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  2. Still think the North American Super League plan is a runaround to just promote whatever they're calling the SuperLiga now to a closed competition with no CONCACAF involvement. Might be an interesting way around the old promotion issue actually -- an apertura of local games and a clausura of US/MX/Canada Super League games.
  3. Haha. It could be dark during the game intro. Plus it would be a nice touch for the fans who buy the uniform or the gear.
  4. SHRINK. THE. LOGO. It's too large and it takes up a lot of space. Also, I think the Fisherman logo looks fine without an extra wave. Also, change the font outline as well. It's barely unnoticeable unless someone goes near to look at it. Perhaps change it to blue. Otherwise, a good remix to an already iconic jersey.
  5. Next up in the MAC.... is a team I was going to post third but what was going to be second is actually going ot be last.... anyway time for the Huskies! NORTHERN ILLINOIS HUSKIES Oh hey lookie here it's the Atlanta Falcons! Except that they aren't chokers and aren't as good either.... retained the Black/Red/White/Gray mentality throughout.
  6. I'm going to be as honest as I can be. None of that matters. You think any fan of the Los Angeles Galaxy or LAFC gives one iota of a care in the world about the Los Angeles Wolves? You think either the New York Red Bulls or NYCFC owe anything to the Cosmos? No. Hell, MLS could have had the Cosmos. They chose not to have the Cosmos. So you can draw these lines any which way you want- it doesn't change the fact that MLS today doesn't owe anything to the NASL. The NASL utterly imploded and cratered top flight soccer in north America for years. MLS fumbled out of the gate- and only started getting its act together in the mid 2000s when they stopped trying to "Americanize" the sport. So no, it's not all "just a coincidence" but a few key people here and there does not create this grand legacy you so desperately want to exist. Everything in North American soccer prior to MLS' rebirth as a league that respected the game's global traditions has been tinged by failure. And all of this is academic anyway. Why are we having this argument? You're mad that someone who isn't from Montreal likes the name "Montreal FC" over "Montreal Impact"? Really? You're free to disagree with him on that but come on man. There was no need to use that disagreement as a jumping off point of multiple walls of text dedicated to why the deep legacy of North American soccer is worth defending. All the guy said was that he didn't like a singular 90s style name. That's all. It's hardly a revolutionary- or even unpopular- opinion around here.
  7. Champion is back in the uniform game it seems and also the league really wants a team to wear gradient.
  8. That mustache can't be any race. How many Black men do you know that relax their facial hair to make it flow like that?
  9. What's the point of the black uniform there? From any distance it'll just look like the normal navy aways but with flipped shoulder stripes (if anyone even notices that). The rest of them are nice, though - I'm even alright with the gray. Definitely an upgrade.
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  11. The answer to that is always yes, regardless of the context.
  12. Havent seen this reported anywhere else, but looks like we could be one step closer to a North American Super League
  13. Came to check out the Suns. Logos used are not really used by the team anymore on major things but I like the ideas. I would like to see them get away from black and really lean into purple and orange again.
  14. - Does Edmonton have any kind of significant history with railroads? That's about the only way I could see them making "Express" work. Wouldn't be the first time we saw a football team with that name, but still probably wouldn't be the best. - I could see them trying to tie "Energy" into their hometown kinsmen Oilers. Definitely wouldn't be my pick for a new name, though. - I'm not opposed to "Eagles", actually. It's a safe enough nickname that it shouldn't bug too many people (aside from it also being one of the most-used mascots in sports). All that said, who are they kidding? Elk is up there and *conspiracy theory* I think they're locked in on that name (Elks) too; they just want to see how much of their fan base agrees with it. As a bonus, Elks works due to the uniqueness factor too.
  15. The fact that the NBA's premier franchise has Wish as a jersey sponsor is just unfathomable.
  16. Did EA screw up the Rangers’ Liberty/NYR shield too? Top half of the background should be red, not navy.
  17. Football, at both the pro and collegiate levels, has been a complete farce. The NFL will complete the season but not because they did anything right.
  18. Oh great, they made the Wish ad worse by adding the shopping part.
  19. Does green and yellow look amazing together? Yes But the Wild already have a fantastic set in green and red and would be a shame to let that go. Now, could they make and keep their third green and yellow? Sure, go for it.
  20. Las Vegas Minnesota Miami Chicago Houston New Orleans Tennessee Seattle LA Rams Green Bay New England Kansas City Pittsburgh San Francisco Baltimore
  21. Explorers include every nation under the sun, including indigenous people but I can see why it could be contentious.
  22. They're trying to recapture that LA Raiders energy. I think much like the LA Raiders the Clippers old English branding appeals to a very specific niche of Los Angeles sports fans. The Raiders games were dangerous (Staples Center would be safer). Raiders team apparel had the stigma of gang affiliation (I remember schools banning Raiders gear when I was a kid) I think it's risky for the Clippers (and the NBA) to go all in on the old English branding. I live in Mississippi now but I grew up in Orange County until I was 20 (34 now) and I still go back regularly. I'm speaking from my personal experience and I understand other people's experiences are different. As far as changing the name I think they would have a hard time coming up with a name that wouldn't come be cheesy while still being local.
  23. That would mean they'd have to change the helmet and lose the EE, which nobody wants.
  24. Because you made a clearly false claim
  25. Because they’ll be playing in totally dark arenas
  26. I wish they played at the Oracle when wearing those jerseys. The arena is still NBA ready!
  27. The NFL didn’t do the ravens dirty, they did it to themselves by not following protocols.
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