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  3. The 313 logo looking angry doesn't bother me at all, I just mentioned it as a fun observation. On the contrary, I'm all for logos having character and always been a supporter of "angry" logos. And as you said, especially since the Pistons logo set is so lackluster and unexciting. What comes to the paint and the superimposed logo, it did cross my mind too that they might've thought that having red painted areas with it might be visually too much, but just picturing it in my mind I can't say it would. Moreover, the use of Pistons' bright red and blue colors is what had always made the court so visually appealing and losing that is a shame.
  4. So do the other leagues, they’ll allow you to see standing by conference too.
  5. Wasn't the logoman on back supposed to have "75" inside the logo? Also, Phoenix supposedly opted out.
  6. Not condoning the “Make the Arena a Parking Lot” faction of NHL fans. Inclusive of the shrinking minority of Coyotes fans. Inclusive of the furries who might be into a fursuit-friendly franchise.
  7. ^Pretty similar to their last field design, but I do like the change to the block numbers and the interlocking “U” logo.
  8. qckgnc

    USFL Tweaks

    I agree with this, color the upper half of the Panther in the wine color (do the same for the helmet logo) and use the champagne for the inner circle as well. Everything else could stay the same.
  9. Texas Rangers So this and the upcoming nationals are a big reason I went with white for the Cardinals; also the fact that I like the Cardinals in white was an additional factor. Back to the Rangers, I went with their home white uniform, but made it red. I almost included the baby blue from their retro alternate, but that got very muddled so I went with the red with the blue and white Toronto Blue Jays The Blue Jays were a real tough one for me. I didn't want to do another blue uniform, but then I had the idea of merging their blue and baby blue alternates. I think this keeps them unique enough. I also made it a pullover to give it a more retro feel
  10. Have to throw that buzzword in there to keep the Twitter Cancel Mob at bay
  11. This x1000. I honestly cannot think of a single instance in the pac10/12 where an alternate color helmet (excluding one offs) actually improved the teams' look. Allow me to break it down the list of helmet colors that should never change: udub: gold wazzu: silver ducks: green (O) beavs: black farm: white bears: navy bruins: white sc: cardinal zona: white asu: yellow (sparky) utes: red buffs: gold I'm open to suggestions but if you took the best helmet design from my list of colors this conference might have the best top to bottom collection of helmets in cfb...
  12. That's precisely my point... why even bother having divisions then? In the NFL and MLB, division rivalries actually mean something and are a factor in determining playoff position. Division titles in the NBA are such a glorified participation trophy that even the NBA website gives you the option to filter them out of the standings.
  13. It's like when University of Washington tried to experiment with purple helmets before restoring the classic ones. Heck, Rick Neuheisel held up a classic helmet in his introductory press conference to the delight of fans and to signal a return to form for the program. Arizona's white helmets with the red/white/navy stripe are true classics and should never have been removed from the set.
  14. No. No. No. No. No. This set doesn't need 50,000,000 combinations. Red jerseys and pants are fine but it should always be the white helmet. That helmet is synonymous with Arizona. Don't muddle it.
  15. I love everything about the original Marlins identity EXCEPT the Florida part. I like when MLB teams adopt the names of old minor league clubs from the same city and leave them fully intact. Some politicians tried to force the Brewers to change to the Wisconsin Brewers as a stipulation for public funding of Miller Park. I would have HATED that.
  16. I love them & am glad we’re finally done with the gradient crap. My only small gripe is that I wish we had a red set as well & kept the red & blue helmets. Basketball will have new uniforms this season & I’ve heard rumors that they’re going back to the classic mid 90’s-early 00’s look as well.
  17. One of the best looks in college football hands down
  18. Here’s a comparison of what I was talking about earlier between the new “C” and a more straight, angular version: To be honest, the more I look at the two, the more I like what Cleveland actually went with. It has more life and character to it.
  19. Cool idea. They would look very... angelic. And yeah, keep it strictly to a Sunday home alt cap to maintain its "special-ness." By the way I think at some point there was a discussion about fashion caps that featured the logo upside down, here's kind of an equally stupid one, it's called the "Double Whammy" and it's available at hatland.
  20. Please tell me what will make the Coyotes' logos "inclusive."
  21. Those are really, really good. I really like Youngstown State.
  22. Wasps always look good by keeping it simple. That stormers white number plate looks terrible, just put a white number on the dark blue.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Here's the Padres with the outline on the letters and numbers
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