National Premier Soccer League redesign

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The National Premier Soccer League, commonly known as NPLS, is the fourth tier of the US soccer pyramid. It is together a regional and a national league, meaning it is divided in 4 regions (Northestern, South, Midwest, Western) that represent the whole country. It takes place in the summer months, so they can draw players from NCAA soccer.


I quite like their new logo, so I designed coordinated logos for the 4 regions and 11 conferences.


The four regions have different stars positioning to represent the geographical positon, but they are always 4, as the regions.




The conference logos have a similar appearance, with only a different crest shape. Of the 4 ever present stars one is red, representing which region the conference is in.

North Atlantic and Mid Atlantic have a wavy top and bottom to represent the ocean

Keystone, as Pennsylvania is known as the keystone state



Heartland has a confederate vibe

Lone star is literally Texas

Sunshine has a Florida shape

Southeast has a flag shape, for all the pirates that had their coves on the south eastern coast.



East has ha waterfall side to represents the Niagara falls, real symbol of the area

Great lakes has 3 red stripes and two blue ones to represent the 5 major lakes.

North has a big star, representing the northen star guiding the path



Golden gate, what to add...

Northwest, has a side shaped like an evergreen tree

Southwest, sun rays for the SoCal conference




I designed the kit for the two diffent all-star teams of the league. The all-star game is actually called Rising Stars National Game in my redesign. Two regions will play against the other two regions; the couples will be decided by a draft on the game's eve, so every region sends the same number of all star players to enable every combination.





Hope you enjoy the concept. In the future I'll post the rebranding of all the 92 clubs in the league, but it will be a slow start, as I'm currently working on many other projects 😜

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These are great except in not sure what the shape of the southeast conference logo is supposed to be representing?


Oh I saw your explanations 

Some of them seem off like the heartland having the confederate flag influence and I don't really see piracy as being a very recognizable part of the South's identity

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It hurts my head that the North and East conferences are in the Midwest, and not in the Northeast.

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I like the regions logos quite a bit, and the different logos for each conference is a really smart ideas ...


That said, it's hard to tell what the shapes are for some of the conferences. For example, the Southeast doesn't read as a flag at all and the Northwest doesn't feel like a tree.

Then some of the others feel very generic, like the Mid- and North Atlantic, and the North.

Some look really good (like Keystone, Sunshine, Golden Gate) but feel really separate (due to their higher quality) from the rest.


To fix that, I'd suggest maybe keeping the shape and star arrangement the same as the region logos, but move the soccer ball to on top of the shield, and add the unique elements to the center.

I'd recommend a map of the Great Lakes for that conference, the Little Dipper for the North, skyscrapers for the North Atlantic.


As for the Rising Stars, it looks fine as is, but I'd like to see each region with its own team in a mini-tournament! One dark gray, one blue, one red, and one white jersey should work fine.


There are some good ideas here; it just needs some rearrangements!

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