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I've been a fan of SportsLogos for a long time...I use a lot of logos for my personal use in creating my own scorecards/roster cards (I'm a PA announcer for a D-1 university).  Has there been a recent change in the functionality of "copy and paste"?  I can't seem to simply copy and paste any more...instead I have to save as a .gif file and insert as a photo...takes more time and effort.  Is there something I'm missing?

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One recent change here I do not like is the obtrusive ads that actually cover part of the logo one is trying to get a good look at.  Despite closing those ads and repeatedly providing them feedback that they are covering content, this persists, and some ads can't even be closed.


I understand that this is how the site can pay for itself and make some money, but the ads that cover the content are really going too far.


I otherwise have enjoyed this site for a long time, and am a daily visitor.  In some cases, corrections I have suggested have gone unnoticed for years, but it *is* a large site to administer.

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