American Basketball League (Alternate League!)

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In an alternate universe, Bernie Bishop and Mel Trovato form the American Basketball League, or ABL, in 1951.  It consists of 8 teams in the Northeast and Midwest.  Here are there standings after the first season (they're randomized without any bias):

Eastern Conference

  1. New York Empire (12-4)
  2. Philadelphia Bells (10-6)
  3. Boston Revs (7-9)
  4. Baltimore Poets (5-11)

Western Conference

  1. Chicago Howling Wind (13-3)
  2. Minnesota Saws (11-5)
  3. Detroit Motors (8-8)
  4. Milwaukee Brew (4-12)

In the Playoffs, the two higest teams in the conferences play each other to determine who goes to the Ultra Game.  Here's who goes:

Philadelphia Bells wins over New York Empire (3-2)

Chicago Howling Wind wins ove Minnesota Saws (3-0)

And the winner of the Ultra Game is...

Chicago Howling Wind!  They win over Philadelphia (3-1)

That's all I have right now.  Except for this logo:


C&C is always appreciated.

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I'd like to hear more about Mr Travato and Mr Bishop.


Was there another basketball league in existence that they tried to enter and wound up challenging said league instead?

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Well, Mr. Trovato is a real estate company owner from Norfolk, VA who was in love with basketball and decided it needed better recognition.  Mr. Bishop is a sportswriter from Chicago, IL who feels the same way about basketball.  They tried entering the Professional Basketball League, but when that league folded, they came together to create their own league.  Mr. Bishop is the owner of the Howling Wind, and Mr. Trovato is the owner of the Poets.  They're based on me and a friend (names changed to be private) who came up with the idea.


There will be a rival league in the West though.  Not giving any details, however.

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1951 Offseason


The Milwaukee Brew get the first draft pick in the league's first draft.  They sign star college center Hiro "Habanero" Yorohito, the league's first Japanese player.  He would hopefully help bring the team some unseen success, seeing as how the Brew only won four games the entire season.  "We want to introduce diversity in the league, plus he's quite the player," said Brew owner Jeff Brooks on the matter.  President and Baltimore Poets owner Mel Trovato hinted at a planned expansion during an interview in June.  "We want to keep certain details private, but the possible expansion cities are being considered.  It's planned for 1954."  In other news, the Chicago Howling Wind announced that they will change their name to the Howlers.  Also, here are the team owners:

New York Empire:  Kent Krisley

Philadelphia Bells:  John Stanton

Boston Revs:  Alec Apacchio

Baltimore Poets:  Mel Trovato

Chicago Howlers:  Bernie Bishop

Minnesota Saws:  Chris Prizzy

Detroit Motors:  Peter Luwang

Milwaukee Brew:  Jeff Brooks

C&C is appreciated.

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29 minutes ago, BellaSpurs said:

Team Designs???

Yeah.  I just need to draw them and post them up here.  I'm gonna do this team by team.

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In a press conference, Bernie Bishop and Mel Trovato began talks about the expansion right before the season started.  An Expansion Counsil will be needed, but voting will continue until the end of the season.  A Washington bid was placed, but the Poets rejected it.  The possible candidates are:


Cincinnati, OH

Fanbase: Fair

The city of Cincinnati may not have the strongest amount of support, but the city doesn't have much to support, so an ABL franchise could be the answer to their sports trouble.  A new arena would have to be built, however. 


Pittsburgh, PA

Fanbase: Great

Pittsburgh could definitely hold onto a team, and their great amount of support could help the city financially.  An arena is already ready, so they can immediately play.


St. Louis, MO

Fanbase: Good

St. Louis is already going to lose a team, the St. Louis Browns of the MLB, and a new team could replace them.  However, St. Louis may not turn out to be a basketball city, and a new arena is needed.


Norfolk, VA

Fanbase: Strong

Although the area isn't very large, it has strong basketball support.  An arena is already ready since it was the home to the PBL's Virginia Colonels.


Pick a Western Conference team (Cincinnati or St. Louis) and an Eastern Conference team (Pittsburgh or Norfolk.)  I will post the team designs soon, I just need to get them on TinyPic.

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I vote for Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

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Here are the first two desings (New York Empire and Philadelphia Bells):


(sorry about the lined paper... it helps out with proportions and such.)

Uniforms will come later.  C&C appreciated!

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I'm with Neo, Cinci and Pittsburgh

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13 hours ago, TCW Inc. said:

Great job man, keep up the good work

Thanks!  Haven't updated this in a while, but I have thought about continuing it, and this will keep me going.

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