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Saturday, April 7 – RVA

                Brighton Beach – 1&0

                London Athletic – 1&0

                Coventry C.C. – 0&1

                Crystal Palace Sparrows – 0&1

                Saratoga Jockeys – 1&0

                Jersey P.C. – 1&0

                New York Jumbos – 0&1

                Fordham C.C. – 0&1

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Saturday, April 14 – RVA

                Brighton Beach – 2&0

                London Athletic – 1&1

                Coventry C.C. – 1&1

                Crystal Palace Sparrows – 0&2


                Jersey P.C. – 2&0

                Fordham C.C. – 1&1

                Saratoga Jockeys – 1&1

                New York Jumbos – 0&2

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Friday, April 20 – London, England

The Crystal Palace Sparrows officially went on the market for sale today.  Their owner, who inherited the team, George Meredith, publicly made it known that he has no interest in the sport of Velo and in operating a team in the RVA. 








Saturday, April 21 – RVA

                Brighton Beach – 3&0

                London Athletic – 2&1

                Coventry C.C. – 1&2

                Crystal Palace Sparrows – 0&3


                Jersey P.C. – 3&0

                Fordham C.C. – 2&1

                Saratoga Jockeys – 1&2

                New York Jumbos – 0&3

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Wednesday, April 25 – Aberdeen, Scotland

One of the most troubling issues facing teams in both the RVA and NYVL is getting new talent.  To address that issue RVA President George Lacey Hillier introduced the Aberdeen Academy today.  The director of the academy will now be the one who will look to scout new talent.  To enter the Academy, one must reach the age of 14 in the calendar year they first attend.  They may remain in the academy up to 9 years.  Those who are below the age of 18 will receive an academic education as well as development as a Velo rider.  Going forward the RVA and NYVL have agreed that they will hold a joint draft.  The best riders from the Academy will be invited to the draft.  The teams who have open roster spots and wish to fill them with a rookie will select from among those Academy members who were invited to the draft.  The announcement was made in Aberdeen, Scotland.  This will be the home of the Academy.  Why Aberdeen?  One interesting fact is several riders who have ridden Velo professionally thus far have come out of Aberdeen.  This helped earn the city the right to host the first academy.  First because it is anticipated other such institutions will open in the coming years.  Also revealed today was the logo for the Aberdeen Academy.


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Saturday, April 28 – RVA

                Brighton Beach – 4&0

                London Athletic – 3&1

                Coventry C.C. – 1&3

                Crystal Palace Sparrows – 0&4


                Fordham C.C. – 3&1

                Jersey P.C. – 3&1

                Saratoga Jockeys – 2&2

                New York Jumbos – 0&4

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Saturday, May 5 – RVA

                Brighton Beach – 5&0

                London Athletic – 3&2

                Crystal Palace Sparrows – 1&4

                Coventry C.C. – 1&4


                Fordham C.C. – 4&1

                Jersey P.C. – 4&1

                Saratoga Jockeys – 2&3

                New York Jumbos – 0&5

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Just want to say I am enjoying seeing this thread build up and I look forward to how these leagues start expanding in the burgeoning days of flight and beyond.

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Saturday, May 12 – RVA

                Brighton Beach – 6&0

               London Athletic – 4&2

               Crystal Palace Sparrows – 1&5

                Coventry C.C. – 1&5


                Fordham C.C. – 5&1

                Jersey P.C. – 4&2

                Saratoga Jockeys – 3&3

                New York Jumbos – 0&6

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Monday, June 4 – Manhattan, New York

George Lacy Hillier, the operator and president of the RVA, visited William Kissam Vanderbilt today.  The two met to discuss how the two leagues will work together going forward in the future.  They agreed to a system of operating the offseason.  The two also came to terms on a world championship game to be called the World Match.  World Match 1 will be played in London at Stamford Bridge but then going forward just like the Title Matches it will be hosted each year by the defending champion.


