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  2. I only remember the Cubs and Astros doing that. Who else did?
  3. This weekend’s matchups:
  4. The commercial dealts entirely with that one fan talking to his glove. The action on the field is shown only at a great distance, as the lucky main character ends up catching a foul ball at the very end of the commercial.
  5. Bit of an odd case here, of a fictional team being used as a legal stand-in for a real team in a video game: in 2005 EA Sports released NHL 06, the PlayStation 2 version of which featured a port of the Genesis version of NHL '94, and because some non-NHL entity (either the city of Hartford or the state of Connecticut IIRC) held onto the trademarks for the Hartford Whalers after their 1997 relocation until ~2009, EA had to replace them in-game with a new team; and thus were born the Hartford Canes: Everything else about the team in-game is the same (navy & green uniforms, Brass Bonanza playing at faceoffs, etc.), they just have a different name and Hurricanes-esque (and Canadiens-esque TBH) logo.
  6. Nah, light blue clashes with gray pants - they’re too close in... something. I don’t know the technical term, but there’s a reason that light blue was an accepted alternative to gray. Aqua contrasts better, but still doesn’t look great in the Marlins’ case. Back in tbe 80s it wasn’t uncommon for a road team to wear white pants if they had a colored top, so I don’t see the issue now.
  7. FIFY. BTW, no players wearing uniforms for the NY Canaries?
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  9. The TV show Dillon Panthers use the colours and logos of the Pflugerville Panthers.
  10. The Dillon Panthers are based on the real life Perriman Panthers, who were portrayed in the movie, right down to their actual colors and logo (which was adapted to blue and gold for the tv series). The East Dillon Lions from the tv show are based on the real life Odessa High, which actually wears red and white, but are known as the Colts.
  11. If you are in the FloSports blackout area, ESPN+ is a no go but supposedly the game was also blacked out outside of the blackout area in Columbus and up in Cleveland too, where it shouldnt have been. Also Star 64 (our over the air broadcast) was blacked out on YouTubeTV and Direct TV Now because of Flos exclusive streaming rights. Apparently some peoples Flo stream was blacked out in the beginning too. We got royally screwed signing the deal with Flo Aside from the crappy streaming deal, a good game today by FCC with their second straight clean sheet.
  12. LOVE this color scheme for the Mariners! That home alt is absolutely gorgeous. My only suggestion would be to add headspoon piping on the road alt for consistency across the board.
  14. That last TD of the first half in the Fleet/Hotshots game was bogus. Dude let go of the ball before crossing the goal line.
  15. If you like yellow socks today is your lucky day. Fleet would have been okay wearing their gray jerseys. No clash issues against AZ.
  16. I would like to see the Evergreens uniform with brown socks and some brown stripes on the jersey. It would be like the trunk and some branches on an evergreen tree.
  17. I really hope the NFL doesn’t let the Robert Kraft situation slide out from under them. If Jerry Richardson had to sell the Panthers because of his wrongdoings, the same should happen to Kraft. ”I’m sorry.” doesn’t cut it.
  18. SD looks good in their white today. They are on the road though, at AZ.
  19. It is figuratively all they have. Which is what made it so obnoxious in the first place
  20. Have ESPN+ and FC Cincinnati is blacked out. Pure BS
  21. The Fleet in white jerseys. Wonder why as they don’t clash with the hotshots
  22. I'm so looking forward to a public relations firm doing cynical idpol like "if you're so liberal, why would you deny young black men, the most marginalized group in America, the opportunity to access generational wealth?"
  23. Alright, gonna get us back on track here with the next team up: Mizzou got a hell of an upgrade when Nike redid their look a few years ago. However there are a few things I would still change and did change. The black and yellow really pop off of each other and I wanted to play that up. I also didn't like how the three football jerseys now all were unique from each other. It just doesn't work for me. Football - So for football, no more stripes on the helmet. Just the big tiger logo, one color, on both sides with the number in the space on the back of the helmet. I was a big fan of the yellow helmet introduced this past season so now there is an alternate yellow helmet. Jerseys now have two stripes that run onto the chest CLE Browns style. Mizzou also has a tiger stripe pattern that I feel gets underused so now the stripes and numbers now have the tiger stripe pattern in them. Pants have the tiger stripes down the pant legs. Hockey - Hockey got a little interesting to me. Originally there was nothing on the hem and it just felt empty with nothing there. So now there is a solid stripe on the hem. Otherwise, it's all very similar to football with the stripes on the sleeves and pants. Baseball - I kept things similar to the rest of the uniforms. Tiger stripes on the sleeves, TIGERS on the home whites, MIZZOU on the road and alternate. Three different hats, one with a black base, yellow brim with an M on the front, an all black hat with the one color tiger, yellow hat like the first black hat. The biggest difference here is the pants don't have any stripes. There was just no real way to make them work. Basketball - Finally to the hardwood, very simple looking uniforms, tiger stripes under the armholes, tiger stripes on the shorts. Not much to say there. Didn't really give you guys a whole lot to go on, but let me know what you think nonetheless!
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