Driveball Redux (CDL cities revealed!; Canadian League Committee open thru 2/22)

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August 1, 1949


The Brooklyn Coasters were sold to Philadelphia boxing promoter Jack Cipriani, who in turn, submitted paperwork asking the NDA for permission to move the team to Pennsylvania for 1950. If the move is approved, the team has Franklin Field, Shibe Park or Philadelphia Municipal Stadium to choose from as its home venue. The timing couldn't be better for Philly, as the Phillies are on a faster track for a renaissance while Connie Mack stubbornly refuses to step down as A's manager.


The relocation committee will meet later this month to vote on the proposed move.


To join the committee, all you need is:



Age (18 or older)


Favorite NDA Team (Optional)

Case for or against the Coasters moving to Philadelphia

Any rule changes you'd like to see next year (Optional)


Voting ends on 8/12.

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Name: Anders Lindberg

Age: 48

Occupation: Upper mid west rail road company owner

Case for Coasters Moving to Philadelphia:  Philadelphia is a large sports market, known for having die hard fans that support their teams. A Driveball team in the city is sure to be a hit with the locals and is only going to get better with the situation with the Phillies.

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Name: Danny Copeland

Age (18 or older): 35

Occupation: Founder and Owner of Copeland's Steakhouse, a Camden, NJ-based sandwich shop specializing in the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich (which now has 2 additional locations in Trenton and Atlantic City)

Favorite NDA Team (Optional): Brooklyn Coasters (for now)

Case for or against the Coasters moving to Philadelphia: Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley is a huge market with very loyal sports fans, especially those of the NFL's Eagles and baseball's Phillies. Moving the Brooklyn Coasters to Philadelphia would surely draw new fans to the NDA, while also maintaining a regional rivalry with the New York Heroes.

Any rule changes you'd like to see next year (Optional): Change the handover rule from one tackle to six tackles (similar to rugby league)

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Name: George Brown

Age (18 or older): 30

Occupation: Owner of a small liquor store in the borough of Richmond.

Favorite NDA Team (Optional): New York Heroes

Case for the Coasters moving to Philadelphia: Philadelphia has a great fanbase with the Phillies and they would be great to have support in the NDA. It would also create a good rivalry with New York. 


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Relocation vote tally:

YES: 3

NO: 0

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A new signature that all the Monarch fans out there are free to use:




C&C Welcome.

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Name: Joe Napear

Age (18 or older): 30

Occupation: Radio voice of the sacramento state hornets

Favorite NDA Team (Optional): New York Heroes

Case for the Coasters moving to Philadelphia: the new york-philadelphia rivrally is always exciting, as a new york native. he also said on the hornets pregame me show one day " there is this great sport called driveball, when i do go back to new york, i go to the heroes games. i would love if they had a game out here. hornet field would be PERFECT for this sport and i hope they at least have a west coast league.

Any rule changes you'd like to see next year (Optional): make the rule change to 6 tackles, as in rugby league

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One way or another, the game will indeed have a presence out west.

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Here's a championship banner for the Gaels:


C&C Welcome!

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Here's a prototype logo for the Philadelphia Brawlers pending approval of the Brooklyn Coasters' proposed move to Philly.


This will basically serve as a return of the Brawlers from my previous Driveball thread.


C&C Welcome.

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I went back and modified the Brawlers logo to see if I could make the boxing gloves more centered in front of the keystone.



The helmet is basically the Michigan wing style leather helmets, with the actual wing part painted to resemble a three corner hat. I dunno, maybe to make a shout out to the city's Colonial history I guess.

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In celebration of the NDA's unanimous approval of the Brooklyn Coasters' move to Philadelphia, where they will become the Philadelphia Brawlers, here is a Brawlers sig that you guys are free to use.




C&C Welcome.

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2 hours ago, Section30 said:

Philly is my favorite team currently, I love the use of the Keystone throughout.


Plus, having went to the previous year's Frosty Mug, they should be pretty tough right away.

