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  2. Some MLB teams also complained about their AAA teams not being near airports that offer direct flights from the Pacific time zone to Eastern. I believe the Nationals started sending players to their AA for rehab assignments because it was easier to get them where they needed to go if the team was on the road. I'm more worried for teams like San Antonio who need to upgrade to a new stadium to meet AAA requirements. An independent version of the Texas League could occur, but I don't think it would be embraced nearly as much as the current team is. The ones that may most likely suffer are the A and Rookie League teams.
  3. Well, we all say stupid things in the callowness of youth. I wouldn’t hold that against him, especially since he’s seen the light. Also worth pointing out two things: 1. Players almost never criticize new uniforms. Every time, they’re the biggest cheerleaders. How sincere they are is always open to question. 2. 1991 was still part of the massive backlash against earthtones and everything associated with the 1970s. Brown wasn’t fashionable for any kind of clothing, much less uniforms. But fortunately, times have changed.
  4. Man, I really hate the Saints so damn much. Whoever is in charge of what they wear needs to get their head checked. It’s ridiculous.
  5. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  6. With out the scoreboard I would have no idea that's oregon but a lot of teams are like that now so it's not really just an oregon problem. They kinda invented not using school colors so I don't blame them.
  7. They were playing that trash locally. The players had fun doing slip and slides at the end. Fitz was magic today! But so was the Bills defense and special teams. 5-1 at a time when a lot of the AFC is beating itself; for once, the Bills are also benefiting from a bad AFC East. And a bad NFC East too, from the looks of it.
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  9. Mississippi State showed off new 2019/2020 uniforms for both the Men's and Women's teams at the "Maroon Madness" season kickoff event this on Friday night. The Men's Uniforms have some improvements, such as a more traditional rounded collar, but also some downgrades, such as the removal of the stripes on the shorts, what appears to be smaller back numbers, and random cut-off striping throughout the uniform. Still not a bad look though, better than some they've had in the past. The Women's Uniforms, on the other hand, are pure Adidas weirdness. Pretty plain overall, except for huge double stripes on the right side. Not a great look for one of the nation's elite programs. Good news is that I've been told this is a one year deal, and there will be a new throwback-inspired design for the 2020/2021 season.
  10. Lots of slipping, sliding, punts and missed field goals. To coin a new term, it was a slog-er-knocker.
  11. I probably hate the alternate tops paired with white or gray pants more than anyone on this board. I'd take the Orioles all orange, the Indians Bloody Marys, the Pirates all yellow, or the A's all green over the mismatched components we see so much of today. For that reason, I love white at home and gray on the road. I wish every game were played that way. I do share your frustration with teams like the Astros and Indians emphasizing navy over more colorful options, though.
  12. Nope, Baltimore brought out the purple pants again thankfully. That makes twice on the road (@ Pit & @ Sea) and once at home (vs. Arz) thus far! Apparently, according to their official website, they are wearing the Color Rush out in LA, which would mark the first time they've ever worn that on the road (if both the site and my interpretation are respectively correct). The all purple trimmed in gold thrown into the mix could end up making that game not as bad of a uniform match-up as I initially thought, since I figured black/white/white/black vs. navy/gold/gold/gold.
  13. I it really THAT hard from a TV viewing perspective?
  14. How brutal was this 49ers-Redskins game that it ended 9-0 while all the other games were starting the fourth?
  15. Back for the 20th anniversary they used his theme as the goal song.
  16. Yeah, but still need the 2002-2008 red socks back for road games. Also, once in a while the old red pants (with navy socks) away would be cool.
  17. Indians v. Marlins game 7. The Cubs series sucked. But not like the Marlins game 7.
  18. I just don’t get the love with Washington’s throwbacks. They’ve always looked dull and muddy (more so today because of the rain). They should’ve just kept the throwbacks from 2002. Those were good.
  19. Knicks should never change their uniforms unless it's to fix the stripes. It's a legendary look. They can have all the alternates they want but the classic look should stay.
  20. Been pretty lucky on the whole, but will never get over the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship. By the time "2nd & 26" happened, I was beyond convinced Georgia was going to lose (and really already should have; Bama had missed a pretty short FG at the end of regulation), so it wasn't the gut punch you'd imagine. These two calls happened at the start of the 3rd quarter: The "Tyler Simmons was onside" play which should have given Georgia the ball inside the 5 and a chance to go up 20-0 and then: Three plays later, the defender pulls Swift's facemask a full 180 degrees and the entire crew pretends they don't see it. First and only time I've ever broken something during a game (RIP couch!). I don't know that I've ever enjoyed a sporting event less. We've had 3 postseason games with Alabama, and they're always so tense and miserable. Knowing the boys are going to have to play a damn near perfect game, have them actually do just that, and see it go up in flames is such a special experience.
  21. Like the Panthers, they’re a team who got it right the first time. Both don’t need to go through any significant changes. They are timeless.
  22. I am a die-hard Oregon fan, but that doesn’t mean I’m never critical of anything they do. I’ve been critical of them on here several times over the years, though I’ll admit I’ve been very positive of what they’ve done this year. I personally think their set this year is fantastic, and from what I’ve seen most other Oregon fans agree. Surely their best, and most cohesive set since the Mariota days. Some of you on here disagree, which is fine, though I do think some members here slander anything the Ducks do whether justified or not. Just my opinion, though. On TV, I didn’t find it hard at all to identify the Ducks. There are plenty of identifiable aspects on the combo that the Ducks wore yesterday, and in a broader sense on all of the Ducks’ uniforms this season.
  23. Using my new colored pencils I created the next team- the Charlotte Royals. The Royals are named after the city's nickname- the Queen City. I was originally going to use purple, yellow and black, but couldn't make it work like I wanted, so green and gold is the choice. A very simple and traditional uniform setup including a throwback. Feedback welcomed!
  24. Never noticed how good looking and simple the Texans uniforms are. Their away jersey is clean...
  25. - The Jon Paxson game-winning three against the Suns in 1993. I was 7 years old and in Disney World, and it ruined my vacation. - 2009 ALCS. I could've seen my favorite team (Angels) play against my hometown team (Phillies) in a World Series. It would've been great, and I wouldn't have had any friends afterwards. - Most days as a Detroit Lions fan, but specifically when the Eagles crushed them in the '96 playoffs. Wasn't a fun time at school the next day. - Eagles Superbowl victory. I hate the Eagles, and I had to design Superbowl Champions banners and signs for the parade the day after (I work for one of their sponsors). We had Eagles themed parties at work, and "wear your [terrible chinese counterfeit] jerseys to work" days. But hey, the Red Wings have been pretty good to me. I missed the '09 Stanley Cup game 7 against Pittsburgh for a bachelor party.
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