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  2. Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium is not a demand or a preference, it's a TRADITION, for Pete's sake. LSU was one of the first college stadiums to even HAVE lights, and played their first home night game in October 1931. This actually predates the formation of the SEC by a year. Night games were instituted for two main reasons: 1.) It was a way (particulalry in early season games) of dealing with the heat and humidity of south Louisiana; and, 2.) with fall being harvest time for many south Louisiana crops (notably sugar cane) rural folks could do their work during the day and either come watch or listen to the game over the radio at night. TV is the ONLY reason LSU day games are even played at all. Up until the NCAA court defeat regarding TV packages in the early 1980s, night games in Tiger Stadium were not a preference, they were a GIVEN. I literally cannot remember a daytime home game being played in the 70s. The first home DAY games I remember were sporadic 'big' televised ones when I was in school in the mid-80s: FSU and Bama in '83, and Notre Dame in '85. With LSU's success over the last 20 years, and the contractual obligations from SEC TV contracts with CBS/ESPN/SEC Network, home day games have unfortunately become more prevalent, much to the chagrin of fans like myself.
  3. Some interest details about the Reds. Since the Reds shifted to the 3D-style primary logo in 1999, they've included 3D/drop shadow numbers. The late-90's uniforms used block font and the current ones use fancy 19th century looking font. However, if you look closely, you'll see the number style is much different from the primary crest. The numbers both have a white outline on a red number with a black drop shadow. The crest, has the drop shadow on the "C" with no outline and the logo is ensconced in a flat, colored backdrop. So the way to make the numbers line up with the crest, is to apply the shadow to the number and THEN put the whole number onto a backdrop. As a bonus, any uniform where the Reds make a statement has to include the 1936 style red pants. I've also tweaked the crest to remove some unnecessary serifs. To balance all the red, I've made black more prominent as a trim color while trying to avoid going full 90's BFBS. C&C as always. Enjoy.
  4. It is exactly the Grizzlies' color scheme, except that tan is a tint of the gold. The Memphis Grizzlies don't exist in the universe where this team exists, and if I use colors of existing NBA teams, I can get an exact match in 2K20, but have to just eyeball it if I'm using my own colors. And since this is the NBA in another universe, they don't have the whole "better use a basketball" thing. The roundel is supposed to be a 45 vinyl record; if I add the basketball, then I lose the record.
  5. @PanthersBill Voth on (mid page) and yes, the old pants are still worn during practices.
  6. @Kramerica Industries I would just like to point out that I was also 12-2 last week and would like a gold box of honor to offset my horrible week 5 record Washington vs. Minnesota Tampa Bay vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Detroit Denver vs. Indianapolis NY Jets vs. Jacksonville LA Chargers vs. Chicago Seattle vs. Atlanta Philadelphia vs. Buffalo Arizona vs. New Orleans Cincinnati vs. LA Rams Carolina vs. San Francisco Cleveland vs. New England Oakland vs. Houston Green Bay vs, Kansas City Miami vs. Pittsburgh
  7. This is why I refused to dignify you "the ALCS is the real World Series" turds. It's baseball. Now, the Astros could win the next 4, but it still doesn't mean the ALCS was the real World Series.
  8. Ah, I thought you were taking about the bagginess.
  9. Maybe hide a subtle basketball in the light blue inner circle? Either to keep with the decree of keeping a ball in all NBA logos, or to highlight that this is indeed a logo for a basketball team. I think the colors are really good. The cream/tan color helps to differentiate between this and the Memphis color scheme. Maybe the saxophone could take on a little more detail without it becoming overbearing? I'm not sure.
  10. Those rings are massive. In the words of Drake: 'Cause I got a really big teamAnd they need some really big rings
  11. Don't have any concepts I like yet, so I thought I should share some updates to a few teams. Québec Lights: Updated logo and uniforms, added a few more colors to the aurora stripe, now one of my personal favorite concepts. Added alternate uniform based on the Québec flag. Toronto Lakers: Tweaked shade of blue and the rope pattern and anchor, made the primary logo into a roundel, added a new custom font, and updated the uniform stripe. Winnipeg Blizzards: Dropped silver from the color scheme, as I thought it was too similar to the Lakers. Added a new custom font and updated the uniforms accordingly. Working on updates for some other teams, but that's all I have for now. Made in Affinity Designer, C&C appreciated.
  12. I love all of these. Like it's been said, the Trailblazers one is a great start and you're well on your way to another great logo. Also love the subtle nod to Sky Blue FC in the wrist of the Colossus logo.
  13. The Mass State Panthers have a long tradition of hard-nosed run-heavy football. Though they haven't played for a National Championship under the current system, they are perennial contenders for the New England Conference title. Massachusetts State University Location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts Type: Public University Founded: 1900 Major Rivals: Worcester, UMass
  14. The red looks orange in that light. maybe they can plan a better spot to shoot next time.
  15. I’m saying when you wear monochrome colored uniforms in baseball they look like pajamas. Pete rose looked like he just rolled out of bed to hit a ball when the phillies wore their all red unis.
  16. It's on the Gridiron Uniforms website. It also lists the Titans in mono-navy in Nashville vs Tampa.
  17. I don't understand why people get worked up over league arrangements and the wild card, neither of which address interminably long games and the fact that "three true outcomes" is boring.
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  19. Stop, just stop. Jerseys will be unveiled in time and you will find out things as they are posted. There are people here who do know but if they let it out could lose there jobs. Stop trying to force the issue.
  20. I should add that the Houston Astros had some years this decade in the NL Central, and they were not successful. With that said, I think they’ve turned out ok.
  21. Switch Charlotte and Colorado and it makes sense. No need to move the Rockies to the AL when I new team can take the spot
  22. The 2010s have been a decade of success for the NL Central. Every team, but the Pirates, won a division title. The Pirates had some very good teams that couldn’t make it past the Wild Card game. The Reds appear to be in position to be very competitive in 2020. In a related note, every team in the AL East won a division title during the 2010s.
  23. No, it didn’t look good 30 years ago, and doesn’t look good now watching guys run around in what look like pajamas.
  24. They had several throwback games as the Boll weevils this past season including several Boll Weevils themed giveaways. It was great!!
  25. Where was that confirmed? I don’t see anything that might say that besides Silver Pants at practice, which I think that they already wear for most practices.
  26. Thanks everyone! I would give a kidney at this point for another NCAA football game... Up next we have the Maine State Hornets. The Hornets have a classic three way rivalry with New Hampshire State and Vermont State for the Maple Syrup Jug Trophy. The competition for the trophy includes all varsity sports and is awarded at the conclusion of the football season. Maine State University Location: Brunswick, Maine Type: Public University Founded: 1899 Major Rivals: New Hampshire State, Vermont State
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