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CoreStates Spectrum (1994/1995)


Dude, check out 1:11 of the video below. The center court is different from the ones you have at the very moment.

or this video @ 1:33 http://www.nba.com/video/channels/originals/2012/08/22/20120822_burton_50pt_game.nba/

CoreStates Spectrum (1995/1996)


Close to accurate, but the following images show how the actual center court looks like. It's similar to what you have, but it doesn't have a white outline on the ring part.



Lastly, check out the 0:02-0:08 of the video.

The word 'SIXERS' on both ends of the court have a red outline placed behind the entire text you already have.

Also, it has blue lines inside (three-point line, center court line, other marks inside, etc.)


Forgive me for my explainations, but the following videos and images prove my point. I'm more of a visual learner than a reader.

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