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On 1/26/2019 at 2:29 PM, Hobogrish said:

I think Seattle Fathoms or Trappers would be interesting.  I know they are not in the top 12 names being floated.  I was trying to think of a different yet relevant name.  There you go. 

I like the sound of Trappers, (but it might not fly in this day and age). Fathoms is pretty cool...could be a unique nautical name...good idea.

On 1/30/2019 at 7:20 PM, deadinthewater said:

It looks like Tacoma Defiance has snagged the Kraken concept :


I'm not sure why they chose that ship profile.    They should have hired you, Sparky.

Thank you ditw...I saw the Tacoma logo...interesting that another sports team would think to do a tentacled logo, because, as critics of Kraken keep telling everyone...a tentacled Kraken, Octopus, Squid name has nothing to do with Seattle😏

On 1/30/2019 at 8:15 PM, hettinger_rl said:

Would it be possible to use a wave or frozen wave shape as the lower portion of the S? Then you could have part of the tail showing in its more natural position. I mean.... it is a steel fish, so being natural doesn't have to be a concern.

Could suggestion h...I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks.

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23 hours ago, Hobogrish said:

Does this mean we get a Fathom concept?

...Not sure if I'll get the time H...

The new sweaters are gonna be an Adidas product, so I did up a new template to simulate how the concepts would look in that format...

Here's a couple for the "Evergreens"...





...A couple for the "Kraken"...






...and, I tried a variation of the sea lion logo on a "Pilots" concept...kind of an ocean-dwelling-guardian-of-the-ships idea... 



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The ‘greens grow on me (get it?) every time I see them. They’re probably my favorite you’ve made. The new template is gorgeous too.

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looks awesome.  I love the template.  Amazing how such a small change to the Adidas collar can make it so much more functional and allow for traditional designs. 


Would love to see one of the newer versions of the Sealions logo on there.  

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Any would be great.  


If if you get time to a Fathoms.  That would be awesome.  I think you could almost swap out the Kraken images to work. 

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It's been a few months since I looked at this thread, and holy snap, the work you've put in to it has been awesome!  I live in Seattle and would love to see a few of these be our eventual NHL logo and uniform.  That said, here are my two cents on each of these:





I love the whole package.  It's a great look and everything.  I generally don't like logos that are the first letter of the team name rather than the city name (like, I hate the Cincinnati Bengals using "B" instead of "C", although the Avs and old North Stars get a pass for being awesome logos) but this is a great look.  I love that it's the 1917 championship team, I love the Art Deco style to it as well.



This one is my favorite.  Especially the most current version of it.  I even love the "K" even though I'd rather see an S on the shoulder.  The presentation is awesome, it's the most fun (especially for merchandising and marketing to families), and I would easily wear that stupid kraken head hat.  I pronounce it "Crack-En", and so should you.  :P


Sea Lions:

I used to not like this one, but all the changes have grown on me to the point where it's in my top tier now.  The design is beautiful, the colors are great, and it's very cohesive.



This was one where I liked that idea, but didn't like the execution at first, but when you changed the primary logo and colors, it blew my mind how good that was.  It's gorgeous.  





I really like the idea of the Pilots, and I think the package is really good, I'm glad you abandoned the bomber jacket brown and went with the "Sea & Air Pilot" direction.  Not a big fan of the "P" logo.  With the Sea Lions logo in it's place or as the primary logo like you just played with, that would move it to Top Tier.   Yeah, your Sea Lions logo is that damn good.



This is one where I like the idea, the concept, and the colors, but I think it could be improved on.  I love that you're going with the Salish style art, it just seems to need something little  extra to go from really like to love for me.  I don't know exactly what it is, though.  There is so much on this that works, though, and it could very well easily become a Top Tier.





I like that you incorporated the city flag colors and used the S on that flag as inspiration, but for whatever reason, this one doesn't do a lot for me.  It may be that the colors don't register as well on the uniform in that graphic for my tastes, even though I think the color is a nice color. I'm also one of the few people up here I know that don't like the Steelheads name, despite it's local importance, alliteration, and such.  



The design is gorgeous, the logo is beautiful, and the uniforms look great, but the mascot does nothing for me.  Sorry.  :(



Love the name and the squirrel, unexcited about the all-green unit, and really don't like the logo.  Sorry.  :(





Love the frog, don't like the E.  Don't like the name.



The NW logo is pretty awesome - design wise but not what I'm looking for in a Seattle team.  I like the ideas of plaid, native, and water in the package, but the primary logo and the name especially doesn't do anything for me.


I don't want to end this on a down note, so I will reiterate how much I've loved watching this process unfold and continue.  Your work is astounding, and the first 4-6 on this list I would easily root for and proudly wear their colors (except when they play the LA Kings).

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