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  2. Is this thread dead? If it's not, i had to tell. When i saw Guelph Storm(OHL) 's old logo, My first thought is a angry rhinoceros running in a tornado variation like Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. The tornado's tooth/fang looks like a rhinoceros' horn especially. It's not a great logo.
  3. Could see the game being postponed due to alligators on the ice. Solid design tho
  4. That logo always looks incomplete to me. Even with the more detailed swords. The goat head is so much better.
  5. Sorry, but you forgot to remember where Magic Kingdom located in Florida (Disney World)? the original park at Anaheim's resort is called "Disneyland Park" simply.
  6. I’ll never understand why they spent the 25th season with vanishingly few teams actually digging into their own archives, but instead paying tribute to Liverpool’s kit from two years before MLS.
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  8. And the opposite of 0, in Liga MX, Atlas has a player wearing 218.
  9. If ESPN gets in on NHL broadcast rights, I think your Disney idea could be a real possibility with ESPN/ABC being under the Disney umbrella, although looking at photos and at the capacity number (7,500), you're right that the number of seats is an issue; ideally you'd want an outdoor game to have bigger capacity than the indoor rinks! A quick Google search brought up Camping World Stadium as the biggest in Orlando (hosts the Citrus Bowl), so as long as it's a Stadium Series and not a Winter Classic, that would probably be the most realistic location. Heck, do a two-game series at the neutral site with each team getting a home game!
  10. Small nitpick, the cub is walking, not crawling. The crawling description kinda annoys me, just had to get that out there. Given bears are quadrupedal, walking on all fours is just walking for them. You wouldn't say some random dog you see outside is crawling, would you?
  11. There was this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1964:
  12. I'd be happy as a middle reliever on the Dodgers or Columbia Fireflies.
  13. I have to admit that I at first thought Breogán was kind of a far-fetched name, but then I read up on it and apparently there is a basketball team of the same name. I think that's one of the things I like most about this project, the amount of research you put in. I've certainly learnt a few things about our continent following this.
  14. Oh sorry! Already corrected. Also, thanks! I'm thinking with 4 editions per team, yes. I'm making some jerseys that may be cool. Expect by Nuggets, i made Raptors like Statement Edition, i would say.
  15. The single yellow outline on the font and their crest is good enough. The Sabres have and the Bruins of the 70's to the early 90's also had a single yellow border on the font on their whites. The NFL Chiefs have the exact same bordering format and colours as the Flames. As long as the yellow isn't the main colour of the font on the whites(Minnesota Wild Retro Reverse) and the yellow is touching the dark coloured font as bordering is more than acceptable in my books.
  16. That Breogan badge is beautiful! And the home kit has a really classic and timeless feel to it.
  17. First of all, it's 93, not 96. Anyway, you're off to a great start! Will we get all 4 editions per team? So far, I think these are all icon uniforms. But, great effort there!
  18. Pre-season game in 2016 in London, Ontario. Florida thought Dallas would be wearing green because they would be playing again a couple of days later in Texas, so Florida obviously brought only their white jerseys. Nothing is really going to beat this example.
  19. I'm glad that someone else except me remember that game. That was terrible too.
  20. Toronto Raptors Made by 2003-2006 jerseys of Raptors and with wordmark of 2020-2021.
  21. Firstly, i need to warn that the template belongs from edjb93. He gave me permission and i'm honored. The designs exists thankfully for him. Denver Nuggets Inspired by this design, wanted to make this with short too:
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