stopped by Jamison or kicked past the pointline. Philly would make them pay, Markson would pot his first of the game after beating two defenders. Thorn would have a great chance to tie the game for Michigan in the dying seconds, but the ball hit the side of his foot and rolled through the pointline, cutting the lead to three instead. 


After 1: Philadelphia 14, Michigan 11


The Falcons knew that they had gotten lucky with all of Michigan's missed chances in the first, so their goal in the second was to increase their lead as much as possible to decrease Michigan's motivation. Their plan started off well, with the P's getting mutiple chances in the first few minutes, and it would eventually pay off, with MacKenzie scoring his second of the game off a penalty shot four minutes in. Less than two minutes later, Connor Newton would convert a corner kick straight from the corner, a rare feat. Not that much later, Markson scored a goal of his own, giving Philly a 15-point lead. After getting a point to further increase the lead, Thorn would score his second. He was hoping that it would help motivate his team, but it didn't seem to work. Michigan would give up two more goals to the Falcons in the next 4 minutes, making the lead 20 points. The Bandits would get a quick point after, and would score the last goal of the quarter. They were still in a tough spot, but they believed they had the power to do it. The Falcons scored an Urquhart Cup record 5 goals in the second quarter, as well as a record of 21 total points in the quarter.


At the half: Philadelphia 35, Michigan 20


In the third, the Bandits would finally be able to contain the Falcon offense, while getting their offense rolling. Hugh Westbrook, who was having a quiet game, would get a point 20 seconds in, and second-year rover Dominic Abrams would score a sensational goal, kicking a cross out of the air while getting pushed around by defenseman David Elvis. The way the Bandits were rolling, it looked like they could definitely get the job done, but their hard work took a major blow when weak, inaccurate Harry Keener pass was intercepted by Markson, who was in alone on rookie keeper Jack Hayes, and beat him high. Michigan was able to recover and get a goal from Westbrook, but the people watching could tell that mistake had taken away their mojo and liveliness they had before. The second half of the quarter wasn't very exciting, with no team having any real good looks at net. There also wasn't any more scoring, except for a Falcons point from Markson. As time expired in the third, Michigan coach and former Cup MVP Grad Rox gathered his team and told them to give it their best, hoping that they would be able to get their personality back. It seemed to work, as the players looked determined as they took the field for the fourth quarter.


After 3: Philadelphia 40, Michigan 29


The fourth quarter started with Michigan getting several chances, but it was the P's that opened the scoring, getting a point from MacKenzie. Once the Bandits got the ball back, they would continue to pressure the Philly backline, and Westbrook would complete his hat-trick by capitalizing on a free kick, cutting the lead to 8. But once again, similar to the third quarter, a bad turnover by Michigan would lead to a Sauveterre breakaway, and while the initial shot was stopped by Hayes, he kicked in the rebound, causing another huge blow to the Bandits' chances. Unlike the previous time, the Bandits would bounce right back and Keener would redeem himself by scoring on a long shot, once again cutting the lead to 8. Unfortunately for the Bandits, after that goal the P's defense would be like a brick wall, letting few chances in. The Falcons offense would get two more points, getting the lead back to 10 points. Westbrook would kick a point, but that would be all that the Bandits could muster as bench forward Andrew Presley would kick a goal in the dying minutes, sealing the deal for Philly. the players stormed the field as the final whistle blew, as the Falcons had captured their third title in six years, tying them with the bandits for most all-time.


Final Score: Philadelphia 51, Michigan 38



Final Bracket:


The Urquhart Cup MVP award was given to Markson, for his great play up front and stopping defensive rushes. "It's a weird feeling. I'm incredibly grateful and happy that we won, but part of me wishes we were still out there playing to win. I'll never forget this day for sure." he said to the many reporters following the victory. In Michigan, head coach Grad Rox was still pleased with the performance. "We were down by as much as 20 at one point, and we didn't give up until the end. I'm proud of my boys. It just wasn't our day." He said. 


Philly becomes the second team to win three cups, with the other being Michigan. However, Michigan won their three titles in five years, while the P's won theirs in 6. 


