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  2. So are the Bills, Texans and Vikings not likely to go the distance this season? (I don't think Chargers and Cards gonna make it far this year.)
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  4. Better look at the Arkansas State unis.
  5. This is really creative I can't wait to see the logos of teams!
  6. vtgco

    MLS 2022

    Your take on the Sounders looks good, I'm always up for the blue sleeves. The pattern is nice, but the spaces without emeralds feel a tad empty to me (maybe a small, solid diamond shape could work in those spots?) Also, the logo needs a white outline since the gray gets lost in the blue. The Quakes' home is quite nice. The away is fine in a vacuum but it feels a lot like a US or Chivas concept. I would ditch the blue and just go red & white. That would feel more SJ to me. Your Portland home is perfect--no edits necessary. I think the gradient feels a bit unnecessary on the away, you could just go red or white. I love that bear-only logo for Sacramento's away! You should use it home and away!
  7. That Vikings logo + helmet update is excellent, and the shade of purple is really classy. Good call! I like your color rush as-is, but I agree with @simtek34's suggestion to do a throwback of the '64 uniforms.
  8. I know, it's yet another Seattle concept... What can I say, I get excited! Here's my take on the return of the Sonics: For some reason, the Sonics only ever had one logo with a plane, and even so it was ridiculously small. Here, it's front and center! The primary logo has a motion line around the Space Needle, influenced by the campy '90s logo. The secondary logo is my modernization of the classic skyline logo. The font is modified Daggersquare. The two main jerseys sport the Sonics' traditional curved stripe + wordmark. The side paneling has a sound wave pattern. The city jersey is inspired by Seattle's aviation history. I think Seattle's "Jet City" nickname would be an apt Sonics response to "Rip City," "Buzz City," etc. The color is from Seattle's flag, with a cloudy sky pattern for the side paneling. Finally, to add some retro yellow to the set, the throwback is the beautiful 1971 jersey. Let me know what you think! I'll post my court designs soon.
  9. All sports: Players must wear suits to and from the stadium. Less of this: More of this:
  10. I wonder if the Rangers would change their identity during moving to a new ballpark? If they definitely change it, I hope they brought their star badge logo and modernize it or brought the Ryan-era identity back. But I actually liked their first logo and font and it's very western.
  11. In 1966, Montréal mayor Jean Drapeau spearheads an initiative to bring underground transportation to the city of Montréal. The following year, the 1967 World's Fair comes to the island. To celebrate this joyous moment, the City of Montréal will join together and create a 26 team soccer league featuring the original metro stations. Each with a team playing in the individual neighbourhood, featuring sponsorship by prominent businesses and home/away shirts inspired by the metro specific art and design. Take a trip back to 1967 with me, while we explore the formulation of the Montréal Subway Soccer League. From the above map, you can see that the stations have been divided into Northern and Southerns divisions, just North of the major hub Berri-de-Montigny. Twenty six teams, split up into the two divisions. Over the next few weeks, and months, I'll be creating team logos, home/away shirts, and introducing the individual neighbourhoods, featuring a little bit of backstory on each.
  12. I'm really loving the Lions set. the socks are clean and uniforms are pretty neat.
  13. Yeah I joined the forums in 2006 when they still had 26
  14. Yahoo's Pat Forte talked about Costello in practice with the 1st team on Sunday when seeing his daughter swim on Saturday and "took" Stanford on his picks
  15. :censored:show-right-now-1839105323
  16. San Diego needs to first replace the San Diego Sports Arena/iPay One Center/Valley View. It was nearly iconic circa 2002-03
  17. Lousy Stanford getting blown out by Crappy UCLA. Oh the Pac-12.
  18. The Bucks tweaked their black statement jersey. It now features the "Cream City Rainbow" from their old city jerseys.
  19. Didn't see this mentioned, but for some reason Duke and Virginia are doing this half-assed tribute to 150 years of college football...
  20. Stanford looks awful with the white outline around their numbers now. That’s probably one of my votes for biggest downgrade of the year.
  21. They should build the stadium next to the San Diego Zoo.
  22. I doubt it. The Astros wore that cap on September 27th, and dont trust the playoffs as any indication on future uniform changes/trends.
  23. I wouldn’t give up hope too soon. There’s still a chance they win and you can finally change to TrueYankee27.
  24. In advance of the team wearing "Primetime Purple" uniforms next Thursday against the Redskins, see the transformation of Vikings uniforms throughout the years. I'm a touch too young to recall the original purple pants they wore in the '60's - but those were fantastic! Why Owner Wilf doesn't fork over a few $ to add in a yellow topped socks is beyond me.....It would eliminate the leotard effect current with purple standard pants and gonna be way worse with the full purple/yellow combo coming next week.
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