Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1927 Finals

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The 1926/27 season sees a new expansion team in the Lake Superior League, the Two Harbors Timberwolves. The Wolves will be the fifth team in their league and will be a contender right away. The teams colors are red and black and their logo is a wolf head. They only have one jersey and it is black with two thick stripes on the sleeves representing the towns name, two harbors, and it also features a red stripe at the bottom of the jersey and on the shoulders.




There was also a team that changed their look a bit this year, the Millers. They ditched their black and gold for the black and orange of the baseball Millers. Minneapolis also adjusted their M, making it slimmer and more similar to the baseball team's logo.



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The 1926/27 regular season came to an end with a lot of things to talk about.

Iron Range Hockey League: The Ely Black Bears fell out of first place after back to back years there. The Virginia Royals finished in first place with a record of 21-2-1. The Reds young core led them to a second place finish, led by the strong goaltending of young star Joseph "the Flounder" Brimsek.  The Rangers claimed the last playoff spot leaving Chisholm, Hibbing, and the lowly Soudan Miners out yet again.

Lake Superior Hockey League: A  surprise run in the second half of the season saw the Duluth Hornets back on top of the Lake Superior League. Following close behind were the Broncos, who have to play in the knockout round of the playoffs for the first time. The Voyageurs finished above 500 and made the playoffs but there was nothing significant that occurred this year. The Timberwolves finished fourth in their first season, passing the Superior Lakers who will miss the playoffs for the first time.

Twin Cities Hockey League: The only number one seed from last year to remain at the top are the Twin Cities Vulcans, who finished well above the rest of the pack. The up and coming Victorias edged out South St. Paul to claim the second place spot. In major news; the Minneapolis Millers have missed the playoffs for the first time since the MAHL began. an aged Millers team was unable to keep up with the competition this season as they just missed the fourth playoff spot to the St. Paul Saints.



Thoughts and feedback are appreciated and encouraged.

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Knockout Round:

  • The Victorias show the Saints why they've missed the playoffs the last few years by embarrassing them 4-0.
  • In a major upset, the Eveleth Rangers knock off the Black Bears in Ely.
  • The Broncos easily pass the rookie Timberwolves.
  • South St. Paul gets upset by the Voyageurs from Duluth in a game in South St. Paul.

Second Round:

  • The Vulcans fall behind in the series but are able to crawl their way back and win the series 2-1.
  • Virginia does what Ely tried and failed to do which is shut down the Rangers attack, in doing so they sweep the red white and blue and advance to the semi finals.
  • The Broncos played with the intensity of last playoffs as they upset the top ranked Hornets.
  • Eveleth's young guns showed us just how much more they need to learn before they can be considered a serious threat as they lose the series to the Voyageurs.

Semi Finals:

  • The Royals fell behind in the series after game one but were able to gain momentum after a clutch 3-1 victory at home in game 2. Virginia would ride that momentum to another Kellogg Cup finals appearance.
  • Le Bleu continued their string of upsets, this time against the defending champions.

Will the Royals win their second Kellogg Cup? Or will the Voyageurs incredible playoff run continue?


Thoughts and feedback are appreciated and encouraged.

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Game 1: The Duluth Voyageurs head to Virginia riding a wave of upsets, they keep the momentum going as they take game one.

Game 2: The Royals regroup after game 1 and tighten up defensively, not allowing a goal while netting 2 themselves.

Game 3: With the series tied at one apiece it headed to Duluth where the Royals knew they needed to get game one or they had a good chance at losing the next one, because once Duluth gets rolling they're tough to stop. Virginia ended up just barely getting a win with an overtime goal.

Game 4: The Voyageurs gave it everything they had but in the end Virginia was just the better team. Duluth's luck had run out and the Virginia Royals are your 1927 Kellogg Cup Champions!


Thoughts and feedback are appreciated and encouraged.

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