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  2. It would be cool if they used the leather-look throwback helmets that they used a few years ago.
  3. > Yellow numbers waaaaay better!!
  4. It was always a house of cards though. The logo is horrible, the designs were boring, they way overextended themselves, their entire demographic was basically 7-15 year old boys and middle aged men, and their star athletes didn’t have personalities that appealed to their weak demos (Curry and Cam were incredibly popular with little kids but never reached LeBron/Kobe/Griffey status of ubiquity)
  5. The font isn't bad it just shouldn't go on a Steelers jersey. Save it for the Cardinals,Bengals, Jaguars next redo.
  6. It would of looked way better if the had the white stripe facing forward and the color stripe facing backward on the jerseys, but this is a good update
  7. The fake crowd noise on the Fox broadcast makes this such a more compelling broadcast to watch than the quiet ESPN shows. Yes, it's phony, but I don't care.
  8. I can definitely understand that. No matter how great the PLL's production is, and even no matter how great its talent is, the fact that its teams are not associated with cities makes the whole thing feel less important, even slightly cheesy. I know that I was a lot more interested in Paul Rabil when he was a member of the New York Lizards or the Boston Cannons than I am now that he is the impresario of the PLL and a player/owner with something called Atlas, even though I am ideologically predisposed to support a player-run league. I fully understand that the assigning of professional teams to cities is a fiction. But it's a fiction in which I am emotionally invested, and which I need in order to sustain interest. This probably accounts for why I could not get passionate about individual sports. I liked Connors, Borg, and especially McEnroe when I was a kid; but after they were gone, I didn't care about tennis in the slightest. If World Team Tennis had been the sport's primary form, rather than just a summer side gig, then I may well have developed a long-term interest in tennis. If the PLL puts the MLL out of business, it will be unlikely to adopt the model of its vanquished former competitor.
  9. - Hi, all. Something new from me: What if Vancouver, BC had an MLB team? Well, this came to me a few days ago, and here is a uniform concept for.... the Vancouver Oceanics. Why Oceanics? It is befitting, as Vancouver, BC is by the Pacific Ocean. I brought back a few things from the 1980s (haters gonna hate about it, though): Pullover jerseys, racing stripes and a powder blue road suit! Yep, the Oceanics take visual cues from both of Canada's other baseball teams, past and present, the Expos (racing stripes) and the Blue Jays (powder blue road uniforms). Some things are ripe for a comeback, and all three of those design elements deserve one, IMO. The team colours of blue and green are fitting for a team with the name "Oceanics", IMO. Hope you like them.
  10. Man, that font is one of the most early 2000's fonts. I look at it and I just think of like anything that tried to be cool.
  11. I think the touring model may have been a good call on PLL's part. MLL already had it's flags planted in most of the lacrosse hotbeds across the country. The way I see it, MLL is limited to the 6 cities where it's teams are located. Where as PLL has the freedom to explore and develop areas outside of the traditional lacrosse belt. One of the biggest selling points Paul Rabil has been stating about his league is that PLL wants the game to grow. You can't grow being limited to just the northeast and Denver. I follow the PLL on facebook, and I've been surprised by the amount of people from the west coast, midwest, the south, & even overseas that were hoping the PLL tour came to a city near them. There's an untapped market for lacrosse that the PLL is actively trying to reach out to. Besides, I don't think the touring model will be long term. If PLL outlives MLL, I can definitely picture the PLL shifting to a traditional home team model.
  12. I can't wear the same clothes every day because I can't (won't) wash them every night. If you don't understand how lousy that argument is, I can't help. But... Football teams play 16 games per year, at least 4 days apart. Why they should ever NOT look their best is beyond me. "Fun" alt? I don't get what is "fun" about a uniform. If having fun uniforms were an important thing, then McDonald's would have cashed in on them years ago. Look your best.