Tuesday, June 5 – Brighton, England

Cut day for Brighton Beach.  Yet again Coach Rearden Lane will return.  As for his free agents to be, Sullivan Kingston and Lennon Wardrobe, well first Fordham made a good pull to lure Kingston away.  Kingston however, who is a native of nearby Hove, said he has zero intention of ever leaving his home team.  Kingston resigned for 3 years.  Coach Lane then decided to let Lennon Wardrobe go to free agency.  Padrig Paterson was moved up on the depth chart from Third Option to Cleanup.  Nicky Christophers was moved down from Cleanup to First Option.  Lastly Ike Lewis was also moved down from First to Second Option.  The Third Option roster spot is open.


Wednesday, June 6 – London, England

Cut day for London Athletic.  After an impressive first year as the head coach, Wesley Moore was easily brought back to coach the team.  The free agents he had pending were Stuart Preston and Callum Senior.  He negotiated with Preston first and resigned him.  Callum Senior was then released to free agency.  Coach Moore did publicly declare that he feels Senior is a great contributor and teammate.  He vowed to do anything he could to help Senior find a spot on another roster.  Fearhgas McWilliam was moved to the Leadoff position.  Stuart Preston was moved down to Middle, Zeke Josephs was moved down to Cleanup, and Cecil Dick was moved down to First Option.


Thursday, June 7 – London, England

Cut day for the Crystal Palace Sparrows.  The team is up for sale but has no buyer yet.  So due to the way the league is structured George Meredith will spend one more year at least as the club’s owner.  Having no interest in running the team he reupped coach Goraidh Kimball and then stepped aside to allow Kimball to do as he wished with the team.  Kimball was facing free agents Ike Herbertson and Kieron Emmett.  Kimball resigned Herbertson and allowed Emmett to go to free agency.  Graeme Radclyffe was moved up on the depth chart to the Middle position.  Ewart McAfee was moved up as well to the Cleanup position.  Todd Perkins was dropped down to the First Option position.


Friday, June 8 – Coventry, England

It is a sad day in Coventry.  The team that was once thought to have a chance one day to be champions is nearly completely a different team now.  They brought back coach Gethin Beake for a second season but Beake could do nothing to stop Urien Judd, the teams Leadoff and star player, from leaving.  Judd was courted by several teams, including Brighton Beach.  However, in the end he decided to enter free agency and sign a letter of intent with Fordham C.C.  Judd says he wants to join Fordham, go up against Brighton in the World Match, and defeat them.  There is still quite some time before signing days however, so Brighton might continue to try and convince Judd to join them.  Remember Letters of Intent are nonbinding.  As for Coventry’s other pending free agent, Donal Munro, he resigned with the club.  He as also moved up to the Leadoff spot to fill the void left by Judd.  Dylan Regan was moved up to Middle.  Ed Lincoln was moved up to Cleanup.  The First Option spot was left open.


Monday, June 11 – Bronx, New York

The owners of the Fordham Cycling Club all feel satisfied by the result of the previous season.  They therefore have no issue in bringing back Leary Abrahams.  The pending free agents were Angel Duane and Jimi MacLean.  Neither really contributed to the previous season’s success so Coach Abrahams let both go to free agency.  Cleve Woods was moved to the Middle position.  The Cleanup position and Second Option were left open.  Trace Buchanan was moved down to the First Option.


Tuesday, June 12 – Freehold Borough, New Jersey

Cut day for Jersey P.C.  The first big piece of news was that an owner has been found for the team.  It is William Lewis Dayton, Jr., a New Jersey political figure.  He purchased the team and has vowed to keep it right here in New Jersey.  He also is keeping coach Heddwyn O’Sirideain.  The free agents that Coach O’Sirideain had to deal with were Cam Bull and Rabbie Southgate.  Both played this previous season deep on the bench and had very little contribution to the team’s success.  Both were released to free agency.  Greg Revie was moved up to the Middle position.  Berry O’Meadhra was dropped down to the Second Option position.  The Cleanup and Third Option positions were left open.


