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  2. Nothing on the Justice. So on to the next team. The Pink Nightmares. The Hangzhou Spark One of only two teams to use Pink in OWL. The Spark being the only team to use Pink as its primary color. With that in mind I did not want to go crazy with this set, as having a Pink jersey on its own is already kind of out there. This set is probably, if not the most, tame set that I have finished so far just because of the two colors that the Spark use. Really the only unique part of the Spark's set is the right sleeve has the Spark wordmark instead of a number. As always C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  3. Excellent concept, Mavs need to adopt this palette as soon as possible. And amazed to see your concept brought to life!
  4. It’s similar, but the lines on the Orlando shirt are tapered and come to a point:
  5. It's not what I'm generally accused of on this board. Usual I get told I'm a stuffy old traditionalist. Tacky is a refreshing change of pace.
  6. Thank you very much! I plan on getting the white made eventually in the same style, as well as a properly sewn version of both at some point.
  7. The only good part of those jerseys is the New Era snapback I got with the reflective silver underbill and logo. I hate those things.
  8. I clicked this thread because of your profile picture, but the fact that you made your creation real is incredible. This would be a super look for the Mavericks.
  9. Put my money where my mouth is and had my concept turned into a real jersey based on the fabric and cut of the cheap 90s Champion jerseys:
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  11. What would your set look like if you did the typical color set for the spurs? Great work btw
  12. I LOVE the Hawks. Great use of the triangular pattern, and replacing yellow with peach looks surprisingly good. The Community Edition is a really original idea, and very well executed. Overall no complaints in here. Keep it up!
  13. I'd go blue pants/black stripe, black topped socks for both home and away
  14. Orlando looks like adidas teamwear from 2015/16, just vertical instead of horizontal lines splitting the colours
  15. These are fantastic! Looking forward to seening what you'll do with the new Williams livery.
  16. On first glance, it looks like it should an update to the Proton logo. Learning that its harking back to Peugeot's past does improve for me, but I'm still not won over by it.
  17. This one always screamed fall classic to me in a way that the others that used shades of green just didn't:
  18. I agree with @Perrin, this is the best set I've seen so far here. Really great stuff here, clean crisp and modern uniforms, love the peach and black alt especially. Really nice work
  19. These last two pages just make me appreciate the NFL's logo system even more.
  20. As a fan of both teams, I would love to see the Kings v Sharks both wearing RR.
  21. NEW ORLEANS PELICANS Before creating this concept set, I went to my routine of looking for inspirations. Most of the concepts feature the wrought iron decorations found in the French Quarter. I went with a simple version of that, so as not to over-decorate the regular uniform editions (association and icon). For the icon uniform, I went with a red side panel instead of gold, to follow the pattern on the association uniform and to introduce more colors while eliciting simplicity. The statement uniform is a modified version of the current uniforms. Basically, I extended the side panel design to the ends of the jersey and the shorts, and I added a fleur-de-lis pattern on the navy portion of it. I initially thought of a Saints-inspired city uniform, but the first three editions already have a plenty amount of gold, and I think it would be an overkill to extend it to the city edition. So, I went with the sleeve striping pattern of the Saints from the 70's to the early 80's (the ones with the gap between the black/white and gold), but incorporating a Mardi Gras color palette. The side panel design is also a subtle tribute to the city's ABA team, the Buccaneers. As far as I can remember, the Pelicans rarely use their Crescent City Basketball logo, and thus, I made it the star of the show at the front, with a minor change: I replaced the ball with a simple circle, so that the player's number can be placed there. Adding to the wackiness of my city uniform is the half-purple-half-green treatment, inspired by the final Mardi Gras uniforms of the team when they were still known as the Hornets. And that's a wrap. This is the final team I've conceptualized in this topic, although I'm open to revise some of my concepts. I hope y'all enjoyed this series!
  22. It looks to me like it would be more comfortable for playing in, but it doesn’t look as nice as Adidas’ past henley collars. I still like it, but I’m a sucker for pretty much any henley collar. I will say, though, that I think it works much better on the new Timbers primary than this new Orlando shirt.
  23. Forced, unnecessary and tacky is what I'm all about.
  24. Back then, the uniform marketing game was pretty novel and I think that’s what allowed so many brands to secure a piece of the pie, but looking back you can see the big transition taking place. Now, all major sports are on their second era of having a full-league license for on-field/on-court/on-ice uniforms. Having the market established at this point, I think inviting separate outfitters to bid by team would start to create an interesting dynamic where you’d have brands lining up to overpay to outfit the Steelers and Cowboys, for example, but then there may be few suitors for a team like the Jags. The league-wide licensing and revenue-sharing deals kinda eliminate that issue, for better or worse. It also could make it next to impossible for a smaller company to stay in the game; they’d probably be left to compete for the contract business of the larger brands.
  25. I think all of these concepts are great up until the 2nd alternate. The first three jerseys are always great but the last alternate always seems forced, unnecessary and tacky.
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