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Negro League Teams in the Present Day (Philadelphia Stars)

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The Crawfords look great! Nice work on the scripts in particular. My only nitpick is that the home script is the singular "Crawford" instead of "Crawfords," but I know that was part of the original design. Any idea why that was?

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Pittsburgh is one of my favorites I think, right up there with Brooklyn. I love the color scheme and the pinstripes at home. I would just suggest to somehow adjust the "P" on the alternate so that it looks more "straight-up." Great job overall though!

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Moving on to the Philadelphia Stars:


I've envisioned a scenario where the Stars pulled off a freak pennant during a particularly interesting phase of their uniform history. 



Then as the double knit era came to a close they returned to more traditional and classic uniforms. However due to their success and constant presence on "Worst Dressed Teams in Baseball History" lists, the Intergalactic Stars uniforms are consistent fan favorites in the Philadelphia area. 

Thanks to @Victormrey for letting me borrow his gradient design from the MLB City Series Diamondbacks. 





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