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NFL: Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys

NHL: Dallas Stars, Nashville Predators (I am a country music fan, and as you know, Mike Fisher is married to one of my favorite singers, Carrie Underwood)

NBA: Houston Rockets

MLB: Houston Astros



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Like Most people, my family & where I grew up have influenced What team I follow. 


MLB: Mariners & Red Sox - My mom was originally from Washington so she was always a big Mariners fan. While Dad is from NH (Red Sox fan). Living in Maine, unfortunately I don't get to watch The Mariners as often as I'd like so  The Red Sox end up being my baseball fix. 


NFL: Vikings - First team I remember watching growing up. My cousins were big Brett Favre fans and something about their, logo, jersey, and helmet always seemed really cool to me. Like with Mariners though, I have to erhm “Placate” myself with the Patriots (like I can complain though lol)


NBA/NHL - don't really follow either sport that much honestly. If I had to chose, I guess I'd just have to default to Boston. 

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I might be from the Northwest side of chicago, but all the teams in wisconsin could be my favorites, because my father may have been raised in wisconsin

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My favorite team is Club Brugge. My hometown team which I started watching since I was 6. Trough the years I've developed a soft spot for AFC Wimbledon tough.   

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Big 4


My favorite sports team, now and forever: The Carolina Panthers! Being from Charlotte, I became a fan (of sports in general, actually) right around the magical 15-1 season. Cam Newton is my favorite athlete right now, and the team just has so much fun. Not to mention, the branding is on point. (On that note, screw you Atlanta.)


The Charlotte Hornets. Hometown team, excellent logos and colors. Kemba Walker is an outstanding athlete and person, and even though the team seems to have the worst luck I've ever seen (George Shinn, LJ and Zo hating each other, Bob Johnson, MJ, 2012 NBA Draft [that thing was rigged. You can't tell me otherwise.]). My hate for New Orleans runs deep (Saints and Hornicans) and I will never stop loving this team.


The Baltimore Orioles. My parents are from Baltimore so with Charlotte not having a major league team I'm stuck with the O's for the foreseeable future. The team sucks, and will suck for many years to come but I'll stick with 'em.


Since Charlotte doesn't have a team (F*** Raleigh), I passively follow both the Carolina Hurricanes and the Vegas Golden Knights. I love the sport and really want to find a major league team for me but I can't connect to anyone just yet.

Honorable Mentions

I also follow the Baltimore Ravens (Baltimore connection), the Minnesota Timberwolves (fantastic branding) and have committed to following the reincarnation of the Seattle SuperSonics, whenever that may be.


Minor League



The Charlotte Knights. Not much to say, they're the team in Charlotte. They have excellent Queen City Knights alts (screw off Cincinnati) and the stadium is always packed, even though the team currently sucks.


Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp. No reason, just the name.

High A

Winston-Salem Dash. My sister went to school in Winston-Salem, so there's a small connection.

Low A

Asheville Tourists. My grandparents live near there, so I've been to a few games, and it's a lot of fun.



Charlotte Checkers. Local team, games are great, and there's Bojangles at the stadium. That's enough for me.

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A couple years ago I wanted to get into the CFL so I mentioned the league in a tweet asking which team I should root for since I'm a new fan. I actually got a lot of feedback, with the CFL's help, from all nine teams. I ultimately chose BC and even bought a shirt to show support, but now I'm slightly finding myself liking Winnipeg.

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Homer alert. Deal with it  😎


  • NFL: Washington Redskins
  • NBA: Washington Wizards
  • MLB: Washington Nationals
  • NHL: Washington Capitals
  • MLS: D.C. United
  • Overseas Soccer: Western Sydney Wonderers (A-League). Copa90 videos about this club won me over
  • P5 NCAA Football: University of Maryland and members of the pre conference realignment ACC and Big East. Except for Miami and West Virginia.
  • Mid Major NCAA Football: Marshall, Temple & Cincinnati
  • NCAA FCS Football: All members of the MEAC, Towson, Georgetown & Penn
  • NCAA D1 Basketball: Maryland and Georgetown
  • NCAA Division 2 Sports: All members of the CIAA, Shepherd University & UDC
  • NCAA Division 3 Sports: Salisbury University, Frostburg State University, Catholic University, Gallaudet University and Johns Hopkins University
  • Junior College: Prince George's Community College
  • Minor League Baseball: Bowie Baysox, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs & the Nationals' entire farm system
  • WNBA: Washington Mystics
  • Major League Lacrosse: Chesapeake Bayhawks

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