In the commissioner's post game conference, all the talk was about expansion. "We don't want to give away too much just yet, but after careful consideration, we have chosen a list of all the cities we believe are capable of supporting an NAML team. We will reveal the list in the offseason."


So Philly are the champs once again. Not too surprising, but the scoreline definitely was. I wasn't expecting 89 combined points between the two teams.


The expansion council vote will be up either today or tomorrow, so look out for that. I will have a list of 8 cities (mainly western) for you guys to choose from. Voting will be choosing your top three cities, and I'll decide which two join the league once I tally up all the votes.


Once again, Thanks for reading!

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It's that time when I turn to you guys to pick which two cities will receive NAML teams between 1961 and 1962. The rules are basically the same as last time.


NAML Expansion Council


Guidelines: Please try to follow these guidelines, It will make things easier for me. For those that have previously participated in expansion council, you may use the same characters as before, or people related to them.


Name: Pick a full name for your character.

Bio: A short description of what your character does for a living, their age, where they originated from, where they live currently, their life experience with Markball, etc. There are no limits for what your character can be, except for NAML executives.

Top Three Cities: Pick your top three cities you would like to see host an NAML team. Unlike last time, There will not be a specific area guaranteed to get a team.

Ideas for expansion teams (optional): If you have an idea for what the teams could look like, or name ideas, I'd love to hear them.


After a year of meeting with people interested in bringing teams to their cities, Commissioner Urquhart and his executives would carefully go over every city, and eventually settled on 8 they felt could support a franchise successfully. of the 8 cities, 2 are located on the west coast, 4 are in the and Midwest and South Central, and 2 in the Southeast.


San Francisco, CA

Population: 740,316 

Stadium: Bay Area Stadium (48,873)

Stadium Rating: 37%

Fan Interest: 76%

Even though Bay Area Stadium isn't the best, the general fan interest in the city is great, considering they only got their first markball team in 1954. A team based in San Francisco is a great opportunity for more people to get into the sport, with the Bay Area's population being over 3 million.


Los Angeles, CA

Population: 2,479,015

Stadium: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (101,671)

Stadium Rating: 94%

Fan Interest: 80%

Los Angeles was one of the cities Urquhart said he was 'extremely impressed' with. the LAMC can hold a markball field, so a new stadium wouldn't have to be built. It is also a world-class complex that many fans would be able to enjoy games at. Fan interest is growing with the possibility of getting a team, and LA's Western Markball League team has one of the highest attendances in the league.


Omaha, NE

Population: 301,598

Stadium: Nebraska Stadium (18,190)

Stadium Rating: 71%

Fan Interest: 63%

One of the more surprising candidates, Omaha's supporters are some of the loudest in the CML. Even though Markball isn't the most popular sport in the city, having an NAML team as their first professional team would definitely get more people interested.


Charlotte, NC

Population: 201,564

Stadium: Queen Charlotte Stadium (23,833)

Stadium Rating: 82%

Fan Interest: 94%

With the Charlotte Scotsmen tearing up the EML, fan interest has increased dramatically in the past few years. Similar to Omaha, Charlotte is looking for their first professional team, and interest would increase even more with an NAML team. In an effort to increase their odds, Queen Charlotte Stadium has has some parts renovated to increase capacity.


Miami, FL

Population: 291,688

Stadium: Miami-Dade County Stadium (19,274)

Stadium Rating: 79%

Fan Interest: 75%

With the large increase in Miami's Hispanic population, the NAML will have an opportunity to spark interest in a new demographic. Even though the city only has amateur teams, Many people follow the sport and even created their own version of the sport to play on the area's many beaches.


Dallas, TX

Population: 679,684

Stadium: C. Winthrop Young Stadium (30,245)

Stadium Rating: 70%

Fan Interest: 64%

Dallas was a founding city in the CML, but only started being consistent in the past few years. Despite this, fan support has been strong throughout, and the team's supporters are known for their passion and willingness to introduce new people to the sport. The city also has connections to the sports' founder, Graham Urquhart. C. Winthrop Young was one of the men Urquhart trained in the 1870's.


