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  2. IMO green & red is the best, most underused colour scheme in sports, so I wouldn't want to see them pivot to the North Stars colours. As for the name, it isn't great but it gave us one of the best modern logos in league history. The original red alternate is one of my favourite jerseys of all time, and was the first jersey that I owned simply because I thought it looked good. However, they should be a primarily green team, so it was a mistake to promote it to primary status during the switch to Edge. The current green & white set is pretty close to perfect in my books. They should rearrange the stripes on the green jersey to match the layout on the white, get rid of the chest stripe, and maybe change the thin green stripe on the aways to red. One thing they definitely need is a new shoulder patch. The original wordmark roundel is the best one they've had, but it doesn't fit with the more traditional direction they've taken the brand. The updated wordmark was completely uninspired, the roundel with the bear head is redundant, and the M looks weak when it isn't park of the 'Minnesota' script. I think something involving the state outline, maybe like the 'State of Hockey' logo from the flag they use at the games.
  3. That sounds good in theory, but that's how we ended up with the Sabres in navy with silver armpits, the Ducks wearing Frankenstein jerseys for their 25th anniversary, or the LA Rams trying to make "bone" a thing. In most cases it's better to just not overthink these things and give the fans what they want.
  4. Personally, I love that they're going full throwback and not really :censored:ing with it, because :censored:ing with it in modern sports design can often result in an inferior design than what fans were asking for. Most of the 'Yotes fans I've seen have been ecstatic about the return of the originals as they were.
  5. Looks very much like you'd expect an 80s fauxback to look, and I love the 80s White Sox uniforms a lot, so it looks good to me.
  6. UTEP will wear Texas Western throwbacks against New Mexico on Saturday
  7. This uniform is so, so dark… the black, red, green, and purple just bleed into one another and you miss out on so much. Even a small change like flipping the black and the green sections on the arms and hem would help break the design up a bit, considering that they’ll be wearing black pants with them.
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  9. The ducks uniforms are exactly like the kraken except for the ways they aren’t….
  10. The lions have 4 sets of pants now actually, silver, blue, dark grey (color rush), and now white.
  11. Gorgeous. Would've liked Auburn in the blue facemask, but finally, 2 of the teams that don't gimmick their uniforms in a classic game for the ages. Fantastic. More of this please!
  12. Those stripes are painted, look at the paint bleed over the vent holes.
  13. I totally agree. The kachinas are fun throwbacks for throwback nights. But an updated, modernized version of these jerseys should have been what they went with for full-time home and road. Hire whoever made those magnificent Sabres uniforms and make them come up with something mid-90s inspired yet modern enough by 2021 standards. Then again, the team is struggling financially just to survive. It was probably cheaper to go with pre-existing throwbacks. They may become the Nordiques soon. If that's the case, no need for an amazing rebrand that won't last.
  14. I think they have another national broadcast game...sometime in November, IIRC.
  15. Obviously it's not the colours! It's the striping pattern that has been with the Ducks in some form or another since the switch from Mighty. The only real difference in the pattern is that the Kraken blue and the seafoam stripes are larger than their counterparts of Ducks gold and white stripe, it is the same everywhere else. A couple clicks with the paint bucket tool and and a little sizing up of a few lines can easily turn the Ducks orange jerseys into the Kraken jersey. The Kraken socks are going to be the exact same socks, just in different colours and minus the aforementioned two stripe size difference, as the Ducks 2006-14 socks. I really can't understand how people aren't seeing that there is similarities between the Kraken jerseys and the Ducks post-Mighty brand.
  16. Stripes are vinyl decal as well not paint. You can see the edges. Think of the time effort and overhead week in and out to keeping the helmets looking pristine if they were painted. Remasking and all to repaint. Peeling off decals, touching up solid color and apply new decals is faster. No way they could keep painted helmets like that pristine all season as the players need them for practice during the week and well.
  17. Something deeply depressing about a moribund franchise coming up with a terrible, trend-chasing uniform out of thin air to wear in their once a year pity national broadcast game
  18. This one is very nice. Black keys and 3 point line back in blue would make it pure gold.
  19. As much as I like the kachina identity, I'm tired of teams going back to full-time throwbacks. It'd be better to evolve the identity forward using elements of the old branding rather than being unoriginal and just copy/pasting it onto the Adizero template.
  20. The Ducks are breaking in new black and yellow cleats in practice this week, which suggests to me that we’ll likely see the debut of black helmets and/or pants against Arizona. They’re asking fans to wear green, so I’m guessing we’ll see black/green/black for the first time since 2017. I’d be very surprised to see black jerseys, as I’m expecting those to be debuted against Cal in a few weeks.
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