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  2. Rough game for Binnington. After he guessed wrong late, the wheels fell off.
  3. It makes sense to set up at the ballpark for road games since you already have the infrastructure to broadcast games being in use. The only exception are the Blue Jays . They have been broadcasting from a studio for all their games.
  4. I have a question that have a related about logos. In this article, Milwaukee Bucks even have a jersey concept from 2015/2015 - present (even if some teams isn't actually uptaded to today), but the Minnesota Lynx from WNBA don't have a updated jersey. I think that who is in charge of doing it should update and pay attention more for teams, not only WNBA, but a lot of teams from basketball, baseball etc are without update... Minnesota Wolves even don't have a jersey update, just the 2016/17
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  6. Well yeah they always were going to be IMO (if this is in fact essentially what they do with them). The black home with the red stripes and old logo is classic. But 80% of people seem to get but hurt about the original logo ruining everything. I think it looks awesome.
  7. I read somewhere that part of the reason Deion left was because NFL Network wanted to slash his salary, rumored to be in the neighborhood of $2 million a year, in half had he re-signed with them. Guess Barstool was willing to meet his price.
  8. The next step is to go back to using "Sabre Dance" for the goal song. Why would it ever be anything else?
  9. Simon Fraser University Drops Clan Nickname August 13, 2020 - 08:57 AM Facing pressure from students and the local community, Simon Fraser University announced on Wednesday it is retiring its nickname, the Clan, effective immediately. “As a university, our number one duty is to foster a supportive environment for our students,” university president and vice chancellor Andrew Petter said in a statement. Read More...
  10. The team says Angel City FC might not be the official name, but they are selling gear with Angel City on it. Could it be that Angel City is the "city" name and they could later have a team name? Has a team sold gear at the team launch only to change the name before they play?
  11. I have mixed feelings about Texas A&M. Yes, they finally got rid of the gray and the bevels, but those shoulder stripes were uniquely A&M. Now they mostly just look like a maroon Texas. I think it's a lateral move IMO, would've chosen something like this if I was the AD.
  12. Don’t forget McCoy, Poe and Aldon Smith. I’m becoming ever more optimistic about the Cowboys this season (if it happens). I know I say this every year because I see the football world through silver and blue tinted glasses, but let me have this. I just can’t believe the Cowboys actually signed a pro bowl, elite DE. We never do this.
  13. A blue jersey that doesn't rely on white, that has a strong contrast between two colours, is a winner to me. They would have looked better without the white stripe. Bold, clean and mean. No white lightening the jersey up - it makes it look slightly unsure of itself. I just feel like that jersey could have been great without it. It drags it down 10-20% IMO.
  14. Per TruColor, the current sand road uniform is #B7A99A and the 2004-10 sand road uniform was #C5C1B2. The 1985-90 road uniform was #B2A8A2, which they list as gray, not sand.
  15. Wow... That looks close enough that if you hadn't said you compared them I'd think it could be an optical illusion from the surrounding hues. Speaking of which, I'm still not sure if the Atlanta on the Braves' navy alts is lighter or it's a similar illusion. It looks so friggin' bright on the alt. But it's also surrounded by nothing but dark. I'm on board for darker caps/socks mostly going better with away grays, but after never having an opinion on the Braves in this respect, I just watched nine inning of them in their away grays. They should have the red brim on both. The Braves don't need the all navy cap at all. Their away grays have so much red on them, especially with the huge block numbers on the back and all that cursive and the tomahawk on the front. It's more than balanced enough to wear the red-brimmed cap.
  16. Interesting, thanks for the feedback! I'll try that out!
  17. Oh, neat! I'm all in favor of a Cleveland rebrand, but if I were to do a concept, be prepared for a change of colors! My ideal Cleveland scheme would be purple, red, and cream, which feels like an appropriate deviation from navy/red/white while also being nicely vintage. I've got some ideas floating in my head for it, we'll see how things get with school starting soon-ish and my passion for making Charlotte teams faaaaaaar surpassing my ability to properly put creative energy into other cities. I agree, I think my favorite is the black version, but the light maroon makes it unique in all of the Big 5 (only three teams use burgundy [Avalanche, Rapids, WFT] and the emphasis on yellow instead of maroon makes it different from the Football Team). Thank you! I agree, the original yellow is appropriately described best as "highlighter". I'll keep it around for the fauxback, since it feels very nicely bright and obnoxious for the era I'm trying to sort of parody, but it's far gone for the main set. I like the honeycomb as well, and I might try a version of it with the new size of the circles, but the simplicity of not having it is nice, it helps legibility on the jerseys and I don't really use the honeycombs anywhere else, making them feel disconnected from the set. Pretty much anything I do here could work for the Bees, although they might use black instead of maroon since bees aren't really black. I'm thinking I'll darken it a tad and go from there. As for the MLB, I might, the positive response to this has been so nice. I probably wouldn't do a 30-team series, it might just be a few "alternate" takes on certain teams. If I do continue, the Spiders will be next, and I might continue from there. Thanks! I actually disagree, the WFT burgundy wouldn't be unique while the maroon would. Three teams use burgundy, as I mentioned, while none actually use maroon. I also like the way the gold plays with the lightest maroon, it has a tiny bit of clash that interests me. Thank you! I agree, this roundel is definitely the best-looking. I'm thinking I'll touch up the maroon slightly and get the entire set up soon.
  18. The latest version of the roundel is definitely your best looking! The lightest shade of maroon is the right way to go here too.
  19. Eeh. I don't really care for the outlineless one; the entire point of these is to be as accurate to the retros as possible while "modernizing" them, and the retros had white outlines on their NOB. Plus, I feel like having the white outlines helps with the weight of the block and carries the color throughout the jersey better. Single-color block tends to work best on teams with a very limited palette; your Leafs, Red Wings and such. Teams like the Habs and Sabres should probably have outlined NOBs. My biggest issue with the blue jersey is that instead of just taking the outer stripes and turning them white to mirror the white jersey's color layout, they instead, for some baffling reason, decided to the best course of action was to just...add unnecessary extra white stripes just inside of the blue space?. It seems like a desperate attempt to cling to that stupid gray stripe from the navy jerseys, a design element I've never heard anybody praising; The rest of it is perfect, but the Sabres being the Sabres, they just had to botch it for me somehow.
  20. On this date (August 12) in 2015, FC Cincinnati was born. 3 years of USL bliss and 1 season of MLS sadness and 1 weird 5th anniversary season
  21. I know. Sometimes they really are creepy. Maybe they beat you to your own idea - like when Little River Band wrote “Lonesome Loser” about my dating life almost a decade before I was born.
  22. That’s my biggest problem with them, because the white outline on the numbers muddies an otherwise-perfect color scheme.
  23. I really wouldn’t trust those graphics. Maybe check out Trucolor instead.
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