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  2. That's...a start. I mean, good job with integrating with the stars and a ball in the board and hoops. You might need to smooth out the lines on the hoop part, though.
  4. I do like the font they’re using. Very bold, very energetic. Anyway, looks like we have one week left to speculate. A glorious future, or a world of disappointment, is just around the next corner.
  5. in fairness nothing about ice hockey should work in Palm Springs, so what the hell?
  6. Detroit Drive has a nice ring to it, but that's not going to happen. Realistcally, I would like the Detroit Horsepower (With the Grant Hill era Pistons logo, of course) or the Motor City Pistons. Also, Walnut Creek is not were I expected the Pro Pathway team to go. I thought they would go to SoCal and be the Hollywood Pros or the San Diego Elite or something along those lines.
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  8. Anybody who was on the outs over that wasn’t a fully-dedicated fan anyway.
  9. It'd be a shame to see a great name like Snappers go. Just an update to the team's logo package is all they need. Also, how odd is it that Beloit still has a team?
  10. Yeah, the NFL is barely squeaking by on their billion dollar TV contract. They're certainly going to miss those angry old white guys who can't seem to realize that at some point they went from the majority to the minority.
  11. Sorry for the delay, folks. Today's country is Poland. First, as always, is the league logo: Both of Poland's numbers are 4. Therefore, Poland gets 4 clubs. Here are the uniform sets for those four clubs: Legia Warsaw RBC: KBR Górnik Zabrze: KBR Wisła Kraków: KBR Lech Poznań:
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  13. He’s talking about rigging the draft lottery. The Penguins winning the Crosby lottery after the lockout has always been fishy.
  14. I saw with Washington's loss last night they've officially dropped below the Hornets. So now there's a team with a worse record in the bubble than a team outside the bubble. Eternally the 9 seed, hopefully the lottery balls fall our way this year.
  15. Any old school basketball court and uniform templates for Paint?
  16. Meanwhile in Dallas, the rumor is that G Jesse Gonzalez just had his contract terminated by MLS for domestic violence. If the allegations are true, good for the league and good riddance.
  17. I watched that game on AT&T SportsNet and whole coverage was packed with old logos except digital court logos which is kinda sad.
  18. The Habs were trailing by 2. When the Penguins thought about the possible Crosby/Malkin/Lafrenière line of terror mid-game, they wanted to lose.
  19. The WTF should be a non-metallic team. They've never had a contemporary look in their history, so they should stick to the more traditional gloss or whatever the non-metallic option is. Metallic looks really nice - especially the Giants and Jets - but often doesn't come close to matching the fabrics in most lighting situations (especially the Jets).
  20. It's funny that they're similar but different in that way. Portland always makes a squad of guys who are talented enough but nothing special, and Valeri's getting older and somebody's gonna get a DUI ... but then they turn out to be a stellar knockout team when it counts. Seattle is something of a super club with a nice mix of USA stars and elite talent from elsewhere, but they can't click for two-thirds of the season and get written off ... but then they turn out to be a stellar knockout team when it counts.
  21. NBA PA Director thinks that the NBA should continue with the bubble next season:
  22. This probably fits better in the unpopular opinions thread, but I actually like the name Minnesota Wild. Might be the only one here. It's not perfect, but it's better than most of the proposals.
  23. I like the metallic finish, looks great in the sun. But looking at old pictures (and by old pictures I mean late 90s on Google images) the non-metallic finish did have some charm to it.
  24. If you're going to outline the wordmark on the roads, you're essentially mimicking the late-40s look (which is fine), so I'd make the cap the same as their current alt cap (blue crown/red brim) and make the belt/socks blue.
  25. See a lot of my posts in this thread as to why Thunderbirds wasn't in -ing stronger competition.
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