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  2. Not surprised Marcus Peters got traded. Not only because the Rams were getting Ramsey but also because Peters's IQ has to be somewhere between his shoe size and his jersey number. Good luck, Baltimore, you'll be cussing at your TV set when he follows up an interception with some aneurysm-out-of-sheer-stupidity nonsense the next play.
  3. I can see that point, although I'd love to see the L.A. Rams in yellow over white. As far as baseball goes, didn't Oakland wear yellow over yellow as their main road outfit back in the '70s? Not saying the Padres would or should, but there is a modicum of precedent.
  4. The rivalry with Memphis has cooled off to some degree. I think a MLB Nashville AAA team in Memphis could work today but 15 years ago it'd be dicey. What other market would you want to place the Nashville AAA team? The AA team would have a lot of great local choices in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Jackson or Huntsville. Ideally I think they'd pick Knoxville over the rest but all of those are good options.
  5. I hope its not too late for another suggestion, but the MN state flower is the Lady Slipper and I've always thought it would be a good name for a women's sports team in MN.
  6. I like the color scheme. The logo could use some work, though. For such an iconic and badass looking plane, the perspective you've chosen makes it look very static. It could still work, however, if you add some more detail. As of right now, it reads as a silhouette with just a few highlights. It doesn't read as an F-14. I'd go with a white helmet, too. The logo gets a little lost as is.
  7. I fully expect to see the "Nationals" script on their primary home jersey fairly soon. I have no inside information, this is just pure speculation on my part, but they've been slowly bringing it into the spotlight. In 2017 they introduced their current BP/practice jersey, the first time the script appeared on an on-field jersey: Then in 2018 they introduced the navy alternate, first time the script appeared on a jersey that was used during a game. And obviously the prior mentioned ST jersey, which they totally could've seen as a prototype kinda thing.
  8. I'm going to preface this by saying that, from what I've observed over the last couple of years, there are fewer and fewer members actually giving constructive criticism/comments. I'm not trying to backseat mod or come off as pretentious, but constructive criticism is really important if we want to see better content being and/or assist a designer in improving his/her work. I stopped posting for a while (not because of the aforementioned, life just kinda blindsided me) and I've been slowly getting back into my hobbies and interests so I've been back in the concepts threads and this is just something I've noticed. But enough on that. This concept, honestly, it just doesn't work. I get that you're trying to combine the vintage logo with the pewter classics, but there isn't enough of a change that marries those two eras together into a cohesive look. For one, as stated above, Bucco Bruce really gets lost in the pewter. While an outline would help, it would still look way out of place with all of the other elements of the uniforms. To be frank, there really isn't a lot going on here. The concept is essentially Bucco Bruce on the helmet of the late 90s/2000s uniforms and then the throwbacks. The all red uniform is too close to the Chiefs "blood clot" unis as well. If you want to use Bucco as the primary logo and the red and pewter uniforms as a base for the concept, I'd suggest playing around with those colors, implement them into the vintage logo, and then create a uniform set that works to bring all of the elements together as a cohesive look.
  9. Any C&C for the San Diego concept?
  10. I mean, I guess the plan to get out from under Goff's contract is "Goff is invalided or killed within the next two years because the Rams' OLine is absolute garbage and not going to improve." This front office regime has an absolute paranoia about drafting in the first or second round that I cannot even begin to comprehend, but LOL here we go again.
  11. Maybe they actually like the uniform?
  12. I was somewhat shocked yesterday when I saw them voluntarily wearing this uniform. From my recollection the packers like some of the other heritage clubs were not on board with the color rush program and basically opted for the white pants out of fulfilling the bare minimum obligation. Given that there's zero merchandising upside to this set why on earth would the voluntarily wear this at home? Also if they wanted to do a true cr alt why not invest the time and do a fauxback where they could actually sell some jerseys? My only guess is that the players had a hand in this because deciding to keep wearing the white bottoms seems very off-brand for the packers.
  13. Yes... problem is that there's no real evidence of the school closing up shop any time soon. If they don't, they can always drop their program to a lower level. Division II has the GLIAC, which has members that aren't too far off from where they are (Purdue Northwest, for example). In the NAIA, there's the Chicagoland Conference... perfect spot for them, if you ask me.
