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  2. The book and movie had different goals, different audiences. Some of the best adaptations ever threw away or ignored major components of their source material. In this case, I think it’s a thematic improvement over the original. But yes, to each their own. No worries there.
  3. Pretty much every northern stadium needs those lights to grow a decent field this time of year. And the end of the season, as well. I take that as a very good sign, they’re working (and spending the money) to ensure the pitch is as good as the rest of the stadium.
  4. The problem (among many) is that the characters are simply too on-the-nose. And it’s hard to take the mythology seriously when the ending is completely different than the book. To each their own.
  5. That’s the whole point. It’s American mythology, a loose interpretation of Arthurian tales told through a more modern set of Knights. Hobbs is Percival in his quest to heal the Waste Land of Knight’s Field, with its barren grass and equally barren grandstand. Pop Fisher is aptly named as the Fisher King, whose ailments are tied to the sickness in his kingdom. Now, I understand that not being your thing, but it is what it is. Far from insulting your intelligence, the allegory rewards it.
  6. Dope
  7. it would be an interesting idea but the New York Red Bulls and Orlando City SC would have to be convinced that gridiron football is a good idea to be played at their stadiums. Orlando is fine where they are because they wouldn't have to deal with complaints from soccer fans about football ruining their field. With Toronto, I don't think any of these alternative football leagues will ever go to any of the CFL cities. I think a better option for the Bills affiliate would be right in their own backyard, at the University at Buffalo.
  8. My guess is Gronk ends up in the WWE. In terms of athleticism, personality, look, and attitude, Gronk has everything you would want in a pro wrestler. From WWE's perspective, I can't think of a better cross over the figure to bring in. With their Fox deal, they will have the money to match what he was making in the NFL. Plus he's still young enough to where he can have a 10-15 year career if he chooses to. We'll see what happens going forward, but I see a guy that still wants to be involved in sports. I think he's just tired of middle linebackers trying to take his head off while cornerbacks and safeties go for his knees.
  9. Delaware Demons from H.E. Double Hockey Sticks There is another team called the Annapolis Angels, but can't find a good shot of their jersey/logo.
  10. How old are you? You might want to get your eyes checks for cataracts. They can make things look brownish.
  11. If they went with a "Marine Corps" third brown/yellow could work.
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  13. From what I've heard over the years, Florida State was supposed to be the main team in The Program. FSU allegedly wasn't willing to give the movie permission to use it's name and thus the ESU Wolves were born.
  14. I agree with this. It's great for bragging rights (both players and fans), but unless you're dealing with fairweather fans, they're gonna show up for games whether the team wins the World Series or not. I always looked at perennial bad franchises like the Royals and thought if the ownership there was deliberately keeping the team bad. Less likely to attract big player who want big salaries, and with revenue sharing, even the worst teams make money, right?
  15. They had a post on March 5th on their Facebook announcing pro days but nobody believes them and with good reason:
  16. Man this kit is just absolutely gorgeous: I, for one, love that they went with gold names/numbers to match the crest as well. Overall I’m pretty indifferent to the debate over royal or navy for the French primary shirts, but one thing I do want to see return on a full time basis is the gold rooster, at least on the home shirts. It just looks right. Even the rose gold version on the women’s new WC kits looks fantastic. I don’t care as much about whether or not the rooster is gold on the away shirts, but I personally want it to always be gold on the home shirts again.
  17. Here are the Raiders: What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  18. They also claim that they've had no revenue from the last two years, but can afford to write a couple of hot checks for stadium deposits. $30K for Virginia Beach The same MLFB who has been unable to get their football equipment back from the landlord because they don't have the money.
  19. The announced attendance was 13,758. Calkins was at the game and was also there for the home opener. Before taking a buyout/retirement from Gannett, he was the columnist for the Commercial Appeal and was with the paper for 22 years. I don't think he's got a need to lie about what he was yesterday now that he has a radio show and works for a non-profit local news site. He's seen enough small crowds at the Liberty Bowl to know what he sees. For example, the blue chairbacks on the sidelines is a small number: 5,596 to be exact. And this is the 4th Quarter last night.
  20. I hope not. That'd change the meaning of the name from commercial to military jets.
  21. As many predicted, it will be Packers@Bears on Thursday night to open the season. Pats will host the opening Sunday night game (Browns or Chiefs?). Also, looks like 49ers-Rams might open the 2020 season in China. 49ers would lose a home game.
  22. Fair enough, it was just incredibly daunting at the 64-team level. Maybe if I get a chance this week it can be something I can add in at the Sweet 16 level. Y'know, something you earn by getting that far.
  23. The characters are crudely drawn caricatures and the ending is so corny. It's a baseball movie for non-baseball fans, and I feel like it insults the viewer's intelligence. But the aesthetics of the movie are fantastic. The Knights look great, and War Memorial Stadium seems to perfectly capture the dinginess of ballparks from that era. I don't know if he's taking requests, but I'd love to see @SFGiants58 do a take on the Knights in his stunningly fantastic Defunct thread.
  24. If the Isotopes would stop using that goofy ass script, they'd have the foundation for a pretty solid identity. Almost like an alternate universe Astros.
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