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  2. All of these are fantastic but New Orleans is my favorite so far. Great series, keep it up.
  3. sounds strange but i was thinking exactly the same! we should sign a petition for them to change it. or at least write them letters with recommendations. lately i found myself watching womens league much more. dunno why
  5. I wonder how many of you Pro-Oilers fandom would have :censored: a brick if back a couple years ago when the Titans unveiled their new uniforms, they reverted everything to the Oilers look except the name and logos
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  7. They did and then went back to adding teal to differentiate themselves.
  8. Because no one owns the senators branding. The Adams family owns the oilers brandinf. Also the NFL has rules for throwbacks, that they must be from your own franchise’s history. You can’t compare 2 different leagues with different rules.
  9. Is branding mandated by the conference? Or perhaps the schools want to make clear their conference affiliations for recruits.
  10. dark colors like navy and Vegas gold are more than fine. not everything needs to be bright and fully-saturated all the time. the obsession with K E L L Y G R E E N in particular on here is basically a meme now.
  12. New Orleans- probably the craziest of the set so far and will probably have divided opinions.
  13. BULL____! He wanted to add seats and boxes to the dome so the county approved and paid for that and still is If I remember correctly...then a couple years later he wants a new stadium?! If he really cared about being here he would have paid for one by himself or paid off the county for adding all those seats and taking away the great dome scoreboard! He was greedy period! Astros and rockets didn’t cry and make someone else pay for a stupid renovation made to an aging dome! Adams is fully to blame for them leaving that’s why I say screw him and his whole family! He visited cities, one was Jacksonville, to pressure Harris county into renovating the dome just a handful of years before leaving town! He was a POS period. Screwed a whole city for greed and a Half ass stadium with no asses in the seats!
  14. The story goes that when the NHL revoked its rule that goalies must remain on their feet while making a save, Frank Calder said "As far as I'm concerned, they can stand on their head if they want." This comes across extremely apocryphal to me, but that's where it supposedly comes from.
  15. *largely unnoticed by those without screened on replicas
  16. It was noticed, because screened on replicas had the right numbers but the actual on field jerseys didn't for that first year.
  17. Love the oilers look. Wish it still remains, but it is what it is.
  18. It's an interesting one. Everyone realizes it's unintentional. Without any other exaggerated features, you could easily let it slide. If anything comparison to a racist lawn jockey statue makes more sense. Definitely should have been caught and revised though. For those that complain that people are oversensitive; don't blame the sensitivity, blame the hundreds of years of racism that forced people to be sensitive. Nothing inherently wrong with a swastika...but the Nazis ruined it for everybody and it's out the window now. Being oversensitive to swastikas, blackface, and native american imagery is ... one of the most minor consequences of American and world history and it's pretty messed up when people can't even say "ok, I get it" to that!
  19. That's beautiful. I never got to see those jerseys in action, although I use them quite frequently on MyTeam (the Piston ones, of course). I don't really have any complaints here. One suggestion: I don't know exactly how you're going about these concepts, and I definitely don't want to disrupt the creative flow, but it would be cool to see you tackle some out-of-the-box designs for some of the clubs. The NBA should stick to professionalism, IMO, but the G-League has a lot of room to maneuver the boundaries of jersey design. What if the Drive had their logo on the chest, in a Warriors-esque fashion? or the Herd had a vintage Bucks-style sublimation? You've proven that you can nail a classic design and your talent is unquestioned. I'd love to see you push some boundaries and really let your ideas fly here. Remember, this is the G-League, you have a license to try something that the NBA team wouldn't (or has in the past). I recall @darkpiranha saying something similar to me in one of my hockey design projects, it stuck with me ever since. (thanks darkp)
  20. I kind of like the ruddier orange, the lighter feels like a bland melon to me. Perhaps same issue with the orange pants where I prefer the ruddy 2000s to the early 80s dull matte.
  21. I spent today working on the horns, cleaning up the shape and this is the current version with a variation on the Rams wordmark. You're right, the mouth is just kinda there and I'll think about what to do with it. I might pull back the horn a little bit on the left side of the face too. It just hit me how close it is to the shadow line. A few tweaks here and there.
  22. I love the late 90s Astros set. It's such a shame they abandoned them so soon. It's a modern classic.
  23. While I always loved the Oilers uniforms and logo, I’ve never loved the nickname. Random thoughts.
  24. This is the best example I've seen of a Habs blue jersey.
  25. Kinda depends on situation.. when the Rams debuted their 2000's look, it had a standard block font for the first year.. then they updated only the number font, and it went largely unnoticed..
  26. i wouldnt categorize changing the number font as a minor change, as the number is literally plastered all over the chest, back and shoulders.
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