Houston, TX

Population: 938,219

Stadium: Lellan Otis Stadium (88,206)

Stadium Rating: 45%

Fan Interest: 63%

In the Southern parts of the state, Houston was not a founding CML member, but their team has enjoyed success, winning the title twice. Even though Markball isn't the most popular sport, the Markball supporters in the city are extremely passionate about their team, and are always attending no matter how bad the team is.


Minneapolis, MN

Population: 482,872

Stadium: Alumni Field (40,171)

Stadium Rating: 92%

Fan Interest: 94%

The second city Urquhart was extremely impressed with was Minneapolis. The people he met with were very welcoming, and said that they would do whatever they could to get a team. Alumni Field is an old stadium but with renovations, it is a great place to watch games. Fan interest is also very high, with their CML team's game routinely selling out.



So there are the cities you can choose from. Remember to pick your top three, not just one.


Voting will end on Sunday, at Noon ET. I'll then tally up the votes, and reveal which two cities will get teams.


With that being said, Expansion Council is now OPEN!

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Aengus Lynch, 46 year old Magnate of Lynch Construction, a vast supporter of Markball that's been played around Boston in the various colleges and Universities in the city. He relished the chance to help build the grounds in Boston so he bid for the job and won it handily; his company finished Boston Shore Stadium.   Now he's one of the leaders of the "Hounds of Glory" Supporter Group, he's seen among the crowd of the Boston faithful in the house he built. Now having seen the Hounds win he's eager to help support the league in growing one of his favorite games.

1. Minneapolis
2. Charlotte
3. Omaha

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Sarah Williams, 75 year old professor for University of Pittsburgh. A big Markball fan, her two sons both played. Originally from Philadelphia, she watches every game she can and has supported movements to create teams in local high schools. After phillys recent success, she wants more to experience the great game. Her votes go to:





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Name: Jofa Anderson

Bio: Growing up in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, Jofa played Markball as a child and in college. He is now 34 years old and owns a regional gas station company called "Northstar Gas" which serves the upper midwest and is headquartered in Bloomington MN. Jofa has spent the last decade donating money to local youth and high school programs in an attempt to build interest in the game.

Top Three Cities: 

1: Minneapolis

2: Omaha

3: Charlotte

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Name: Roy Silvers

Bio: At 29 years old, from Hickory, NC, Silvers learned of Markball from friends who played casually. He has grown intensely passionate about the sport and follows the NAML religiously. He runs several NC newspapers, and has run stories on Markball in his papers in an attempt to grow even more interest in the sport.


1. Charlotte, NC. Silvers knows firsthand just how passionate the people of Charlotte are. He believes that Markball has potential for incredible growth in the South, and it starts with Charlotte. Suggested names include Bankers, Racers, and Stingers.

2. Minneapolis, MN. The popularity of Markball in Minnesota cannot be understated. With a fanbase and stadium ready to go, Minneapolis is an obvious choice for this expansion.

3. Los Angeles, CA. With how big LA is, there's no way Markball won't find a market. While Silvers isn't quite sure that using LAMC is the best choice (its large size could lead to a seemingly smaller crowd than is actually there), LA should provide a nice market for the West Coast.

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On 2/12/2018 at 9:34 PM, Goran The Man said:

Name: Giovanni "John" Frangione

Bio: Born in Sant'Agnello, near Napoli (Naples) in Italy in 1898, he settled and currently lives in Philadelphia, moving to Philly at the age of 7 with his family in 1905. He studied at Villanova University and is the CEO of Pennsylvania Bank. He is a passionate Markball fan and is a season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Falcons, and played for the Philadelphia Falcons between 1925-1927.

At the age of 61, Frangione will still vote. His votes go as follows:

1. Minneapolis - Fan interest is high and same is the stadium rating. Despite the relatively mid-sized population, people in St. Paul will jump on the team. Plus due to Los Angeles's isolation from the rest of the league should they get in (unless San Francisco join too), Minneapolis is the most logical choice. Potentially people in Winnipeg could be part of the fan base too (due to proximity despite the fact Minneapolis is a team in a foreign country to them unlike the Nationals and the Paulies).

