Eric Westhaver

NHL City Edition - Nashville and Washington added 02/19/19 (29 of 31)

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I would have loved to have seen Vancouver's giant V sweaters from the early 80's incorporated somehow.  

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Let's inch closer to completion with these bad boys.


Here's my favourite jersey of the bunch, for the Flyers. What could the logo be? What would be the most logical choice in 2019 for a new Flyers logo?





The other uni is for the New York Islanders. Here's a jersey inspired by the New York subway map and the trains linking Long Island to the rest of the city. Some Helvetica numbers, odd stripes, another new logo (based off the logo on Chico Resch's Isles mask back in the day) and some sleeve numbers meant to resemble subway tokens.



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Okay. Mixed signals, but okay. 🤨


Anyway, here are two more teams. 


Here's Nashville, using a smooth little guitar-neck sash.



Aaaaand here are the defending champs, the Washington Capitals. Using an unused logo (that I love dearly) by Andrew Sterlachini, this one is a stars-and-stripes spangled dandy.



Only two more teams remain: St. Louis and Pittsburgh. What do you think?


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