Wednesday, June 13 – Saratoga Springs, New York

The Saratoga Jockeys hold their cut day.  Coach Clancy Bloxam will return as the coach.  The teams pending free agents however will not be returning to the team.  Both, Stanley Stacy and Waylon Harvey, were both let go by the team.  Cat Christophers was moved up to the Middle position.  Amhlaidh Mathewson was dropped down to the Cleanup position.  Vere Bryson was moved down to the Second Option position.  The First Option and Third Option positions remain open.


Thursday, June 14 – Manhattan, New York

Today at the New York Jumbos cut day it became official that Seosaidh Perkins is departing as the team’s head coach.  He has a letter of intent signed with Aberdeen Academy to be their first director.  In a surprising move following Coach Perkins departure, P.T. Barnum, the owner of the club, resigned both pending free agents; Grigor Rollins and Greg Dickman.  The depth chart however was massively realigned.  Boyce Durant was moved to Leadoff, Grigor Rollins remained in the Middle, Greg Dickman brought up to Cleanup, Lon Kingsley stayed First Option, Edison Hennessy dropped down to Third Option, and Larrie Kelsey dropped down to Third Option.


Friday, June 15 – Aberdeen, Scotland

Today Seosaidh Perkins officially signed as the director of the Aberdeen Academy.

                Manhattan, New York

P.T. Barnum reached out to Andrus Ainsworth, an assistant coach with Brighton Beach.  Barnum wanted to see about Ainsworth being the next head coach of the New York Jumbos, but Ainsworth informed him he had no such interest.


Monday, June 18 – Manhattan, New York

Today the New York Jumbos met with and signed Tearlach Thorburn to be their next head coach.  Thorburn had previously been an assistant coach with the Crystal Palace Sparrows.


Tuesday, June 19 – London, England

The RVA announces their schedule for 1884

---April 5---

Brighton Beach @ London Athletic

Crystal Palace Sparrows @ Coventry C.C.

---April 12---

Coventry C.C. @ Brighton Beach

London Athletic @ Crystal Palace Sparrows

---April 19---

London Athletic @ Coventry C.C.

Brighton Beach @ Crystal Palace Sparrows

---April 26---

London Athletic @ Brighton Beach

Coventry C.C. @ Crystal Palace Sparrows

---May 3---

Brighton Beach @ Coventry C.C.

Crystal Palace Sparrows @ London Athletic

---May 10---

Coventry C.C. @ London Athletic

Crystal Palace Sparrows @ Brighton Beach

---May 17---

Title Match 4 @ Preston Park Velodrome in Brighton, England

---May 31---

World Match 1 @ Stamford Bridge in London, England


Friday, June 22 – Manhattan, New York

Today is the first official signing day of the year and it belongs to the New York Jumbos.  They however do have a full roster and so therefore abstain from making any moves.


Monday, June 25 – Saratoga Springs, New York

The Saratoga Jockeys have two open roster spots, but they will fill both with rookies.  They do not make any moves on their signing day.


Tuesday, June 26 – Freehold Borough, New Jersey

No signings for the Jersey Pedal Club on their signing day.  They will fill two open roster spots with rookies.


Wednesday, June 27 – Bronx, New York

It is official Urien Judd is now a member of the Fordham Cycling Club.  He signed today and was put into the Cleanup position for that team.


Thursday, June 28 – Coventry, England

Signing day for Coventry C.C.  They have one open roster spot and have decided to fill it with a rookie.


Friday, June 29 – London, England

No signings for the Crystal Palace Sparrows on their signing day.  They intend to fill a single open roster spot with a rookie.


Monday, July 2 – London, England

No signings for the other London team, London Athletic.  They will also fill a single open roster spot with a rookie.


Tuesday, July 3 – Brighton, England

Brighton, having failed to persuade Urien Judd, has also decided against signing free agents.  They will fill an open roster spot with a rookie. 


