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  2. That Flyers jersey is horrible. It should have white sleeves and black cuffs... kinda like the jersey it's trying to emulate. They should have done this, which gets you a black jersey, but not one that's just black+white like their dumb 00s ones.
  3. @kodrinsky, you're missing one Orlando Magic court for the 2019-20 season. Occurred on 2020-02-08.
  4. Might take me a few minutes, but now that we know the direction the 4th jersey program is heading in, going to throw together a prediction post. Wonder if something of the sort will surface on the concepts board
  5. Columbus should do an updated take on the Cleveland Barons look. Keep the state outline around the sleeve numbers and throw the cannon inside the C.
  6. This could be fun, and so far looks pretty good. Can only imagine if this is a rivalry thing and we get Islanders-Rangers Fisherman vs. Lady Liberty to really see the hockey internet explode
  7. People hate the Chiefs because they have some absolutely reprehensible players and are lead by an enabler who cares more about football than any moral value. Not because they're really good.
  8. These are pretty bad look like a fashion jersey sold in walmart. These are a robo-penguin on the shoulders away from being A+
  9. Shrink the numbers and 'ATL' a bit and resist the urge to wear mono head to toe all the time and it's not that bad (font still would need some work). Ignoring the alternate monstrosity of course. Those are gonna get roasted on social media this week with so many jokes about the players looking like they're wearing high waisted pants. Tottenham suffered from the same problem in 2019, but it's going to be even worse on the Falcons since they'll be in long pants, with black socks and being worn by 300 lbs lineman.
  10. I wasn't sold either, so here's yet another attempt: I'm still not 100% on it, but I think I need to leave it alone for a while and come back to it later.
  11. The Bills ruined a potential matchup of the year by wearing blue pants.
  12. I've always thought 19 would be a cool number to wear if I were a quarterback. I also like 15 and 16. Just personal preferences, really. Side note: I've recently been thinking about how the Washington Football Team has had a quarterback on the roster who wore number 8 every year for the past decade 2010-13: Rex Grossman 2014-17: Kirk Cousins 2018: Josh Johnson 2019: Case Keenum 2020: Kyle Allen
  13. I think they are both nice and a welcome change. This 4th jersey program is going to be awesome, I can't wait to see the rest!
  14. Is it confirmed green jerseys for the Eagles? Seems like an obvious mono black game.
  15. Interestingly, since 1990 only two World Series matchups haven't featured blue at all. 1990 Reds vs A's and 2005 White Sox vs Astros (At the time they were of course wearing brick red and black).
  16. Would be a thousand times better than mono brown.
  17. It took like 5 years but they slowly but surely corrected every mistake from the initial unveiling (Helmet/facemask color, crossed spears, number colors on both jerseys) and they look pretty good now. I still prefer the previous set though. The collar and sleeve trim were more subtle and the Garnet was more leaned more towards red than burgundy/maroon.
  18. Finally a Flyers jersey that doesn't have the awful band around the name
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  20. Don’t even know why I’m gonna bother watching tonight’s Cowboys game, they’re going to get blown out, yet I find myself planted in front of my tv waiting for it. Funny enough, even after the Cardinals wallop Dallas tonight, the Cowboys will still lead the division at 2-4 lmao.
  21. What other teams used put stains other than Tennessee?
  22. Well, I’d rather see the rays navy jersey use light blue words, white outline and their home-road have navy numbers outlined in light blue. I think the thing with the rays (maybe the angels too, but I have all the rays jerseys so I know firsthand) is that it’s the exact same lettering and numbers on every jersey no matter the color. Same word marks, same navy numbers with white outline (home whites have white outline around numbers). It just doesn’t translate aesthetically like we would prefer. The only inconsistency in the set is the names on the navy (couldn’t be navy cause it’s single color and would be invisible) and the names on the light blue (only name with an outline color)
  23. Does that matter to the average Joe Shmoe who buys jerseys from random website for $30 for a “super good deal”
  24. The trop is a :censored:hole, but that isn’t what keeping fans from caring. It’s that half the fan base in the area are Yankees fans and the other half are Red Sox fans.
  25. Rays have been a good team since 2008. Some down years, but mostly competitive. 2014-17 are the only 4 seasons they've finished under .500 since 2007. And yet fans STILL don't show up (2020 excluded). It's a combination of the stadium and fanbase. Don't think them winning will change anything in that regards.
  26. Pretty cool stuff! I was a lurker back then as well and I love to see how that project evolved. Love your brief description of the history of each team and how it actually plays into the real life local sporting culture. Obviously I'd be a Third Ward supporter in this universe. But I have to say even though I didn't see an issue with it the first time around, it's hard for me to wrap my head around their colors not including blue. Especially for a team so steeped in Bavarian heritage. I'm guessing since you're local (enough) you know of Bavarians SC and didn't want to do something that was essentially a take on their identity. But the Milwaukee Wave and Milwaukee Torrent wear blue as well. Then, of course, you have the Brewers, Marquette, and even the Bucks found a way to work it into their identity. Blue is Milwaukee's sporting color (as odd as it is for me, a UWM alum, to admit that). Perhaps we could see a version of Third Ward that is blue and cream? I do love the crest though. That doesn't have to change even if the kit colors do, IMO.
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