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Austin MLS Concept

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Like many, I wasn't impressed with what the league came up with for a potential new identity for the Crew when (if) they move to Austin, TX. Here's my take...




With this identity, the former Crew can keep its old colors. The reason I chose the tiger as a mascot is to represent the many wildlife refuges in Texas, making the state home to the world's largest tiger population outside of India. (so I was told)


I don't own the tiger emblem. I found it online and thought it looked nice and fit the same aesthetic that tree logo was going for. Feedback appreciated.

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Looks fine. The tiger design works well, and the ref's--I mean, team's uniform is nice, though I'd make the back yellow rather than black, given the front is primarily yellow. No way it'd actually be Nike, but it's a concept so it's alright.


I've heard the fact about Texan tigers but honestly the brand still feels a bit generic, given that half of sports teams in America are the Tigers... ?


Personally, if the Crew has to leave, I'd prefer to keep the name and colors in Columbus for a future team, but using the colors works for an interesting concept.



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