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  2. Knicks, Lakers, and Wizards still have said nothing on social media, even though they’re for sale...
  3. Here are all 30 NBA City Edition Uniforms for the 2020-2021 Season December 3, 2020 - 16:32 PM The National Basketball Association and Nike this morning officially released their 2020-2021 NBA City Edition jersey and uniform collection for all 30 of the NBA’s teams. These uniforms are all being worn as a fourth uniform option for each club and are slated to be replaced following the 2020-21 NBA Read More...
  4. How about this? "I like the name Sounders but dislike the name Impact." That's all you need to justify an opinion like this.
  5. Gators will look brilliant this weekend. I am shocked by how much I like that look, as a one off. Would prefer a glossy shell, but the script, white face mask and striping is all consistent with their normal look. I can understand why if they were going to wear a blue lid in a non-throwback way, this was the time to try it. Tennessee wears orange with white lids. The blue lids and pants should look great. Big fan of most of the changes Florida has made under the Jordan brand.
  6. Doesn't look like Florida. Not at all. I don't like it.
  7. Trademarks are based in context. Companies register the various uses of their names. Apple could use their name for computers and software, the Beatles had a problem with them entering the music industry. In a sporting context, nobody is thinking of the Olympian gods. This is an interesting idea. We just saw this in the NWSL:
  8. I'm convinced there truly isn't anything to do in Buffalo, NY simply based off the fact that both the team and its fans on social media are going ape:censored: over white facemasks. If they're so oddly obsessed with such a subtle variation, why not just switch to it full time?
  9. Now that all 30 city editions are out, I realized how drab and colorless this year's sets are. Almost 2/3 of the teams are wearing black or white (19 to be exact). I was hoping the city editions would breathe more life into the NBA's color palette, but 4 years in and its clear that they are starting to run out of ideas and just trying to see what sticks. I think the Hornets are by far the best look this year (I love the mint color especially!), but the Knicks seriously missed the mark. There are also plenty of ideas that are simply worn out yet teams still try to work with them, or simply misused them, examples being the Nuggets, Heat, Jazz, Kings (seriously we need something else than just blue/red and "SACTOWN" each time), Pistons, Wizards, Clippers, and Magic. Honestly, I would love to see the NBA either blend the City and Statement editions, or eliminate it all together. Its beyond clear now that this is a money-making machine, if it wasn't before. I was open to the idea when it first started, but now all the creativity has begun to be sucked out.
  10. They weren't a solid royal, they were always a little bit powder/sky/light blue. Although some pictures from the 70s sure seem like they are darker blue. Due to limited helmet colors back in the day, I've always thought they were the same color as Ole Miss's helmets, but the shades look different due to the contrast of the secondary colors.
  11. I don't think I like that at all.
  12. Sorta/kinda reminds me of mid-90s Boise State, especially with a similar (if not identical) script:
  13. Cavs playing their home games in Brooklyn this year?
  14. More photos. I really love the guitar pick logo.
  15. Las Vegas vs. NY Jets Jacksonville vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Miami Detroit vs. Chicago Indianapolis vs. Houston New Orleans vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Seattle LA Rams vs. Arizona Philadelphia vs. Green Bay New England vs. LA Chargers Denver vs. Kansas City Washington vs. Pittsburgh Buffalo vs. San Francisco Dallas vs. Baltimore
  16. Steelers DL Stephon Tuitt (who missed the game due to COVID close contact) basically confirmed before the game that the Steelers players were overlooking the game on Twitter. What a loser mindset to have before playing your arch rivals. I've never been more disappointed in a victory than this (plus the refs actively helped us out with the lack of a delay of game penalty). If they bring the same effort next week, the Washington [name redacted]s will easily hand us our first L.
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  18. I mean, it's an official team account. That person would likely know what the full design is and probably would've gotten clearance from the higher-ups to answer that question. Besides, the Oilers have a fetish for orange, it really wouldn't shock me if they introduced orange pants.
  19. The thing that bothers me the most about that Cavs jersey is the stitching/stroke/whatever it is around the Nike logo. That combined with the leaked Knicks jersey with the NYC Nike logo makes me worried that the logo will become a design element in time, which is not a good thing.
  20. As a noun, Impact is a word that can mean, amongst other things, "a collision", "a force", "forceful contact"... like the impact of a foot striking a soccer ball. Or, a head striking a soccer ball. Hell, even a goalkeeper's fist punching a soccer ball would be creating an impact. Another definition of impact - when utilized as a noun - is "the impression or effect of one thing on another". It could be said that the competitive fortunes of a professional sports franchise - perhaps a soccer club - have an impact on the emotions of said team's supporters. There's also the impact that the arrival of such a franchise in a particular area can have on the local economy. As a verb, impact can mean "to hit with force", "to bring about a result", or "to bring about a result on another". A soccer club's victory in a match could negatively impact an opponent's ability to make the playoffs. As for on-the-field success, they did eliminate Pachuca in the Quarterfinals and Alajualense in the Semis of the 2015 CONCACAF Champions League, before Club América bested them 5-3 on aggregate in the Finals. That MLS season saw the Impact finish 3rd out of 10 teams in the Eastern Conference and 7th out of 20 teams overall. They then bounced arch rivals Toronto FC out of the Knockout Round 3-0, before succumbing 3-4 to eventual MLS Cup runners-up Columbus Crew in the Eastern Conference Semis.
  21. But when I hear Olympians, am I referencing Olympic athletes or the Olympian gods? Then again, that team's logo would aldo have to omit the Olympic rings and probably any type of torch. Like so: I wonder if teams would also consider starting to use something like San Antonians or or Arizonans as a team name instead of simply using the city name and another word attached to it. Or even the city's best known nickname. Montreal has a few nickname that would be great for soccer: I really like Saint City, Festival City or La Metropole.
  22. Here's the previous design/packaging: I definitely think they should've kept the outline. Also, he's bald now, so there's that.
  23. Admittedly IANAL, but I don't think you can reasonably make the argument that the average person hears "Olympics" or "Olympic athlete" and thinks of anything but the Games. I don't like that they have a trademark, but that doesn't mean the trademark itself isn't totally legitimate.
  24. I think @SFGiants58's point was that new teams had started to adopt international conventions at that point, and some older clubs had as well. The shift had begun, not necessarily that all teams were changing over. We can also debate when exactly "the SSS period" started. I would personally put it in the mid-2000s, when they became the standard and not the exception. Real Salt Lake in 2004 was the last club admitted to MLS without a stadium deal in place, and most of those stadiums by necessity were SSS. And by that point, the international model of team name was well and truly in vogue.
  25. I believe that was the reason for St. Louis going with their newly chosen name when entering the league. Personally, I'd say Olympians are not just athletes that competed at the Olympics nor the word Olympic belongs solely to the IOC. I think it's BS, and if it were challenged in a US court it wouldn't stand. It's the same thing as O'Neill's being able to use three stripes on hurling jerseys in Ireland. But there's no team that wants to deal with the amount of money involved just over a name.
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