2. Charlotte - The city has the passion and will immediately form a rivalry with the Warriors, further boosting its marketability, not just in the local scene but in the American scene as well. 

3. Omaha - Due to the fact it can appeal to Nebraska and nearby states to the west, adding Omaha would be a boost to the gateway to the west, and not isolated from other teams (can form rivalries with the Gatekeepers, Dragons, Crusaders and the potential Minneapolis team). Despite the relatively small population, the populace of Nebraska will really get behind the team. It is a bonus that it would be their first top-flight team should they get added.


Honourable mention: Los Angeles - Whilst it is the largest market out of the ones selected, they will be isolated from the rest of the league and depends on San Francisco. If they join without San Francisco, they would have to prepare for long away trips every game (closest away game is against St. Louis out of existing teams). San Francisco does not have a sufficient stadium rating to have a top-flight markball team.

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W. Harris Reynolds, 40, is a shipping tycoon whose business is based on Long Island. His bids are as follows:

1. Charlotte

2. Minneapolis

3. Omaha

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Leopold M Shenkarow

44 Years Old

Wall Street Investor


Los Angeles: How much more corporate support do you need when Walt Disney and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer among others call this town home?


Minneapolis/St Paul: No movie studios in the Twin Cities, but you still got Hamm's Brewing and General Mills as potential sponsors.


Miami: Keep an eye on a little hamburger store they have down there called Burger King, because you're gonna hear those two words off of every tongue decades from now.

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Name: Thomas Groves, age 47

Bio: Plastic tycoon, Long Beach, CA. Was part of an investment group that attempted to lure the Washington Senators of Major League Baseball to Los Angeles in 1954. With the Dodgers and Giants having relocated to CA in 1958, Mr Groves has set his sights now on bringing Markball to the west coast.

1. Los Angeles. Markball will succeed in LA with or without a team in San Francisco with the right investors. Breaking into the Pacific coast opens up expansion opportunities for other major western cities all the way from San Diego to Seattle.

2. San Francisco. Although the stadium is an issue, the league should consider expanding to the Bay Area as soon as Los Angeles is awarded a team. The stadium can come later.

3. Houston. Expansion into Texas also creates unique opportunists to bring the sport to an untapped region of the country with a surging population.

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Jimmothy Michels Silver. A multi-millionaire from Portland, made his money on selling overpriced sporting ware called "QuickSilver". Known world wide as eccentric, his love of sports stems from his enthusiasm. He hopes one day to own many teams in Portland, but for now he'll settle for being on the consul for expansion. 


1 Los Angeles

2 Minneapolis 

3 Dallas

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Johnny Alberts Jr, Owner of over 2 dozen Ford Dealerships from Michigan to Minnesota

Age: 47

Favorite Team: Miwaukee Dragons

His votes:

#1. Minneapolis: The close proximity other NAML teams, large population, and outstanding fan support make Minneapolis an easy addition

#2. Los Angeles: Despite the large gap between LA and the rest of the NAML, their population can not be ignored.

#3. Charlotte: Miami does have a greater potential to grow in the future, but it isn't there yet. For now, the best way for the NAML to enter the South is through North Carolina. Plus they give Washington a new regional rival.

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Robert Wentz, owner of 1 McDonald's in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, owner of 10 Ford Dealerships in Chicagoland, and co-founder of the Crusaders Legion the largest of the supporters groups for the Crusaders in 1947

Age: 48

Favorite Team: Chichago


1. Minneapolis: Close to other NAML teams and a large population ready to support a professional markball team. Also gives the Crusaders and the Gatekeepers another rival.

2. Omaha: There CML team has the loudest supporters in the Midwest and would get a huge following being the only professional team in town. Also sets up close geographic rivalries with Chicago and St. Louis

3. Dallas: Would help the NAML expand into a market that gives a footprint in the State of Texas that could grow into the 4th largest metropolitan area in the US and their CML team has had consistent fan support despite some lean years before becoming a consistent team recently. It would be a long trip for Dallas for most of their road games with over half of the NAML teams being in the Eastern Timezone

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Charlie O’Donnell is a 57 year old grocery store chain owner who born in Ireland, but immigrated to Fredericton, New Brunswick at an early age with the rest of his family. His grocery store chain O’Donnell’s has a huge presence in most of Eastern Canada and while there is no Markball team in Fredericton currently, O’Donnell has read about the sport in the newspaper and is a huge fan of the sport, with Montreal being his favorite team. 


