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  2. I like the first version of the Nats, but with the outline of the 2nd. Also, the second version of the Braves is definitely an improvement. Excellent work throughout!!!
  3. The American Patriot League hasn't announced anything since March. As for the FFL, I heard that they need $150 million to actually kick off for 2020. The problem is that there's nobody that the FFL has announced at this point who has $150 million to waste. Vince McMahon has the money for the XFL to last three years. He did that by selling off WWE stock.
  4. Like the Titans navy over white and the Saints black over gold
  5. Went and picked up one of these today. I always go for the 39thirty Flex because I find the regular 5950s uncomfortable and awkward. [url=][/img][/url] But when I picked it up, I noticed the back script on mine was a bit different than what's on the official website. [url=][/img][/url] [url=][/img][/url] I'm not trying to read too much into this, as it's possible that they just got lazy and used the same wordmark that's been on the royal blue version. However, it's clear that the original wordmark on both the royal and navy version was based on the jerseys the caps were designed to be worn with. And they'd already made a few runs of these with the original (current) wordmark. So why go through the trouble of changing it? As I said, I'm not trying to read too much into it. But could this be more evidence that the Brewers are leaning towards some version of the original BiG era unis, but in navy rather than royal?
  6. I hope you can find a new home for your story dude. Good luck!
  7. I'm waiting for the Patriot Football League to announced their last team. Honestly want to just get ready to laugh at who they choose to be their victim. FFL doesn't have anything going for them. At least I can enjoy XFL 2.0 and hope they will last this time.
  8. No. They said they won’t use Green and Yellow because Sonics. They have an option for “not blue and green” on their site. They clearly don’t want to use it that much, but it sounds like they would if the fans demanded.
  9. I mean you can see what was on the jersey before, and it’s just kinda sloppy.
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  11. Apparently the Freedom Football League is putting a team in Orlando named the Florida Strong. Out of all of the leagues proposed, the XFL is the only one doing something. The rest have been silent, some of them for months.
  12. That was MGM's idea, the major AAF creditor in conjunction with the LVCVA
  13. Orlando Thunder of the WLAF. Love at first sight, way ahead of their time. California Redwoods of the UFL. Loved the name and colors.
  14. How would the shorts look like?
  15. And even if the Expos do become that level of obscure, is that really so bad? Baseball’s history is littered with gems just waiting to be found, like when you realize the Brewers, Angels, Orioles, and Padres all took their name from earlier clubs. Or when you learn that the Cubs were the original Chicago White Stockings. Or that the Browns almost chased the Cardinals out of St. Louis. That’s rich and wonderful. That’s baseball. I really don’t see why it would be such a tragedy if the Expos lapsed into legend like the Pilots and the Browns, something for fans to discover on their own.
  16. In this league, there are 3 key rivalries. The first one is the Olympic Valley Rivalry. This rivalry matchup is between the Tahoe Huskies and the Truckee Stags. The second rivalry is the Silver State Faceoff. This rivalry matchup is between the Nevada Renagades and the Carson City Capitals. The third rivalry is the Nevada Bowl. This rivalry matchup is between the Reno Jacks and the Sparks Railers. More info: Logos: Trophies:
  17. Three days to the Final Countdown. Everyone prepare yourself for the end. As the end waits for nobody.
  18. Probably if Jacksonville Jaguars moves to London, if that ever happens? Texas can hold three NFL teams. Plus I do agree, Midwest to Bay Area would be a smart call but Orlando and San Antonio ( like the other two) got screwed by the AAF and other leagues. I think it would be fair that the NFL trys giving a franchise to Orlando and San Antonio.
  19. Orlando and San Antonio did well in the AAF. I could see them in the XFL, but it sounds like if the XFL expands again, they will expand to the Midwest and the Bay Area.
  20. I think NYR-LA looked good too, and VAN-BOS as well. For the Blues-Bruins series, I just think both teams have very strong looks and that seems to be rare in Cup Finals of recent years, despite how people feel about the yellow socks and white numbers. The other two series contrasted better but both LA and Vancouver have flawed, and somewhat messy sets. The Blues and Bruins would look great in any series whereas the Kings needed a classic and very contrasted opponent to make them look good.
  21. Oh yeah, they were worn for a game back in 1994. I only heard about them through Bill Henderson’s book. I like how these fauxbacks handle the Sens MK II’s aesthetic by folding it into the local identity. It’s less insulting to the city that (at the time) didn’t have a replacement team. It’s why I kind of wish the Thunder would do this (concept by @Brauny1280 ...or have the Winnipeg Jets do a Thrashers-inspired design (they already appropriated Atlanta’s light blue): I find the subtle acknowledgement a bit more respectful.
  22. Okay, I see where you going at but those cities deserve a good team. Orlando and San Antonio would be great homes as they have the stadiums that would support either an XFL or NFL team. I still want them to get NFL team but removing these cities due to the fact that the league they were in folded is just plain dumb.
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