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21 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

When I played in high school, that "5" was the standard for every high-school uniform.  My last year was the first year for upgraded "pro style" uniforms (this was a little before teams started getting Nike and other national brands to supply or at least have their logos appear on the uniforms) we still had that 5.  


Ours was different from the Packers in that ours didn't have the little notch on the top part where the horizontal bar connects to the vertical.  Ours was just straight like a normal 5, even though we had the triangle part drooping down.


I mentioned this to a few of my teammates and got beat up for caring about what the numbers looked like.


That reminds me of our coach letting us put the decals on our own helmets, which bothered me to no end because of course most guys had theirs horribly misaligned and nobody's helmet looked the same. We had green helmets with the black georgia G so I, naturally, placed it exactly where Georgia places theirs and very meticulously made sure the logos were even on both sides. Other guys had it touching the ear hole or way too high on the helmet. I got called the f word and pelted with tape balls for bringing this up. 

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