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  2. I wouldn't expect blue/green to be a front-running color combo because, as hawk said, they're clearly not in favor of looking too similar to their hopeful rivals just up the pond, especially given one of their choices on the poll was "Anything that eats Canucks". Honestly, I think they'll probably settle on a color scheme more inspired by PNW artwork; a maroon, light blue and white combo could look really sharp on the ice, and it isn't really a combo any other NHL team uses. I'd love Sockeyes as the team name; it's the right mix of goofy animal name (Penguins, Ducks) and classic-sounding hockey name (Bruins, Leafs, Panthers, Red Wings). I won't lie and say I wouldn't love Metropolitans, either, but that's probably not happening what with the Metropolitan Division and all. Kraken always struck me as too peewee try-hard "cool" for a professional team, plus it'd be another team without a plural name, and I already get irritated about Minnesota doing that. The rest I could take or leave, depending on branding.
  3. Man those Bucs uniforms look bad even in cartoon form.
  4. Sorry but I'm still not over "this"The crown alone as the primary like the previous unis would have been fine. This is coming from a guy loved the yellow/purple years. Sorry ....just had to vent.
  5. Not bad, but they have that Christmas-tree ornament look. I don’t mind glossy helmets personally, though.
  6. Dropping back real quick before this all burns to the ground to say I've got a new thread started up on the new alt history boards: Also, I've gone and archived this thread in the Wayback Machine so if you want to keep looking at this forever* you can! The link is also in the new thread so don't panic, you'll still be able to find it in three days. While I'm here, I want to thank everyone who viewed, liked, commented on, participated in, and enjoyed this thread. It's really meant a lot to me to have so much positive interaction with something I created, and I look forward to continuing along with you all in the future. Hopefully, I'll continue to see you over on the AHS boards, or on my quidditch concepts thread, or both! -IDM *obviously I can make no guarantees that the Wayback Machine, or even the Internet itself, will continue operating forever. In fact, now that I think about it, it's highly unlikely that you will continue to operate forever. I assume no liability if and when any one or any combination of the Wayback Machine, the Internet, or you loses ability to operate and you can no longer view this thread. merry christmas
  7. This should really be the Ram's official uniform(or with white pants). It's beautiful in that Cali sunshine!
  8. The Seahawks green unis are awesome but I must admit it's too much green for me. At least balance it with navy socks.
  9. In recent seasons, the Denver Broncos have worn their alternate navy blue jerseys for prime-time and late-season home games. Though there is no official word yet, I get the feeling that this will be the second consecutive season in which the Broncos will wear their all-navy uniforms vs. the Kansas City Chiefs (Week 7 - Thursday night, 10/17). I'm predicting the navy jersey/white pants combo vs. the Detroit Lions in Week 16 (12/21 or 12/22). The orange color rush uniform is anyone's guess at this point.
  10. I just got a Twins (now former) road hat of the 3930. And the back of the hat has the Twins current road script, while the website has the home script on the back. So maybe their just changing up the scripts and the brewers one happens to be in Navy now...
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  12. I get this a lot too. I say where I'm from and people assume it's in Kansas. No, the important one with the barbecue, Chiefs, Royals and population is in Missouri.
  13. Miami needs to compromise...
  14. I liked the darker pants they introduced with this and began wearing them with the white jerseys on Madden.
  15. You need to have 2 comment posts (I think) before you can start a thread.
  16. Hey there! Im new here and I want to start a thread! But I dont know how to start a thread,so I need help on how to start a thread.Also your concepts are really good,so keep up the good work!
  17. The red is actually the exact shade the Seattle group is using in all their promos and media. I wanted to utilize that color in atleast one of my concepts. I actually had more blue, but then the blue becomes the center of attention and I didn't want that, I wanted it more to be an accent. I think a better solution to the problem reading Seatle, is outlining the two halfs of the plane individually. I may try that. Edit: here it is with a bit more seperation so that it read Seattle. Personally I don't read it as Seatle, but of course there is bias as I worked on the logo.
  18. I really don't get the hate for those green uniforms, they match the regular blue versions and they only wear them a few teams each season.
  19. 2 days left. Thanks to @hawkfan89 for introducing me to the PHL. It's been real.
  20. I got a few Cubs caps, two 5950s (the former road cap and a fashion cap that is basically identical to the real one, but with additional red and white piping) and one 3930 with the '16 champions patch. Love how the latter fits, to the point I can't remember the last time I wore either fitted.
  21. I always liked the idea of the sports fan fiction section, and thought it was a great vehicle for some really creative stuff, mostly @Veras's AFA. However, I understand why it's getting shut down..... that being said, a person can still do part of the idea that's being showcased in the SFF section: making your own league and going through the teams year by year to see how the jerseys have changed over time, be it equipment, management or whatever.... it's really just the back story behind these changes & the simulationary aspect of the SFF that's going away, from what I'm reading. That's a change, but a small one in the grand scheme of things, as this place is always about the concepts themselves & getting constructive criticism on them.
  22. They tried the green over navy and it didn't work. Fans hated it.
  23. One of the owners was on local sports radio and just said they wouldn't use the Sonics' colors and said blue/green was already being used by who they hope becomes their arch rivals. Didn't exactly say no to the blue/green but doesn't sound like he was in favor of it.
  24. Seems like there weren’t actual white clash shorts and socks designed for the kit because the ones Bayern are wearing today are just basic team wear pieces: The shorts are Adidas’ Squadra 17 team wear model: And the socks are just the basic AdiSock 18 model:
  25. I've been here since 2005. I don't post often, but I really enjoyed this newer section, specifically @Veras and the AFA, which in my view was the founding concept that created this section. Unfortunately, some bad actors spoiled things, and the moderators aren't obligated to run a daycare here. For us old guys, trust me when I tell you it was a lot harder to get your creativity out on the internet even 10 years ago. It is much easier now to find a platform to publish content in the present day. Someone could create their own SFF site and with enough work and commitment, be just as successful as CCSLC and other long-running sites. There are enough people here that obviously loved the SFF section, so collaborate and make it happen. Thanks to all who genuinely contributed their creative gifts for us to see. ::raises glass:: To the death of fun.
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