MJD7 x Victormrey | World Baseball Classic: Spain Alternate + USA Outtakes (Series Complete)

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6 hours ago, coco1997 said:

Great finish to the series with Spain! One small suggestion: Make the innermost stripes of the UCLA-style stripes (and pant stripes) white. 


Looking back at the series, my favorite designs were: 


- Chinese Taipei alt

- Dominican Republic alt

- Germany green alt

- Italy alt

- Japan road

- Mexico home


If you're taking requests for some USA alts, I think my ideal set would be the updated version with no front numbers and red letters w/ blue outlines on the home set. 

Thank you so much for the consistently great feedback, it is very much appreciated! USA outtakes should be posted tomorrow, and it sounds like you'll like what you see!

5 hours ago, Carolingian Steamroller said:

I really like the raglan stripes! 


Any chance we could see a blue jersey/uniform like La Roja?

Thanks! And sure thing, here's a look:


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1 hour ago, Carolingian Steamroller said:

I love the way the red and gold play off the navy blue!


12 minutes ago, Carolingian Steamroller said:

Too many great designs in this series.


I think my favorites are Germany, Australia, Japan, and Colombia. 

Thank you so much!


Now here are some USA outtakes that were requested earlier!


Flipped lettering & star pattern, requested by @coco1997 & @NicDB:



An off-white home option:



And two variations of a gray road uniform, requested by @NicDB:



Thanks again for following along, I know @Victormrey & I had a great time creating this series for you all!

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This is it guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed the series as much as @MJD7 did while making the designs.

Thank you everybody for your positive feedback and great suggestions!

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I'd take the first home set and first road set here.  Only I'd change the home socks to red and use plain red piping or the star pattern on the roads.

Love the updated sets though.

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You guys have done an excellent job wrapping up the series. Puerto Rico, South Africa, South Korea, and Spain all feature inspired uses of their respective color schemes and wordmarks. The Puerto Rco updates, South Africa’s alternates, South Korea’s home/updated road uniforms, and Spain’s whole set (those raglan stripes!) are especially fantastic. I have no substantial nitpicks for any of them.


Your US updates are fantastic as well. I prefer navy-centric, but that’s just me. 


This is has been an excellent series to follow. Good work, guys!

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