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  2. Looks very conservative, which was probably the intention.
  3. First off, long time no see, second THIS IS AWESOME AND HILARIOUS
  4. I guess I understand that, but I personally don’t see it as an issue at all when the bright yellow is such a prominent accent color that’s carried through from the helmets to the jerseys all the way down to the cleats. It’d be one thing if the helmets and pants were black with silver or white accents, but since they’re black and yellow there’s a direct tie in to the yellow numbers on the jerseys. Agree to disagree, my friend.
  5. Of course it's not the Petty font. This is a race for women, not a stock car race. It's just that someone in the organization knew enough about the King to get the colors!
  6. The green jerseys don’t go with the pants or helmet because there is no green in them at all. It’s like they forgot to pack the right jerseys in shipping.
  7. Anybody else here play Kerbal Space Program? It's an awesome game! I decided to take the map of the world, and create little countries tat would compete for the Olympics in Soccer, Hockey, and Football. In all, I came up with 24 countries, each based on ones in our world. I also went ahead and created flags for each nation, since I'm a big fan of vexillology. Here is the world map and flags: The first countries are this world's version of the USA and the USSR:
  8. don't you mean "conservative states that conservatives from liberal states like to move to" crap they're onto us. quick, someone help me get the Roadrunners to Hudson
  9. How so? Not trying to be snarky, just genuinely curious as to why you feel that way. Is it because of the lime green on the shoulders of the green jerseys? If so I suppose I can understand that criticism, but the helmets and jerseys both have yellow as the primary accent color which for me is what ties it all together nicely. The jerseys don’t have any black on them, but I don’t really think they need it when the black helmets are balanced out by the black pants and cleats (which again have the bright yellow accents). I’d say the black helmets and pants would be a better match for the yellow jerseys (and I expect to see that combo later this year), but I think the B/G/B is still a nicely composed combo as well.
  10. Falcons wore white pants with their black jerseys the last two times they wore them, this is the second time in their last two road games where they're wearing black pants with the white jerseys (although their white/white set is easily the least offensive monochrome set, but it also should never be worn indoors, home or away; Week 1 looked dingy as hell). While I've never been a fan of the designs, their main home and away uniforms are at least tolerable when worn with contrasting pants - bonus points with the white jersey if they ever wore red pants with them (whatever happened to those? Ever been worn?). The Falcons have started to do this after being mono-heavy for the first 14 weeks last year. Things might just be looking up for them, hopefully. Just need to get rid of the gradient alternate. There's nothing redeemable about that jersey. Would look dorky with white pants, would create a bizarre sandwich effect in red pants, and it makes them look high-waisted in black pants. Nothing about it works. Axe them. (Just as a general rule, I find myself generally anti-black pants in general, pretty much in all applications these days. Same applies with navy pants. It's not just that teams tend to be excessively and go with the leotard look, it's just that I don't really care for pants being considerably darker than the jersey above them. Makes things look heavy for me. Doesn't mean I'm suggesting the Bears stop wearing blue pants on the road - it's generally looks better if it matches the helmet color, at least - but darker colors on top and lighter on the bottom >>> light on top and dark on the bottom, at least in most cases. Just my opinion, anyway.)
  11. Oh yeah, I forgot that the ACC isn't really a discrete and contiguous cultural region anymore. Pretend I said "conservative states that liberals like to move to."
  12. And the next 1995 Expansion team is revealed. The Ohio Glory. It is not the most exciting uniform, a bit simplified from the actual WLAF version, because I never thought the WLAF striping worked well. A pretty classic Red, White, and Blue look (for now, things may change later on, in fact they likely will.) The blue is darker than the actual WLAF version as well, but the identity is largely intact. here is an image so you can compare: Atlanta and Seattle still on deck.
  13. well, just move them two and a half hours away to Syracuse and they're set. Kinda throws a wrench in that "All 32 AHL teams in Upstate NY" plan, though
  14. 8-3 loss in a key divisional game. Good. Burn them.
  15. Three words: GRAND OLE OPRY. Nashville was already on the upswing in the late '90s and early 2000s, but by 2012 or so it REALLY started to blow up. But Nashville's profile rose on the back of country music and the music business as a whole (never mind the fact that had NOTHING to do with how Nashville originally got the nickname "Music City"--but we'll let folk keep thinking that for now!). Landing first the Predators and then the Titans sorta made Nashville (think it was) big-time, and then the people started moving in en masse. The more the word got out, the more people flocked and then packed in. Now, that isn't the only reason: the other one is that Tennessee is a very business-friendly state, being that there's no state tax (but they WILL get you on the sales tax; last I knew Nashville-Davidson county was at 9.8%), and Middle Tennessee also being quite scenic attracted more and more people--and business. (Quiet is as kept, the medical industry is actually Nashville's biggest economic driver, not the music.) That plus being the state capital plus two successive mayors who were hellbent on turning Nashville into either Seattle or Atlanta Lite (which sent the city into a $34M deficit by 2018--but we'll look past that too for now) drew in more and more. Oh and then of course there's Lower Broad aka Honky-Tonk Central aka Tourist Trap #1. Meanwhile, Jacksonville (which, like Nashville and Indianapolis, is merged with its county and, like Nashville, is also in a business-friendly state with no state tax) didn't and still doesn't have any of that high- or even medium-profile corporate presence (though there certainly is a lot of commercial enterprise there); basically Jacksonville is a big ol' spread out trailer park with some houses and navy bases. There's definitely nice areas, like San Marco, Orange Park, Yulee and such, but it ain't anywhere close to Nashville even on its best day--in fact, Indianapolis probably has a higher profile than does Jacksonville, and other than the fact that one's in the middle of Indiana and the other is near the east coast of Florida, the two places are actually quite similar (to include the flat-as-a-pancake topography). TL; DR: Nashville got more glitz n' glamour than does Jacksonville, and we all know how people get attracted to shiny new things, so...yeah, that.
  16. Jacksonville has nothing but the football team and a navy base, and a good port for shipping, Nashville actually has attractions outside of the football team.
  17. So how come Nashville grew and Jacksonville didn't?
  18. Do you still have any of your old EBA concepts for us to see? I thought they were really cool.
  19. I was secretly hoping the Seahawks would wear white/green with navy socks for the first time this week. The last 3 times they have faced Minnesota they wore color rush jerseys so it's only right they wear color rush pants on the road this time.
  20. "Gamble Responsibly" messages are going tp greatly increase soon aren't they
  21. I appreciate the feedback! I see what you're saying. I may add a small hint of waves on the right side to mirror the waves on the left. When making this, I did experiment with larger waves but the more the waves covered the state, the less recognizable the state was. I'll look into revisiting this. There is a lot going on in that space but I think I like it. At first I was just going to keep it safe and traditional with the team name slapped above a number like the navy jersey, but I decided to try something different.
  22. Pretty sure you can only get NBA jerseys with ads on them through the team stores directly, IIRC? That would likely be the NHL model.
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