Without further ado, here are O’Donnell’s votes: 


1. Minneapolis, MN: With a beautiful stadium and strong fan support in a rapidly growing city, O’Donnell feels that Minneapolis has too good of a bid to pass up. 


2. Omaha, NE: Omaha may be a small town, but seeing as they have a passionate fanbase, O’Donnell thinks a team in Omaha would help spread more interest in the sport in the region as well as possibly help expand Markball’s presence in the west. 


3. Houston, TX: O’Donnell’s third vote goes to Houston as he feels that while their stadium may not be the best, a loyal fanbase and a large population will help expand Markball’s footprint in the South. 

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Derrick Sellars, 25, is a young, hotshot open wheel racer from Eau Claire, Wisconson. He started racing midgets at age 16, filling in for a family friend who was injured. And he won the first race he entered. After that, he competed at his local track for 3 years until he got a surprise visit from AAA Stock Car Racing owner Ed Walsh, who had visited the track after hearing from a source that he was schooling everyone at the track. Which earned him a ride with Walsh’s Kurtis Kraft team. He did not get an Indy 500 win until USAC took over, and he moved teams to drive an Offy fielded by JC Agajanian, where he would win the 1958 Indianapolis 500. There have been rumors of him maybe racing a European-built Cooper in the 1962 running, but as the publically loved Sellars says, “The beans will spill themselves.” He has always been a Milwaukee Dragons fan, and is honored to be a part of the council. He votes for:


1) Los Angeles, CA - As someone said, “Go west, young man”

2) Omaha, NE - Milwaukee being near opens the door wide open for a rivalry

3) Minneapolis, MN - Another rivalry hotspot

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Thanks for all the responses guys! It's really cool seeing everyone's reasoning for why each of the cities deserve a team. I've tallied up all the votes and can now say which two cities will receive teams.


NAML Announces Two New Franchises, Realignment, Other Changes

The NAML's headquarters in Washington D.C. were packed as commissioner Thomas Urquhart stepped up to the podium to announce the locations of the league's two expansion franchises. "As a new decade approaches quickly, We would like to welcome two new cities that will join our current 10, and help expand our great sport of Markball. Congratulations to the two most popular bids: Minneapolis, Minnesota and Los Angeles, California on both receiving an expansion team to play in either the 1961 or 1962 seasons.  I would also like to acknowledge the bids from Omaha, Nebraska and Charlotte, North Carolina for being third and fourth place respectively. We hope that one day, these two great cities will also gain their own teams. As for Minnesota and Los Angeles, we will spend the next year developing identities for each team to be proud of."


The Final Voting Tallies for each of the cities (based on a 3-2-1 scoring system) were:

Minneapolis - 30 points

Los Angeles - 15 points

Omaha: - 13 points

Charlotte: 12 points

Houston: 3 points

San Francisco: 2 points

Dallas: 2 points

Miami: 1 point


Urquhart also announced that for the first time in league history, there would be two divisions: One Eastern, and One Western. The divisions will look like this:


NAML Western Division:

Michigan Bandits

Chicago Crusaders

St. Louis Gatekeepers

Milwaukee Dragons


Los Angeles


NAML Eastern Division:

Philadelphia Falcons

Washington Warriors

Toronto Nationals

New York Knights

Boston Wolfhounds

Montreal Évêques


Finally, Urquhart announced a slight change to the season, starting in 1960, the amount of games in a season will be increased to 22, up from the 20 that had been used since the league was formed. Urquhart hopes that more games will give teams and the league a change to make more profit, as well as have more divisional matches.


So now that the first part of this expansion process is done, I would now like to ask for any ideas of team identities, from the name to the colours, even to the jersey design. All help is appreciated!



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I've voted for Charlotte every time, but it's never won yet. Next time for sure! Excited for Minneapolis's and Los Angeles's identity!

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