Wednesday, July 4 – London, England

Last call is declared but no one takes any free agents, so both the NYVL and RVA through the RVA offices declare signing days over.


Thursday, July 5 – London, England

Rabbie Southgate, who played last year for Jersey P.C. signed today as an assistant coach with London Athletic.

                London, England

The Crystal Palace Sparrows signed Kieron Emmett, a former rider of theirs, as an assistant coach today.

                Freehold Borough, New Jersey

Cam Bull, a former rider with Jersey P.C., signed as an assistant coach with the team today.

                Saratoga Springs, New York

Two former players signed as assistant coaches with the Saratoga Jockeys today.  Both formerly rode for the team.  They were Waylon Harvey and Stanley Stacy.


Friday, July 6 – London, England

The RVA put out an official notice that Lennon Wardrobe, Callum Senior, Angel Duane, and Jimi MacLean have all official retired from the sport of professional Velo.


Monday, July 9 – Manhattan, New York

Today the NYVL had the honor of releasing their schedule as well as the logos for their Title Match of New York 2, the RVA’s Title Match 4, and the World Match 1.  All are as follows in that order:

---April 5---

Fordham C.C. @ Jersey P.C.

Saratoga Jockeys @ New York Jumbos

---April 12---

New York Jumbos @ Fordham C.C.

Jersey P.C. @ Saratoga Jockeys

---April 19---

Jersey P.C. @ New York Jumbos

Fordham C.C. @ Saratoga Jockeys

---April 26---

Jersey P.C. @ Fordham C.C.

New York Jumbos @ Saratoga Jockeys

---May 3---

Fordham C.C. @ New York Jumbos

Saratoga Jockeys @ Jersey P.C.

---May 10---

New York Jumbos @ Jersey P.C.

Saratoga Jockeys @ Fordham C.C.

---May 17---

Title Match of New York 2

at: Jerome Park Racetrack

in: Bronx, New York

---May 31---

World Match 1

at: Stamford Bridge

in: London, England


Monday, August 6 – London, England

The RVA introduces their collection of rookies for the year:

                Brighton Beach:

                                Russ Garner – from Warrington, Cheshire, England – assigned to Third Option

                London Athletic:

                                Yale Foster – from Bridgend, Wales – assigned to Second Option

                Crystal Palace Sparrows:

                                Alwyn Attaway – from Carmarthenshire, Wales – assigned to Second Option

                Coventry C.C.:

                                Marc MacCionaodha – from Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales – assigned First Option

                Manhattan, New York

The NYVL also introduced their collection of rookies for the year:

                Fordham C.C.:

                                Bertie Nevin – from Bridgeport, Connecticut – assigned Second Option

                Jersey P.C.:

                                Forbes Ellery – from Elgin, Moray, Scotland – assigned Cleanup

                                Foster McKinley – from Calgary, Alberta, Canada – assigned to Third Option

                Saratoga Jockeys:

                                Stew Knaggs – from Flintshire, Wales – assigned First Option

                                Wilt Doctor – from Maracopa County, Arizona – assigned Third Option

                Aberdeen, Scotland

The Aberdeen Academy introduces their first class

                Raghnall Stark – of Dublin, Ireland

                Deelan Colquhoun – of Dublin, Ireland

                Winton Morison – of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

                Scot Ness – of Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland

                Callahan Lacy – of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

                Clifford Monroe – of Cicero, Illinois, USA

                Jocky Hunter – of Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland

                Roland Kingsley – of Hove, England

                Garnet Hull – of Germantown, Tennessee, USA

                Edan Aitken – of, Glasgow City, Scotland

                Aiden Hambledon – Glasgow East Dunbartonshire, Scotland

                Meirion Good – of Swansea, Wales

                Shelby Mottershead – of Auckland, New Zealand

                Jockie Oliver – of Stirling, Scotland

                Fife MacCarthy – of Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland

*most noteworthy is Roland Kingsley the younger brother of Sullivan Kingston

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