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  2. I have maintained this for a while. These current uniforms were just death by a thousand cuts. Had they just turned everything up to say... 8 or 9, instead of 20... the uniforms could have been solid/good. Some of the tweeks would have been minor, i.e. contrast stitching, carbon fiber pattern, and making the numerals consistent with the new custom wordmark font. Some of the tweeks would have been more medium, i.e. wordmark on the pants, rise shadow, reducing the shoulder stripes, and balancing the colors better. But it's not like they took a classic uniform and went full TCU on 'em... dog collar imagery around the neck, illegible font, crazy pattern on numerals and pants, added and random color not in the official pallet, and some wild design on the helmet to make it look like a construction worker helmet or something. I think the basic intent was there: For a team with no logo, no wordmark, no identity... all they have is the 3 stripes on an orange helmet... emphasize the 3 stripes as much as possible.
  3. Best thing I can suggest is looking at ebay for those patches. Patchcollection or emblemsource MIGHT have the Toronto series one though. If it is high res logos, they should be on the main site.
  4. So change 5 major design elements and you have an acceptable uniform. At that point you are just talking about changing everything but the colors.
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  6. No, no, no, the 60’s design with grey pants is the way to go
  7. I’ve always liked those too (except for the gold ones that looked like the replica version). But I preferred the “losing in the ECF” court
  8. The old Big Logo style that the Patriots wore from 1995 to 2000. Apex innovated the big logo on the shoulders look and gave it to a handful of College teams to negative reaction. However, the Cowboys alternate version got a mixed reaction, some love it, some hate it. I think it only was accepted by people because it was strictly an alternate and was worn for Thanksgiving only for several years. Overall, the big logo trend failed. I personally like it though but that's because I have trash taste.
  9. I’m feeling optimistic overall, but I’m really nervous about the socks. If they go with stripe-less white socks with white pants I’ll be very disappointed.
  10. No one would be opposed to this. However, me, a uniform traditionalist... I wish they would do SOMETHING unique/creative rather than just going back to the old uniforms. EDIT: And I have this feeling they are doing to do something strange. Instead of O/W/B or O/W/O on the road and O/B/W or O/B/O at home... they are going to do some non-standard, non-uniform combinations that annoy the bejesus outta me.
  11. I mean, that's a lot of work to consider something "similar."
  12. I,'m looking for some Buffalo Bills jerseys patches from 2011 Bills Toronto Series and September 11 Tributes.. thanks in advance
  13. Something like this? I kept the black outline on the seams for 2 reasons; 1. The ideal look in my mind the uniforms and logos would not have orange touching cream, so it doesn't bleed too much and 2. The seams get lost in the cream ball and the black really highlights them. Have the logo without outlines on the seams done if you would like to see as well.
  14. I've made changes to New York and Baltimore
  15. So the rainbow on the Og Nuggets skyline was ROYGBIV. Cool. Also, hope the Colts don't change too much here, they already look prety good.
  16. For those still wondering what in the hell ‘drip’ is supposed to mean from the Atlanta thread — look no further.
  17. I do like the name but Vermont was never a colony. It was actually a part of Quebec, New York and New Hampshire before the revolution started
  18. I think it’s funny all of the posts in these uniform topics talking about controversial uniforms... Almost everyone that says they like them they then mention all of the issues everyone has with them if they were changed it would be a great uniform... I have read so many posts making those statements... I usually don’t like something I don’t say if these were changed because they are not and will not be changed...
  19. But the chiefs similarly have it as a minor accent. Hawks always emphasized it more, but again still not thar heavily.
  20. Doubt it, considering this was their BP cap last season This is dumb for so many different reasons. Nobody in the area uses the Biggest Little City moniker, let alone calls it the “BLC”. Also, real solid choice going with a UNLV style red cap right in the epicenter of Wolfpack territory More importantly, ew. These are just gross.
  21. Yea I didn't understand two teams having basically the same unique color set at the same time (HOU/AZ). It's not like they were the common red and blue.
  22. But it absolutely has to do with your opinion. Literally any time someone disagrees with your opinions, you turn around with a multi-part inquisition trying to show why their opinion is actually wrong and you're correct. To quote Justice Stewart, "I know it when I see it." Tradition becomes tradition when people decide it becomes tradition. The Falcons throwbacks are based on their original 1960s uniform, not the 90s. They wore it with the red helmets for years until the one-helmet rule prevented them from wearing it properly. They only brought the uniform back with the black helmets because the fan base begged them to do so. THAT is tradition.
  23. The Falcons throwbacks getting a free pass for being generic because they're 80s/90s generic and therefore "traditional" is really galling. They're probably the most boring uniforms in NFL history.
  24. And he's going to make Kyler Murray better.
  25. Grey masks inferior. Color masks supervisor.
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