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1950 NDA Season


Newsreel footage of the 1949 Frosty Mug has helped generate more interest in Driveball from coast to coast, but the NDA circuit was still confined to the midwest and northeast at the moment. In February of 1950, the NDA held two exhibition games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The real purpose of these exhibition games however, was to help the players adjust to a new rule change. After a one year trial experiment in 1949, the NDA owners voted unanimously to make the rugby league six tackle rule a permanent part of Driveball for the 1950 season.


In the first exhibition game, the New York Heroes would lose to the Cleveland Mad Hatters in a 33-31 heartbreaker. The Heroes trailed late and a six point goal that could've won the game for New York was waived off due to an offensive foul. In the second exhibition game, the newly christened Philadelphia Brawlers took the defending world champion Chicago Gaels on a 26 to 18 ride. The Brawlers took advantage of the new six tackle rule by stopping most of the Gaels' drives deep in Chicago's defensive zone. The Brawlers also limited the Gaels' trips to the attack zone to just six overs to account for the Gael's 18 points.


The Philadelphia Brawlers made their official debut on April 8, 1950 at Franklin Field. On that day, the Brawlers hosted the New York Heroes, and a new rivalry was born. It would be a cocky, brash rookie forward named Jimmy Pendleton who would score the first points in Brawlers history, fist balling a six point goal early in the first half. Center Elroy Schroeder, acquired from the Buffalo Lakers, assisted Pendleton on additional scores later on. Goalie Dom D'Amato recorded 35 saves while splitting time with Vance McAdoo. The Brawlers would ultimately win 47 to 22, on their way to a 7-3 record.


In the Western Division, both of the previous Frosty Mug champions would prove to be the biggest disappointments in the NDA this year, while the second year Cincinnati Monarchs showed signs of dramatic improvement from last year. The sad sack Buffalo Lakers made several key trades that proved justified. The Lakers acquired Howie Kowalchuk from the Brawlers in exchange for Schroeder. Also coming to Buffalo was former Hero Corky Liebowitz, who helped solidify the Lakers' attack. Finishing 6-4 in 1950, the Lakers still have work to do if they want to become a Frosty Mug contender.


1950 Results

Week #1
New York Heroes    at    Philadelphia Brawlers (W)
Toronto Titans  (W)  at    Montreal Voyageurs
Cleveland Mad Hatters    at    Chicago Gaels (W)
Buffalo Lakers  (W)  at    Cincinnati Monarchs

Week #2
New York Heroes    at    Toronto Titans (W)
Philadelphia Brawlers  (W)  at    Montreal Voyageurs
Cleveland Mad Hatters    at    Buffalo Lakers (W)
Chicago Gaels    at    Cincinnati Monarchs (W)

Week #3
Toronto Titans    at    Philadelphia Brawlers (W)
Montreal Voyageurs  (W)  at    New York Heroes
Buffalo Lakers  (W)  at    Chicago Gaels
Cincinnati Monarchs  (W)  at    Cleveland Mad Hatters

Week #4
Philadelphia Brawlers    at    Chicago Gaels (W)
New York Heroes    at    Cleveland Mad Hatters (W)
Toronto Titans  (W)  at    Buffalo Lakers
Montreal Voyageurs    at    Cincinnati Monarchs (W)

Week #5
Cleveland Mad Hatters  (W)  at    Philadelphia Brawlers
Buffalo Lakers    at    New York Heroes (W)
Cincinnati Monarchs  (W)  at    Toronto Titans
Chicago Gaels    at    Montreal Voyageurs (W)

Week #6
Toronto Titans    at    Chicago Gaels (W)
Montreal Voyageurs  (W)  at    Cleveland Mad Hatters
Philadelphia Brawlers  (W)  at    Buffalo Lakers
New York Heroes    at    Cincinnati Monarchs (W)

