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  2. The Indians look stunning on the Cavs colours I love the throwback with brown and red, but I prefer the marron and navy idea.
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  4. Nice work! The last four sets you've posted are very distinctive. I really like the sand shade for the Astrso and the yellow A's set. I can't wait to see more!
  5. It's not like a team called the Triplets is completely unheard of. But I also didn't think about the possibility of having Twins to mean the "twin" Carolinas. Maybe I just don't like this because I'm having such a hard time wrapping my head around how this was even supposed to work in the first place. This has to be the most random spot anyone has ever tried to put a major pro franchise.
  6. That’s actually Mavericks Icon vs Blazers Statement.
  7. The stripes on Atleti look like that because it's a youth sizes jersey. Inter's youth shirt looks the same in the kids' size:
  8. I think the helmet should be kelly green, that looks awesome w/ the sun glaring off of it. We have 5 teams w white helmets and only 1 w green.
  9. As a Dallasite that hates the Cowboys, I'm totally willing to jump on this XFL bandwagon if they give us even a remotely appealing identity. But my hopes are low.
  10. These last 2 concepts posted is how I hope this goes. It’s a modern look, it’s updated, new, unique, and not gimmicky. I love both of them! Shame we will probably end up getting let down eventually, when we have creators that can make these beauties
  11. I feel like I’m going to really like Barcelona’s. A nice change. Hope yellow numbers are sticking around though (white sponsor throwing me off) Galatasaray is a beauty. 10/10 for that Inter gets a yikes, no. Why it can’t just be striped, idk. Atleti is okay but they could’ve done a better job with the back. Roma I also really like, but I think the hyundai sponsor sits a little too low
  12. I might be nuts but I think leaning even more into the brown could be even better. For example, using brown undershirts on the home uniform.
  13. I can guarantee you that the Canes would have had just as little success, since Raleigh isn't anywhere close to the border, so any SC fans wouldn't care anyways, be it a "regional" team or not. The Panthers might be a different case, however. The whole "One Carolina" thing really caught on in 2015, and I'm not sure the team would've had the widespread success it does without appealing to the whole region. And yeah, that stadium proposal is ridiculous. In fact, if they were looking at the Carolinas, I have no clue why Charlotte wasn't their number one choice. The city is constantly desperate to prove itself, and probably would've handed over lots of money for the stadium, even with BoA Stadium just having been built. However, I don't see them going with the name Twins if they had moved to Charlotte, just because of the history of the Knights name.
  14. Up next we have the Irondale Knights from New Brighton. Irondale High School Nickname: Knights Enrollment: 1,670 Rival(s): Mounds View, Spring Lake Park Class: AA State Titles: 0 State Tournament Appearances: 3 (1979, 1980, 1981) Home: The Knights need a complete redesign, their current home's are both boring and hideous. The 3D logo is the first thing that needs to go, and gold needs to be more prominant. I based the striping off of one of their old jerseys, but updated them so they are straight across rather than slanted. The base of the jersey is gold and white is held to an accent color in the stripes. Away: The away is literally just the home with maroon and gold swapped. Alternate: Throwback time! The Knights have made the tournament three times, and they came in three straight years. I decided to bring back the jerseys they wore in their glory days. It is a white jersey with a maroon stripe going down the top of the sleeves and shoulders, around the ends of the arms it changes to gold. I tried my best at recreating the logo on the front of the jersey, but it was difficult because every image I could find was super blurry. The socks feature a mismatched stripe style to keep the throwback accurate. Next up will be the Osseo Orioles. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  15. I'm definitely getting the Hillsboro cap. Love Fresno & Sacramento as well.
  16. This “color commentator” has to be a CCSLC member. And there’s nothing just “OK” about his commentary. He’s speaking our language.
  17. ESPN+ gets you Sun Belt Conference sports which is worth the price of admission alone. Also getting cheaper access to the content MLS Live used to have.
  18. When you’ve been eliminated why the hell not?
  19. I'm not sure, because for me stripes on scapula should be more rounded like on Inter. Now they too straight and didn't fit to stitches. Maybe on adults shirt it'll look better (FH reported this photo is a kids shirt). What about Inter, I'm disappointing. This Pirelli part is completely out of place. Maybe if pattern was repeat? But the best way would be done all stripes in the same diagonal way and I was hoping for that after first rumors.
  20. I'm going to go one step further and name the XFL teams after pro wrestling: Dallas Claw (Fritz Von Erich's finisher) Houston Suckas Los Angeles Superstars New York Powerslams St. Louis Vipers (Randy Orton) Seattle Vegans (Daniel Bryan) Tampa Bay Sky Pirates DC Animals (Batista)
  21. I'm pretty much expecting a first round loss to Vegas.
  22. At least *someone* is using the color .
  23. What about an monogram with a similar C to the current Twins C but with an N on top and C on the bottom?
  24. The new orange sucks. Sucks hard. And the brown has been too dark for years.
  25. Maybe is not a regular team and I'm not even sure how we should categorize it, but 2012 Olympics Team GB wore this:
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