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  2. This Warriors/Clips game is a gotdamn track meet. Clips should think about moving to Oakland instead of Inglewood; they play awesome at Oracle.
  3. We have all these wonderful upsets, and it will probably lead to another Boston sports team title.
  4. I disagree, if only because red and blue work perfectly together.
  5. Yeah, Boston fans don’t get a lot of sympathy around here.
  6. In 2006 when Carolina won the Cup over Edmonton, all the lower seeded teams in the West won their first round series.
  7. I don’t know how. I guess I’ve just been skimming through and since I that series ended a week ago, it’s been a bit. Actually, I guess I already have 2 titles in the past 6 months plus 2 teams that are among the last 8, so I should feel content.
  8. Wait. S#!T. I shaved my god-awful playoff "beard" because I have a fancy presentation coming up. Canes in 5. Sorry, fellow Isles fans. I blew it.
  9. Quite a few, actually. This is the first you’ve noticed us?
  11. Probably not for the same reasons you are worried about them, but yeah.
  12. Some of y'all really hate nike with a passion. It's crazy. Sure their redesigns have been avg at best, but if the above statement were true, wouldn't every new redesign have a nike swoosh highlighting element? I actually really like SEA's sleeve design when seen as a modernized NW native american art element, much like their logo.
  13. Waaaaaait. There’s Jackets fans in here? ok now I’m really scared.
  14. Who knows? Maybe my Blue Jackets will end your nightmare.
  15. This has got to be the weirdest group of teams in a while. Only 2 teams have made the Stanley Cup in the past decade and only has won it. On the whole Vegas Pavelski Penalty thing, this is why I want Vegas people to shut up, especially Marchessault. Not only do you have no excuse to allow 4 power play goals in 5 minutes (Keep in mind, a power play goal in a normal 2 minute Minor happens like 20% of the time) they lost on a shorthanded goal in Game 6. They don’t have an excuses left. The Knights totally blew that series. In other, news, skies look clear for a Bruins cup. Except for the fact that the Bluejackets, Islanders, and Hurricanes (still super weird) are the only East teams left, and none of them scare me. That’s a problem. That normally means I should be scared. So, yeah, I’m worried about my B’s. Do you all feel the same? P.S. THE CAPS LOST WOOOOOOO!!!
  16. Holy :censored:. People complain about the Stanley Cup playoffs being bonkers, but this year they really are bonkers. If you go back 10 years the Cup Winners are the Capitals, Penguins, Blackhawks, Kings, and Bruins. Most of the time it's two good teams playing in the final. This year though? This is madness. If ever there was a year for the Columbus Goddamn Blue Jackets to win the goddamn Stanley Cup........
  17. Who in God's name saw this coming? Anyway, this set up nicely for the Islanders, but you can never look past the PLAYOFF CANES. I've been using it as a personal meme lately. Essentially PLAYOFF CANES is what you think it is– regular season they generally are mediocre. Playoff time they become world beaters OUT OF NOWHERE, as seen in 2002, 2006, and 2009. Anyway, take advantage of them being in a taxing series and go for the kill right away, Isles
  18. Islanders, Hurricanes, Blue Jackets, Bruins: One of these teams will be in the Stanley Cup Final. Sharks, Blues, Avalanche, Stars: One of these teams will be in the Stanley Cup Final. --- Let's Go Blue Jackets!!
  19. When the Capitals went up 3-1 and on they way to a commercial break, Kenny Albert said "No miracles tonight" I went "Why would say that after what happened in San Jose last night?" Sure enough, Carolina was like, not so fast Kenny. Hurricanes were outmatched in the first 20-30 minutes of this game, then Justin Williams did what he does and the Canes took over.
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