  13. I've watched both games from the sidelines as a photographer, and I can't really say which I prefer. PLL by far does a better job marketing, though. Every time the whistle blows, there is at least one camera crew on the field doing an interview, getting a live reaction, etc. The players have really bought in to Rabil's strategy, and it's working. It doesn't quite have the carnival atmosphere I would love to see from it (i.e. All-Star Game vibes), but it's a good presentation, and it's portable, which is the biggest thing. The only real problem I had was that I didn't find myself very invested, because there was no "hometown team"
  14. Well, you said it yourself... Pro lacrosse is a niche sport and putting it on a streaming service like ESPN+ is the best option they could have in the MLL. The PLL's deal with NBC helps in that there's four games on traditional television (including the Championship game). Contrast to MLL having only three games on ESPN2.. not even ESPN, it's ESPN2.
  15. You’d think with Mahomes being as popular as he is they’d want to stick with those uniforms longer. Anyways, I like the Texas flag homage in the stripes.
  16. @Dilbert has the general gist of how they're going to work, but to further expand upon it... The USL Championship is going with a 16 game regular season schedule. Some teams (Like Tacoma) have already played 2 games while some teams (like Hartford and Pittsburgh) have played none. What this means is that Tacoma has 14 games left on their schedule while Hartford and Pittsburgh has their full allotment of games. After the season ends, the playoffs have 16 teams. The top 2 in each group advance with Groups A through D being the Western Conference and Groups E through H being the Eastern Conference. In fact, here's the breakdown: Group A - Portland II, Reno, Sacramento, Tacoma Group B - LA Galaxy II, Las Vegas, Orange County FC, Phoenix, San Diego Group C - Colorado Springs, El Paso, New Mexico United, Real Monarchs Group D - Austin, FC Tulsa, OKC Energy, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley Group E - Indy Eleven, Louisville City, Saint Louis FC, Sporting Kansas City II Group F - Hartford Athletic, Loudoun United, New York Red Bulls II, Philadelphia II, Pittsburgh Group G - Birmingham, Charlotte, Memphis, North Carolina Group H - Atlanta United II, Charleston, Miami FC, Tampa Bay
  17. Real Monarchs, defending USL champs Any simpleton can figure out why MN uses United, but it takes a real marketer to understand Atlanta.
  18. They all folded. 13. Pittsburgh Pirates → Pittsburgh Steelers The Pittsburgh Pirates joined the NFL in 1933 and were named after the city’s baseball team, who were also the football team’s landlord. In order to differentiate themselves from their landlords the team was sometimes called the Rooneymen, after their owner. In 1940, the franchise became the Steelers in honor of the steel industry. Falling on hard times during World War 2, the club merged for a season on two separate occasions. In 1943, they merged with the Philadelphia Eagles to form the Steagles (Technically Phil-Pitt Combine). The next year they merged with the Chicago Cardinals to form Card-Pitt (Also called Carpet). The Cardinals had gone 0-10 in 1943 and merging with the Steelers didn’t help at all, as the team went 0-10 again. I definitely like the change from Pirates to Steelers. The team was correct to replace the shared Pirates moniker and the Steelers name is very representative of Pittsburgh.
  19. NYRB vs ATL is already a bad looking game. Black with red numbers/letters vs white with metallic gold numbers/letters. MLS really needs to crack down on contrast legibility of the jerseys numbers. Names on back not nearly as important. 8 minutes in and I can't make out anybody's jersey number unless there is a cut to a closeup camera.
  20. Rounded miters look terrible here.
  21. Using this logo would have greatly improved the Blues red-using days. It was used on their more conservative, red-trimmed jerseys but only for two years. They shouldn't have changed it. It makes the inclusion of red less redundant and doesn't have that "Print Error" effect.
  22. The Red Bull/ATL game on Fox is in a weather delay so the network is replaying the Nashville/ATL game from February 29. I almost forgot this game happened. Honestly feels like it took place at some point last season.
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