Week #7
Cincinnati Monarchs  (W)  at    Philadelphia Brawlers
Chicago Gaels    at    New York Heroes (W)
Cleveland Mad Hatters    at    Toronto Titans (W)
Buffalo Lakers  (W)  at    Montreal Voyageurs

Week #8
Philadelphia Brawlers  (W)  at    New York Heroes
Montreal Voyageurs    at    Toronto Titans (W)
Chicago Gaels    at    Cleveland Mad Hatters (W)
Cincinnati Monarchs    at    Buffalo Lakers (W)

Week #9
Montreal Voyageurs    at    Philadelphia Brawlers (W)
Toronto Titans    at    New York Heroes (W)
Cincinnati Monarchs  (W)  at    Chicago Gaels
Buffalo Lakers    at    Cleveland Mad Hatters (W)

Week #10
Philadelphia Brawlers  (W)  at    Toronto Titans
New York Heroes  (W)  at    Montreal Voyageurs
Chicago Gaels    at    Buffalo Lakers (W)
Cleveland Mad Hatters    at    Cincinnati Monarchs (W)


1950 NDA Standings

Eastern Division

Philadelphia Brawlers 7-3

Toronto Titans 5-5

New York Heroes 4-6

Montreal Voyageurs 3-7


Western Division

Cincinnati Monarchs 8-2

Buffalo Lakers 6-4

Cleveland Mad Hatters 4-6

Chicago Gaels 3-7


1950 NDA Postseason


Eastern Division Championship

The Brawlers steamrolled the Titans in a game in which the Brawlers did not allow a single six point goal. Dom D'Amato played what might very well be the game of his life, recording 62 saves and giving up only three overs and one behind. This year, Titans captain Ernie Ward had come back from the scary injury he sustained in '49, but this playoff could be a sign he may not be the same player as he was.


Brawlers 30 - Titans 9


Western Division Championship

The Brawlers may have won the hearts of the City of Brotherly Love, but the Monarchs set out to prove they were kings of the Queen City. After giving up a six point goal early, the Monarchs recovered quickly, with a six point goal of their own by Cecil Graham to tie the game. With the game tied at 15 at halftime, Center Kerry Hennessy calmly conducted the Monarchs' attack like an orchestra. Cincinnati would score 21 additional points in the second half. Buffalo could only manage one more over in the last five minutes, setting the stage for the final showdown between the NDA's two best teams at Crosley Field the following week.


1950 Frosty Mug

June 24, 1950

Crosley FIeld

Cincinnati, Ohio


Halfway through the first half, the Monarchs drew first blood with a six point goal by second year attacker Oscar Putnam. Philly answered back with a Jimmy Pendleton goal to tie the game at 6. For the rest of the first half, the Brawlers had been in control, leading 21 to 12 at halftime. In the second half, trailing 24 to 15, the Monarchs made a valiant comeback, tightening their defense, and turning takeaways into points to pull to within 3. With just 10 seconds left and down to their last tackle, the Monarchs needed only three points to tie. Kerry Hennesy's desperation kick from the Brawlers' quarter line bounced in front of Philadelphia goalie Dom D'Amato, and slipped through his fingers. D'Amato tried to reach for the ball, but Monarchs' forward Angelo Falcone kicked the ball into the net for the winning goal. The Monarchs' 27 to 24 win gave Cincinnati its first sports championship since the Reds won the World Series ten years earlier.


Monarchs 27 - Brawlers 24

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Here is the championship banner for the 1950 Monarchs!


C&C Welcome!

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The New York Heroes make a few subtle tweaks to their logo for 1951...






C&C Welcome.

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In addition to logo tweaks, the Heroes add stripes to the jersey sleeves...


C&C Welcome.

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29 minutes ago, BellaSpurs said:

Would recommend doing something like @hawkfan89and the PHL and posting all the teams logos on the front page! Otherwise it’s been enjoying!


How do you like the series so far?

Who is your favorite team?


Just added the team logos to the front page. Thanks for the suggestion!

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