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If You Ruled The World of Sports

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4 hours ago, DG_Now said: that's not true. Professional sports are television and merchandising and live event products intended to generate profits.


Rules are constantly modified for the benefit of the entertainment experience and sometimes very much at the expense of pure competition. Ask NFL defenses about the legitimacy of what they can do now versus what was possible just a decade ago.


Pro sports are fun but they're not real. They're entertainment products with underlying rules, but they're not that much different than game shows fundamentally. The production just happens in a different way.

This is why pro wrestling is the realest sport.

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I know this is crazy, but I would make all leagues actually call the rules as they’re written. It drives me mad that you could call holding on every single NFL play, or a certain amount of slashing is always tolerated in the NHL when a guy gets past you for a breakaway, for example. Change the rules if it becomes necessary, but actually call them the way they are. I know there are probably lots of people who think that this will make the refs even more center stage than they are now (I am no fan of that), but I think it would eventually be the complete opposite. If there’s a rational, predictable officiating crew, then it’s really on the players to not do the bad things. The way things are now, you have this “Why does God let bad things happen?” kind of problem, where the times an official does decide to intervene is as much a choice of theirs as it is a result of the play on the field. 


Quasi-related, but I would move to fully integrate replay and move officiating out of the 1950s. Instant replay right now is tacked on like some half-assed “nailed it” Internet meme. I would put a ref up in the booth with as much power as the ones on the field. They would be able to use the bird’s eye view to their advantage, and also would be equipped the the tech to rewind and review all camera angles instantly. If a replay isn’t conclusive in 15 seconds, let it stand the way it was called. We should be deciding the call in just the time it takes someone to jog out with the tablet now.

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- While some sunbelt teams just have not worked, I feel others have. With that though, I think we can all agree the Coyotes need to go. They have been a joke since day one. Move them to Hamilton. With that I'd move Columbus back to the West.

- Carolina moves back to Hartford with stable ownership and a new arena that is suitable for NHL use

- Seattle still gets their expansion team with the name Totems with a green and white colour scheme

- Florida moves to Quebec City and the Nordiques (with Adidas versions of their 1995 jerseys) are revived with all history reverting back to them from the Avalanche

- Wins-Losses-Ties are back, shootouts are gone and it goes from 5 minute 4v4 and if still tied, 5 minute 3v3 then a tie after that

- Icing goes to IIHF rule

- Playoffs are back to the old way with division semi finals --> division finals --> conference finals --> Stanley Cup finals

- have an agreement between the IOC, IIHF and NHL for player participation in the Olympics and make it last

- have a exhibition tournament between the Continental Cup winner, Champions League winner, KHL champion and Stanley Cup champion play for the Victoria Cup. Alternate the tournament between Europe and North America

- have a uniform system similar to the NBA with 4 jerseys. League (white), City (dark), Statement (alternate) and Heritage (this can either honor the team's history or hockey history within the city/state/province)... jersey names are not what I would necessarily suggest but to give an idea

- ads will NOT go on game jerseys

- The World Cup will not happen again

- season reduced by 20-30 games and season will start the same time as European games (September), playoffs end early this way

- IIHF World Championship will not be played during Olympic years for the top division (same as what happens in women's)

- European expansion will not happen


Major League Rugby, World Rugby & Rugby Canada:


- make it more mainstream with a major network TV deal in both Canada and the US

- Teams in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec and Halifax (games played in CFL stadiums with areas covered to reduce seating)

- have a 7's tournament with the teams during the pre-season, alternate the location every year

- Rugby World Cup FINALLY comes to North America with co-hosting duties between Canada and the USA. Games in Canada are played in cities with MLR teams, US games in NFL stadiums, Canada gets half the quarter finals and one semi final and bronze medal game, US gets other half and final

- Get rid of the old boys club and fix the issues within Rugby Canada for the men's side of things... women's side seems to be doing pretty well for themselves

- expand the Rugby World Cup to 24 teams




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On 10/22/2018 at 10:55 AM, Ferdinand Cesarano said:


  • Get rid of it completely.  Professionalise the entire structure, severing all ties to universities.  Players are hired as employees, and are sold to NBA and NFL organisations.



I'm with you. These sports are a front for <MOD EDIT> and God knows what else.



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Don't know how you made that leap

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