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Torland Star League - A Fictional Baseball History: The Introduction

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On 12/2/2018 at 4:48 PM, Jack3Nimble said:

The Blackbirds look is by far the best one you have so far. It feels a little atypical for the time, so I don't feel like I'm just looking at an American logo, but it's also not crazy modern looking so I don't feel like it breaks the story. I love the mismatch of name and color; one, it looks great, but two, it incorporates the "shady but glitzy" mood you're clearly going for in Moriga into the look. Loving it--more so than the others, this one really feels like the logo tells a story.

12/10, A++


Thanks so much! That's exactly what I'm going for, or attempting to anyway. Finding a good starting place for a fictional league is much more difficult than I thought it'd be.





Eight You're Great

New announcements today by TSL league commish Bo Gossett confirm the final city and owner selections for the 8-team league. It is unknown which other cities were in contention but better deals were not completed so the smaller city of Engor was awarded a franchise with Rupert Rocha who will call them the Flying Tigers and use the serviceable Memorial Expo Grounds (known as “the Meg”) as a home park. Gossett also talked about the league being organized into two unnamed divisions but said that talks were ongoing as a consensus hasn't been reached by the owners for an alignment. It is unknown if official divisions will exist by the beginning of regular season play. Several sportswriters are blasting Gossett for not being more forceful on the issue, stating that the fledgling league is losing an opportunity for rivalries and playoff matchups with divisional races.


San Ferrio Nails Down Their Style




The Tars employ a classic black and gold color scheme and play on the deep history of San Ferrio and the Iron Coast with ironworkers and sailors. The anchor-anvil tattoo is a classic mark in the area.


Quick Facts:

  • City: San Ferrio, Maienzona
  • Nickname: Tars
  • Colors: Black, Gold
  • Owner: Jerry Brandenburg
  • Home: Hallcedony Park (Cap. 48k; Built: 1944; Field: Grass; Owned by Jerry Brandenburg; Nickname: "The Quarry")
  • Sponsor: Hallcedony Mining Corp.
  • Mascot: (none)

San Ferrio has an almost reverential mystique as the king of the Iron Coast, a city with a deep heritage of hard work and innovation. Historically, the main professions are the iron ore mines in the nearby foothills and canyons between the Zent and Capino rivers and the cargo ships in the vast shipping yards in the local sea ports. With a blue collar mentality, San Ferrio became known as a place where anyone could go and establish themselves if they worked hard enough. There's a unique feeling of tight-knit community and lack of an upper class despite big money tied up in some of the largest businesses in Torland. San Ferrio built its reputation on year-round work availability with men and even women known as "tars" who worked the iron ore mines and steel mills during the fall and winter and shipped out on cargo vessels during the spring and summer months. The tars are a special breed who are held in high regard in Torland, often given the same respect as those in the military or law enforcement. They have trade union chapters in many cities and are invested in community development. The owner of one of the largest mining companies in Torland, Hallcedony Mining Cop. (HAL-CEH-DONNY), Jerry Brandenburg is a former tar before he turned exclusively to the extraction side of the iron business, and even played baseball off an on in high school and college at the University of Maienzona. Brandenburg owns a baseball stadium on the north side of the city along the Zent River which is 16 years old but still in good condition. Hallecdony Park is known as the "The Quarry" due to it being part of a former retired rock quarry which created a natural bowl to build a baseball field within it. Brandenburg has a prestigious reputation but is also known to waste tons of money on projects instead of more organized, calculated approaches. It is hoped that his baseball experience and deep pockets will be an asset to the league.


Note: I purchased this graphic of a retro ironworker and modified it for this secondary logo as I thought it really fit what I was looking for on this one. Sort of my take on a White Sox-esque "Batterman" for this league.


One more team and then on to the draft and uniforms!

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Who's Gonna Call The Shots?

Oracle is reporting that several clubs have made official hires to fill staff positions. Lenny Knox will coach the Waterdee Ducks and Wilson Gibbs is now at the helm for Cobantle. The Perna Whitecaps landed the fiery personality Doyle Holloway to fill their top coaching spot. The Maroons appear to have a deal in place with noted stone-face Ron Woolridge. In Moriga, the Blackbirds' search finalized with Van Buchanan being chosen over Warren Miller who was instead offered a contract by Engor. In Maienzona, both San Ferrio and San Estas took some extra time to decide on candidates, ultimately seeing Cliff Marshall heading to the Tars and John Dawson being chosen by the Seals.


The Best For Last?




