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  2. I 'm guessing Sixers wear the earned or white jerseys tonight vs the Hawks MLK uniforms.
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  4. If you count the preseason, this would be the other time. Preseason 2002
  5. And for Japan I suggest putting the number in the circle so the helmet doesn't look bare
  6. Anyone else who would like to see this final four re-seeding stick around permanently? I like the idea that any two teams in the league could potentially play each other for the Stanley Cup (if they use one of the previous playoff formats until the final four). You'd be getting a better chance to see the two best teams in the Final, and you'd sacrifice... what? Eastern and Western conference champions? Just figure out a way to decide which team ignores the Prince of Wales trophy and which team ignores the Campbell Bowl and be done with it
  7. Southland Conference interested in Grambling, Southern, Texas Southern and Prairie View A&M from the SWAC: Report: Southland Conference targeting Prairie View, Texas Southern, Grambling, and Southern as potential members (hbcusports.com)
  8. He deserves a ring if the Suns win it all
  9. Sorry, but running "snake" through the Google translator is lame as hell. They're the Diamondbacks. And I'm pretty sure their Hispanic fans also call them the Diamondbacks. I would have much rather seen them incorporate a traditional Mexican design pattern, if they wanted to go this route.
  10. A couple years back when I was researching which sports to combine to make Driveball, I stumbled across Austus, a hybrid of American and Australian rules football which was played briefly during the second world war. This is the (fictional) story of the game that inspired Driveball. Above is how an Austus field would look compared an NFL sized field. Note that the 25 yard lines serves as the Austus version of the 50 meter lines on a typical VFL/AFL field. Basic Rules - Austus is played with nine players a side on a field divided into three zones (defense, midfield, attack). - The ball similar in size and shape to a CFL football with pointed ends for easier passing. - A pass or a kick that travels more than fifteen yards can be marked. - The goal posts are the same as Aussie rules, with a goal worth six points and a behind worth just one. Positions Defense One Fullback Two Halfbacks Midfield One Center Two Wings Attack One Full-Forward Two Half-Forwards Roster Size 27 players The first Austus game played by civilians was held at Yankee Stadium in March of 1946 with NFL/AAFC guys on Team USA (Blue and Red) and Australia (Green and Gold) represented by VFL guys. C&C Welcome.
  11. Obvious Phoenix Suns ripoff, but this type of motif would've been far more acceptable
  12. Agreed. There's some positives but this is very little about Hispanic heritage and Arizona and is more just "a desert jersey." In that sense I guess it works, the reveal video pretty much nails how it looks best, blending in with sand and rocks and a couple of cactus. This would also be Luke Skywalker's favorite CC jersey. It could pass for the jersey of the Tatooine baseball team.
  13. Well they applied the copyright far before the league died, it just didn’t get to the point of lawsuit and court filing until after it died
  14. I’m just looking at Arizona’s and thinking that there’s so much more that could have been done with it. I’m not at all advocating for something off-the-wall crazy, but I’m just unpleasantly surprised at how basic it is with regards to its inspiration. Something that nods to Hispanic culture ought to be more vibrant and colorful than this. I will say, the script is really good, and I like the AZ flag patch, but in the grand scheme of things? Both elements only hit the brief of honoring Arizona and Hispanic culture in basic fashion, and that’s what’s bothering me about this. There’s so much you could do with either homage that “there’s a Spanish wordmark and a flag on the sleeve” just seems like the bare minimum, especially when the rest of the set doesn’t convey much else other than “lots of sand”. In my opinion, City Connect is 1-4 (Miami is still the lone hit). Not an exciting start to the program.
  15. Hawks vs Sixers is one of my favorite match ups in NBA 2K21. Both teams use drop shadow numbers but at different angles. Such a great design element. The Hawks should have used a drop shadow on their wordmark too
  16. I've been pretty busy with my job and freelance work this past week, so it's been a while since I last got to work on CSL2. Nevertheless, here's the next team! Capital Division Sacramento East Arden-Arcade, CA Founded: 1988 Sacramento East was founded by some Sacramento State alumni who decided to feature a bee to reference their alma mater, which is home to the Hornets. Because the Capital Division currently lacked any red teams, I decided to use that to make Sac East stand out in a division full of yellow/gold teams. Inspired by the Charlotte Hornets and some proposed Watford FC logos, an illustration of a bee is found inside a gold hexagon, which is inside an NFL-style crest. The home kit is a simple gold kit with a hexagonal honeycomb pattern. The "Business 80" clash kit (very popular with the locals) references the Capital City Freeway's route through eastern Sacramento and the green shields of this unusual Interstate highway. The kits are supplied by Umbro and the sponsor is The Sacramento Bee newspaper.
  17. For Canada, I'd put the maple leaf on the sleeves instead of using it as a shoulder pattern. For Germany, I'd use the logo on the front of the jersey for the helmet logo instead.
  18. You are absolutely correct. when the Sounders came into the league, they shared ownership with the Seahawks.
  19. The difference is that MLS was so desperate for a New York team that they were willing to put the club in a stadium situation nobody liked. And also, don’t forget that MLS had previously spent several years trying to build a NYC stadium on their own. They knew how hard it was, they knew what they were getting into, and the upside was still important enough to them that they went right ahead with it.
  20. MLS does not have a SSS requirement. It has a “control your stadium” requirement, to ensure that its teams aren’t tenants in somebody else’s park, without access to the revenue streams that a primary tenant controls even when someone else is using the stadium. So when MLS teams share ownership with the primary tenant of a stadium (like in Seattle or New York City), MLS can write the contract guaranteeing the soccer club a measure of most-favored status in the stadium, they’re plenty happy to put its club in a non-SSS.
  21. I think we’re kind of... agreeing on that? I wasn’t suggesting that the Krafts were actually going to do any of that, only that other teams have in fact done it.
  22. Aside from tradition and the equity that goes along with with it, I primarily prefer dark vs. white* because of guaranteed contrast. Color vs. color works for contrast sometimes, but can also be a total trainwreck (as we’ve seen on a few occasions). Dark vs. white usually cuts out the possibility of those kinds of problem matchups. *Exception: Lakers in gold, which is not only traditional but usually contrasts well against most opponents’ colors anyway.
  23. Jerk move or not, the NFL does have a very important interest in protecting their trademarks. It's the same thing as the Roughnecks' derrick logo, if the NFL wants to protect its trademark for certain logos (the most successful modern team and an incredibly popular throwback team) then they have to go after every logo that looks even somewhat similar. I hate the NFL's business practices as much as the next guy but they are in the right to do this, in fact, they pretty much have to do this so that the trademark stays.
  24. Sixers-Hawks is an excellent example of how simple, yet unique uniforms can look gorgeous, as well as giving us 3 distinctly different uniform games with no loss of "Who am I watching?" 2 of the best dressed teams in the league.
  25. Not to mention very similar face shading. I'm never a fan of the NFL copywrite claiming smaller leagues on such small matters like these, but this instance in particular was a bit more justified. The more you look at each logos defining features, the more and more similar the two logos become. I can see why the NFL thought they were similar, but filing a copywriter claim after the league had already died (plus the logo was never really used to begin with) is just a jerk move.
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