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  2. When the Capitals went up 3-1 and on they way to a commercial break, Kenny Albert said "No miracles tonight" I went "Why would say that after what happened in San Jose last night?" Sure enough, Carolina was like, not so fast Kenny. Hurricanes were outmatched in the first 20-30 minutes of this game, then Justin Williams did what he does and the Canes took over.
  3. This is by far one of my favorite postseasons. Plus all the teams I hate are out now.
  4. After having time to go over the last few weeks of reveals, here are my thoughts: Pitt: For the most part, I like the rebrand and the return to their previous color scheme. I really would've preferred they use a numeral font similar to the one found on their next-to-last set. A traditional block font is immensely better than what they went for. Also glad they didn't try any alternate uniforms. Michigan STATE: If the Spartans want an alternate, why not just use a throwback or fauxback? This design is just offensive. There's too much of a clash with all that's going on, the oversized wordmark and numerals, lime wordmark and pants, it's just overwhelming and not good at all. Baylor: I don't like it. Just another lifeless, stripped down "design" that screams practice uniforms, which unfortunately has been a trend with Nike. Sleeve, pant, and helmet stripes, plus outlined numerals would pick this set up by miles. In my head, I thought Baylor would be OK in yellow, but in actuality, I feel they should've kept the old gold; the omission of black uniform elements is an added plus. West Virginia: Once again, I don't like this. Another strip down of any distinguishable features or design. Why not build off of the White/Slaton/Devine era look or even their coal-mining Pro Combat alternate? I don't really care for the number font, although it's better than the predecessor. Oregon State: Solid design. Finally some striping, although it irks me that, at least in the photoshoot, the helmet striping only matches the away set; overall I think it's an upgrade over the previous set. Wordmark on the chest should have either been omitted or just "Beavers." Missouri: Not sure what to make of the psuedo-retro push that their making... I enjoy seeing the return of the helmet stripe, but be consistent and put them on all of the pants too. I'd be content if they left their jerseys as is however, with a few minor changes of course.
  5. Really not taking anything away from Carolina and, in the abstract, not mad they won at all. Hard to say it wasn't deserved, either. But, cripes, the Bruins now being the Cup favorites is not a world I wanted to be living in. As if the Lightning humiliating themselves to shreds wasn't enough, the nightmare postseason in my head is, slowly but surely, starting to play itself out in reality.
  6. Agreed. Both teams were in their secondary kits, and that's just wrong.
  7. Caps deserved to lose. They kept blowing leads, and they got outplayed in both OT periods. I'm glad the Isles have home ice now, but man, during that OT, the Canes looked scary. We'll see what happens.
  8. It seems that the more series upset Admiral and make him shake his cane, the more I enjoy the playoffs. Please continue, everyone.
  9. Minnesota United again in the white kits tonight. Come on you Loons, no more white at home!!!
  10. That was one hell of a lucky bounce to get the game winner. With this win, the highest seeds left are now San Jose and Boston.
  11. Great, a whole night of gloating from woke scolds obsessed with Don Cherry, bring it on
  12. So who had Columbus, Carolina, and Colorado all playing in round two?
  13. A Bunch of Jerks beats the Washington Capitals in Double Overtime!
  14. So we get Carolina and home ice. Should be fun.
  15. Ovechkin would have done Ovechkin things by now if he were going to. Even with Vegas out, we're still going to have a team of artless second-liners going too far.
  16. These all look great... most don't even need critiquing. (Can't wait til you get to my Frogs... and Prairie View A&M, if you're doing request. God KNOWS they need it)
  17. I hope Vince McMahon shows off his senility yet again and names every team the Experience.
  18. Mention it and you shall receive: Source: Greensboro College - Celebration Timeline, Page 5
  19. An alternative baseball league would not work these days because that league would have to find places to put the teams in. Let's say that this league is formed and announces teams in the following cities: Nashville, Louisville, Memphis, New Orleans, Portland, Sacramento, Albuquerque and Las Vegas. The problem is that all of those cities already have minor league teams that are affiliated with MLB teams so you have to find cities who want a baseball team with no minor league affiliation and those cities may be too small for a baseball league that wants to rival MLB.
  20. Because major league baseball has been granted an exemption for the anti-trust act. They therefore can't get in trouble for unfair market practices. It also allowed MLB to sign a deal with NAPBL and basically Control baseball in this country. The independent leagues can exist, after all, but will never be able to crack MLB the way the other three major leagues faced a competitor. There were other major leagues, just only one survived the entire time (nl) while the others came and went. Turning the American League from a minor league to a major league solidified it when the NAPBL deal was signed in 1902. It's basically impossible for one of the minors to jump as the NAPBL deal was not just to help the major leagues but to also save the minors since the payroll costs were slowly killing them. In affiliated ball, the parent club pays that cost in exchange for developing young players. Thr fact no league showed up during the 50s and 60s with the mass migration, tells you there was no shot at a third major league.
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