The Flying Tigers choose orange and black as their flagship colors, paired with plenty of white and occasional Vegas gold.


Quick Facts:

  • City: Engor, Cabriga Isles
  • Nickname: Flying Tigers
  • Colors: Orange, Black
  • Owner: Rupert Rocha
  • Home: Memorial Expo Grounds (Cap. 31k; Built: 1929; Field: Grass; Owned by City of Engor; Nickname: "The Meg")
  • Sponsor: Meltwater Financial
  • Mascot: Erwin the Tiger

Engor has always been a military outpost from the very beginning days of immigration to Torland. An old fort still stands on the hill just west of the Engor River overlooking the shallow ford that eventually turned into a city. Engor is a small community with a big reach due to the amount of pilots and airlines that call it home. Fort Woodward, so named for the original Flying Tiger (Torland's famed bomber squadron) Erwin "Ace" Woodward who was famous for his innovative air support tactics, is part of the massive Engor Air Base installation. The Flying Tigers were one of the few units to participate in the world wars, part of combined Allied forces on loan to the United States in the Pacific Theater. The "tiger" motif is prominent throughout the city and region. The city also houses a substantial rail yard and railroad facilities that service most of the north island. Outside the city, agriculture and small-scale ranching are the other primary industries. The northern part of the island is fertile but rarely green or vibrantly colored, which led to Engor being nicknamed "Dity City." The county's expo center, the Memorial Expo Grounds, (known as the "Meg") is the both the oldest and smallest facility in the league but has been well maintained for its age. New owner Rupert Rocha, originally from San Antoza, pushed hard to get a bid for a club in the fledgling league, choosing the smaller city of Engor with a ready-made facility despite no actual ties to the community to leapfrog some of the other bids for the eighth franchise who required too many variables to establish themselves. Rocha's salesmanship won over, selling Commissioner Gossett on Engor's tight community and rabid fan base potential. Rocha's deep pockets and affable personality aside, questions remain on the viability of a long-term club in Engor, especially with Rocha's ties to other cities and Engor being regarded something of a step-sibling to the bigger cities in Malvaton and Moriga. The actual residents for their part have been receptive and excited about bringing baseball to the area.

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Just like a lot of your other concepts, the secondary mark makes a much better primary than the primary, a lot of your logos look similar; letter/script/cap logo in a roundel with city and team name. If your going for that monotony and repetition,then it looks okay, but when making new teams, I’d compile all your logos together and try and find a way to make it unique, I’d promote the secondary tiger logo to primary, but this time without a wordmark, to make it more different. But if you want it to be similar to today’s game where it’s mainly all letters. Then you do you

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On 12/10/2018 at 7:40 PM, BellaSpurs said:

Just like a lot of your other concepts, the secondary mark makes a much better primary than the primary, a lot of your logos look similar; letter/script/cap logo in a roundel with city and team name. If your going for that monotony and repetition,then it looks okay, but when making new teams, I’d compile all your logos together and try and find a way to make it unique, I’d promote the secondary tiger logo to primary, but this time without a wordmark, to make it more different. But if you want it to be similar to today’s game where it’s mainly all letters. Then you do you


I appreciate your feedback! I wanted to create a base look for these original teams, so that is some of the repetitiveness. (even aside from my general too much love for roundels lol) I compared these looks with similar looks from MLB teams in the late 50's and early 60's and I think they're pretty close. Ditching the seal/roundel to alternate status gives these teams a place to go in this early stage of the league. But I'm taking your feedback into consideration, I've been doing more work on new looks and updates for moving forward.


Thank you all for your feedback so far! I really appreciate it as it helps me become a better designer and creator. I feel like I'm severely limited compared to some of the amazing designers on these boards but I love design and stories so I'm using this project as a way to keep moving forward in that. Thanks for following along.


Here's a handy map of our first eight teams teams!




Up next is the draft which I'll go ahead post all the details now!



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1960 Inaugural Player Draft


The draft order was randomly generated:


1. San Ferrio

2. San Estas

3. Malvaton

4. Waterdee

5. Cobantle

6. Engor

7. Perna

8. Cabriga


The top shelf of the player pool available in the inaugural player draft is not short of talent but 1B George Howard (22) is considered far and away the best player available and only a monumental error of judgement could prevent San Ferrio from choosing him first. The next steps, however, are more cloudy. San Estas, in particular, with the second overall selection has their work cut out in decision- making to determine the course of their new club. Popular opinion is selecting the highest rated starting pitcher, Charley McLaurin (29) as a cornerstone. But some experts believe there is better value with 3B Pat McGuire (29) or outfielder Scott Salvatore (32). A few others are firm that young phenom reliever Rod Ramos (20) is the most talented out of the Not-George-Howard group but it may be difficult for a club to use their first-ever selection on a reliever.


