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ColeJ    826

I generally cheer for whatever sports team makes the most sense geographically for when I discovered the sport. I first remember caring about baseball as a toddler in Massachusetts. I first remember noticing football when I lived in Alabama. I then declared my loyalty in the NFL after moving to Texas (and made the hipster choice to avoid the dynasty era Cowboys). Then I fell in love with hockey in Dallas.


Color coded for team loyalty:


MLB: I was born in Salem, MA, and had a ton of Celtics and Red Sox stuff in my room growing up. My family moved all over, but I always felt the Red Sox were "my" team being the only person in my family being born in Massachusetts. I also had a lot of Yankees and Mets stuff when we lived in New York a few years later, because my mother didn't know about the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, and my father grew up a Yankees fan in Brooklyn. Still have a soft sport for the Mets, but I hate the Yankees with a passion.


NBA: I'm not a big basketball fan, but I always hope the Mavericks and Celtics win. Again, living in Dallas, and having the Celtics be the first professional sports team I recall knowing about. That said, I can probably only name maybe 10 players in the entire NBA, and no more than 2 current players on either the Mavs or Celtics.


NFL: I cheer for the Tennessee Titans, because when I first moved to Texas, I spitefully told my Dallasite grandparents that I renounced the Cowboys (dynasty era) in favor of the Houston Oilers just because i was a rebellious 9 year old that loved the Oilers colors and logo. Having never been to Houston in my life, I felt no need to abandon them when they relocated to Nashville. They've been my NFL team since around 1994 or 95, with brief flirtations with both the Packers and the Raiders during the darker days of Oiler/Titan embarrassment. 


NHL: The North Stars moved to Texas about 2 years after I did. My family had lived in New York and Massachusetts in my early childhood, and grew to know the game up there. They were super excited that a team as "iconic" as the North Stars was moving to Dallas, and that excitement got me swept up. They've been my favorite sports team ever since, and one I've been very lucky to cheer for. Some of the connections I've made in the past 20 years have led to me acquiring physical seats from Reunion Arena, wearing Brett Hull's Stanley Cup ring, having my face printed on game tickets, and being credentialed press for multiple events (including the unveiling of the new uniform, colors, and logo.)


NCAA: My family is from Alabama originally, and I lived there immediately before moving to Texas. In Alabama, it doesn't matter what part of the state you live in or if you've ever gone to college. You pick either Alabama or Auburn, and that is who you cheer for. I come from an Alabama family, with some Auburn cousins. I never miss a Bama game, despite the fact that I didn't go to school there. I also watch the Troy Trojans play as many games as I can whenever they are on TV or ESPN3, because that's my Alma Mater. I have a BS in History from Troy, and I'm about to go back for my masters (online). Troy is also where my mother was born. :)


Soccer: I don't quite know what to do here anymore. I fell in love with soccer slowly by watching the World Cups from the early 90's to about 2002. In 2002, I was so inspired by Team USA and their keeper Brad Friedel that I decided to follow the professional game. I learned that Friedel played for the Blackburn Rovers in the English Premier League, so I conveniently followed that team, as they spoke English and had a great history and aesthetic. Recent years have seen them get relegated, and they're on the brink of being relegated even from the 2nd tier. It is getting more and more difficult to cheer them on, let alone even watch them play. This has led to me toying with the idea of picking another top-tier soccer team to replace them, but I haven't actually done so. Most of my loyalties lie with FC Dallas, because my sister is a season ticket holder with amazing seats and a generous nature.

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bucknut42    102

It's probably a little weird to see a user named "bucknut" as a nod to Ohio State whose location is Northern Indiana. 


I like the Pacers and Colts because I live in Indiana. Makes sense right? I like the Blackhawks because I'm only about 2.5 hours from Chicago, so that's pretty logical. I like the Cardinals in the MLB, because when I was younger I only played for the Cardinals in little league baseball and I had so many hats so I just kinda latched on to them.


I like Ohio State because my dad is from Ohio, and he had me wearing Ohio State stuff at a really young age.

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San Diego    170

German National 

Chelsea FC

San Jose Earthquakes


San Jose Sharks 

New York Yankees

Sacramento Kings 

LA Chargers


Soccer is my main sport. The rest I follow in a much lesser degree. 


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