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  2. Oh brother. Yes, that’s the point. Sorry I didn’t have the years memorized where the orange stripe was on bottom and when white was on bottom. They only flip flopped throughout their history.
  3. Looks good. Pretty similar to Philadelphia. I like the colors and the crossed bats. I noticed there are no FL West concepts yet. Anything coming from this division?
  4. if you check the nba store, they just start selling Lowry and Siakam city edition jerseys.
  5. Also I’m still trying to figure out why Lou has say on these like this. He’s a hockey ops guy. You’d think ownership would have final say on uniforms/merchandising.
  6. I think both of these are arguments in favor of a 'system'. The NBA Finals logo is almost universally loved and looked at as a very classy mark that people used to look forward to seeing every year, and that WS mark (or something similar) could have been similar. Save all the one-off logos for one-off events, and keep the grandest stage looking as important as you can. Both of these logos do a good job of that.
  7. But without wordmarks or logos from their actual teams, how will we know who the players are?
  8. I knew it was a black and yellow team. I just couldn't figure out which one. Thank you for the help
  9. I mean, it is barely different. They had options if they didn't want to do a Fisherman jersey, Lou just didn't allow any of them in all likelihood.
  10. Raptors city edition court. "Less chevrons more claws" is the theme i'm going for here. favorite touch here is the gold border i did that has the little scratch marks like their jerseys jersey for reference:
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  12. You might be on the wrong message board then
  13. You could show me 100 photos and I wouldn’t be able to tell you which is the Islanders RR and which is their normal home...
  14. Yeah, we're losing that more and more. The Krogerization of Mariano's seems to get worse and worse by the week. They're painting over the "Live well, eat well, be well" slogan and probably putting on Kroger's slogan, which I imagine to be "Jesus Christ it's just a :censored:ing store who cares."
  15. Why is the globe skewed and stretched? It's like italicizing the Alamo! Come on, fellas, you're losing your heads!
  16. I would have to agree wholeheartedly with you here. I also don’t think the year/number route is a good way to go, especially for a place as culturally rich as Italy. These options just both came off as bland because of it.
  17. Wow, that Heat set looks amazing. I really like how you differentiated the Heat logo on the shorts between the different editions. That black uni is probably my favorite, it looks great. The colors pop and are unique. Great job!
  18. I loved going to California and seeing Ralph's, which I then realized was just Kroger. Down to the fact that they sold kroger branded products.
  19. I came across this thorough and informative discussion on the new minor league landscape between the heads of SABR and Baseball America.
  20. The second team I'll tackle here is the Miami Heat. There seems to be some kind of discord about which direction should the team go aesthetically. Some prefer the classic, modern look, while some others prefer the Vice colors full time. I decided to go in an unique direction, and replace the iconic red color with orange. There aren't any orange and yellow teams in the league, and this is a look that, in my opinion, fits perfectly for a team from Miami The three jerseys use some inspirations from the history of the team. Side panels and shorts are based from the Vice collection (and the classic look), and I discarded the wishbone collar for a crew neck, just like the Spurs (NOTE: I might use the crew neck for the whole league, it's just a natural look for a basketball jersey, and it adds to the vintage feel I want to recreate in some teams). The yellow/orange combination is featured as a gradient in both the team name and the number in Association/Icon jerseys, and encompasses the whole uniform in the Statement. Feedback is welcome!
  21. Everything is chrome in the future! If anything, it makes me hate the NFL more. I don't think I would mind the standard logo system if it wasn't so boring and uninspiring. The same goes for the current NBA Finals logo. Stanley Cup has had a standard logo for a decade but it's always been visually interesting.
  22. I believe in the comics, they reference Homer selling the team just before they won their 2 SB titles.
  23. Fortunately, the link was archived on the Wayback Machine.
  24. Honrable mention for this NYR goal, too, which happened against NJ in their RR. Both this and the matchup on the Island with the Sabres are excellent visuals, to me.
  25. Goal Of The Year candidate happened in the Isles RD jersey. As much as it pains me as an NYR fan to say, both the look and the goal are pretty sick.
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