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The new logo looks like a small hipster pizza chain more than an established brand. It also has wayyy too much blank space to work (look at the ribbons surrounding Papa and Johns).


It's a disappointing look. While their new logo needed to go, this new one just isn't it. Also, changing your name to Papa Johns is just baffling. If you want to wash your hands of the man, just outright rebrand.

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On 9/23/2018 at 5:43 PM, Kaz said:

I’ve already forgotten what the whole controversy was about, so I’m not sure how necessary this rebrand is.  That being said, looks like they went from generic and forgettable to also generic and forgettable.

IIRC, it was a series of small things. First, he complained about having to pay his employees a "minimum wage." While I'm sure the actual quote was much more specific, it was interpreted as something like "Papa John doesn't like having to pay his employees." Then, he tried to appeal to the "'Murica" crowd during the height of the NFL players not standing for the anthem controversy. That led to the NFL switching from Papa John's to Pizza Hut for "official pizza of the NFL."


It was one of those things where he probably would have been best keeping his personal opinions to himself. By going on TV and making those beliefs public, it inevitable got tied into the brand itself. (Kind of similar to the Chik-Fil-A controversy from a few years back).

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