  14. Congratulations to the team formally known as the Montreal Expos! Capitals to the Nationals right now,
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  16. Isn't Chicago State (not just athletics, the ENTIRE university) close to folding?
  17. Oh, I remember quite well the foolhardy attempt by the Chargers and the Raiders to move together into a stadium in Carson. I was speculating specifically on why the Spanos family shoved the Chargers into the Los Angeles market after the NFL shot down the Carson proposal and okayed Kroenke's grand plan in Inglewood. I agree that Dean Spanos is an idiot; a Chargers team in an L.A. market shared with the Raiders would have been even deader meat than the Bolts have been with the Rams as crosstown competition (and I say that as someone who loathes the Raiders and especially the culture of the Raiders' fanbase). Furthering the idiocy is that the Chargers were the NFL's closest team to the Los Angeles Basin for twenty-one seasons, yet Spanos, his kin, and their minions passed up seemingly every opportunity imaginable to build a bonafide fanbase for the Chargers in the Greater Los Angeles region during that time. With that said, I happen to think that Spanos is also a greedy coward -- someone too petty and too impatient to be content to keep his team in the San Diego area while the Rams and his franchise's most hated rival return to the far larger market to the immediate north.
  18. I don't think you realize how geographically bad the Trops location is and or what a peninsula is? Google maps isn't doing you any good and you clearly haven't been here. So maybe some data will help you. This is from 2014, but the numbers shouldn't be too different. Do you see the Rays last on the list of teams with fans within a 30 minute drive radius? That 0.67 represent 670,000 fans within that 30 minute radius. that is dead last. Next would be Pittsburgh who has 1.18 million fans (almost double) within a 30 minute radius. Want to guess where Pittsburghs stadium is built? yes in Downtown and not on a peninsula next to 10 miles of water. Proper placement of the stadium will double the fans within that radius. Future growth of Tampa and the areas to the east, north and south of Tampa will raise the 30 minute radius number. You can't say the area hasn't been rocking the stadium when we are dead last in fans within the stadium location. You can't acknowledge the problem and discredit it in the same sentence. 5. So you say that the Marlins stadium was downtown. I call you out on it and now you admit that you were wrong, and you still double down on it by saying "better stadium won't always help". No. You brought up the Marlins. I never brought them up. The marlins stadium location was terrible from day one. Terrible location. Terrible atmosphere, no surrounding businesses to feed off of. The train system is 0.5 miles away. So you are playing hypothetical situations that the rays situation will be bad cause the Marlins situation is bad. Again you brought it up to taint this conversation. 6. I don't admit that the Devil rays were a mistake. i admit that it should have been done differently. I see a trend with you. 9. So you admit to know nothing about the area, or the situations. But you think the Rays should cut ties. You clearly are a subject matter expert.
  19. Now of the Yankees turn around the series it could be what could have been the 1994 World Series matchup. Had the brest recorss in their respective leagues on that fateful day.
  20. Chiefs 28, Broncos 20 Bills 24, Dolphins 6 Jaguars 30, Bengals 20 Vikings 30, Lions 27 Packers 31, Raiders 21 Rams 42, Falcons 21 Colts 23, Texans 21 49ers 30, Redskins 7 Giants 27, Cardinals 13 Titans 30, Chargers 20 Saints 24, Bears 13 Seahawks 20, Ravens 13 Cowboys 31, Eagles 21 Patriots 38, Jets 10
  21. Nashville has some old college mascot logo vibes going with those new alternate logos.
  22. I really hope they bring Bucco Bruce back in some capacity. I don't remember the era when Tampa used Bucco and the creamsicle uniforms, I was about 5 or 6 when they switched over to the pewter identity, but ol' Bruce and those bright orange jerseys are actually what got me interested in sports logos and uniform design. I have only one customized NFL jersey and it's a creamsicle. @McCarthy as others have clearly expressed, your concept is awesome. I was scanning this thread for the first time in a while and among all of the variations and color schemes, I think that the one you put on that white helmet a couple pages back works best.
  23. I am enjoying the DeuxÀZero hashtag, I must say.
  24. Not official until Taylor Twellman is there to announce it.
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