Several teams are rumored to value immediate leadership and veteran presence over young star talent, including Waterdee, Malvaton, and Perna. Catcher Randy Hart (34) fits the bill as a concrete team captain a team can build around, along with still-capable shortstop Anderson Crouse (35). Both are thought of as future player-manager candidates. There are differing opinions on the rest of the top ten, including the potential ceiling of outfielder Mitch Holliday, still just 18 years old. Second baseman Eliseo Maupin (28) potentially offers the most power of any of the bats available and could sneak into the top five. Teams looking to build a defensive identity will take a look at CF Alexander Adkins (30), who was a web-gem machine in the developmental season and could anchor the top of any lineup.




1960 First Round Draft Analysis


Pick 1 – San Ferrio Tars – 1B George Howard

As expected, the Tars made an easy choice selecting the talented first baseman George Howard to lead the charge. Howard is more athletically gifted than his position implies, has a more than capable glove and hits for average over power. Known as “General George,” he will also be an instant clubhouse leader even at just 22 years old.


Pick 2 – San Estas Seals – 3B Pat McGuire

The Seals surprised some by choosing McGuire over pitcher Charley McLaurin but McGuire offers more positional value in the hot corner and possesses a formidable bat despite a 5'-8” frame that will anchor the middle of the order. McGuire is a quiet but confident leader and a solid choice for the Seals to build a new team around.


Pick 3 – Malvaton Maroons – SP Charley McLaurin

There was chatter about the Maroons deep interest in the more established veteran players to also fill a future player-manager position but with Charley McLaurin still available it was an easy choice. McLaurin is a true ace. A well-developed pitch repertoire and a live arm on a big frame (6'6”-245) combined with a fiery demeanor, McLaurin will be a force to be reckoned with.


Pick 4 – Waterdee Ducks – SS Anderson Crouse

The Ducks were rumored to be in love with Crouse from the start and they never wavered from it. An interesting and somewhat surprising selection given Crouse's age (35) but his talent level is still elite, a rangy shortstop with big pop in his bat. There are questions how long his body will stay intact but the Ducks are banking on him being able to mentor the young players and transitioning to a managing coach role as soon as that happens.


Pick 5 – Cobantle Bears – LF Scott Salvatore

The Bears literally ran their card up to the podium after Waterdee selected Crouse ahead of Salvatore. A big legitimate 5-tool player, Salvatore is a fierce competitor who can also play any position. He projects best in left field but his versatility and production will be a massive boon to a new lineup. He's 32 but many scouts think he hasn't peaked yet.


Pick 6 – Engor Tigers – RP Rod Ramos

The Tigers decided to throw convention aside and take the most talented player available, maybe even in the whole pool. Ramos is an imposing, intimidating figure on the mound with a kitchen sink of nasty pitches. His velocity isn't a plus but he generates more swing-and-misses than any other pitcher and already has a reputation as a feared closer. The Tigers believe that if they fall too far out of contention they will own a valuable trade chip at the very least.


Pick 7 – Perna Whitecaps – C Randy Hart

The Whitecaps illustrated their team philosophy early by selecting catcher Randy Hart as their first player. Hart is a cerebral player, known for being able to work with struggling pitchers. He has a competent glove but his real strength is a powerful bat. Perna believes he can play at an elite level for several years while transitioning into a coaching position.


Pick 8 – Cabriga Blackbirds – 2B Eliseo Maupin

Cabriga's self-proclaimed unluckiness continued with a last-place selection slot but the Blackbirds got an excellent player in Maupin. Known as “Mini” due to his 5'5” frame, his bat is anything but. Showcasing power to every area of the ballpark, Maupin is a dangerous hitter who doesn't strike out and draws plenty of walks as a result. He will be a perennial triple-crown threat.


Second Round Picks: 1. San Ferrio – SP Manny Herrera | 2. San Estas – SP Greg Watts | 3. Malvaton – 2B Oscar Houston | 4. Waterdee – SP Dillon Callender | 5. Cobantle – SP Gilbert Shultz | 6. Engor – C Gino Spivey | 7. Perna – 3B Ernie Hudson | 8. Cabriga – SP Frank Wheeler

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