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  2. Well Cincinnati is the closest to me, so Reds and Bengals, But they have no basketball or hockey, technically I should be a Sacramento Kings fan? Because they once upon a time played in Cincy? Well I’m not, I chose the spurs because 8 year old me didn’t know what a spur was and loved their colors. Hockey I still really don’t have a team, although I have kinda takin to Vegas because their new
  3. Pretty much all of my teams! I think my first non-local team were the Sharks for this reason (1991!), even though I wasn't uni-conscious. It wasn't until I recently got into the uni-verse on social media that I started noticing colors and uniforms. Then it exploded from there. Plus recent teams and branding added to it.
  4. But there's nothing obsolete about it, so I'd call it state of the art. There are certainly some design flaws but that has nothing to do with its age. If it were opening next season I doubt we would have seen much more modernization, if any. Yes, there were renovations during the offseason, but much of that was due to Jeter's desire to remove memories of Loria. They were more aesthetic changes than functional.. Yes, ballparks are being replaced slightly more quickly recently but I would call that more the exception than the norm. The Braves had the shortest window and Turner Field, a facility not purely designed for baseball in the first place, still endured for 20 years. Given the park's suitability for baseball in rainy humid weather and the $600 million investment from county and city governments, I don't think you can expect a serious conversation about relocation for at least another 20 years. MLB us going to give Jeter all the time in the world to get the team in shape unless he first gives up on his own. I am just having trouble envisioning a remotely plausible or realistic scenario where the Marlins could move before then. The stadium is the anchor; the lack of funding for a retractable roof park was the only impetus behind the relocation considerations had circa 2005-2006. If MLB is really getting impatient with Jeter, I presume they'd first try to oust him somehow from the control position especially since his personal financial stake in the franchise is quite low. The stadium is poorly located (for me at least), but the Marlins attendance since 2013 can mostly be attributed to pervasive management issues far more than anything else. They won't abandon a still new park because of that.
  5. I feel like they've been trying to do both (albeit unsuccessfully) with all of the terrible alternates they've rolled out over the last 10 years.
  6. I've despised the Canucks' Orca ever since the former Orca Bay ownership shoved their corporate identity onto the Canucks brand, however the logo looked a lot better in the original colours which were a bland 90's look. Now, the Orca just takes up space on the Canucks' beautiful royal blue and green look with its corporate two-tone blue and silver appearance. Definitely agree here. The Phillies' classic P looks great in both red and maroon. I prefer the maroon because red is very common and no other MLB team wears maroon as a primary colour. It's a colour the Phillies can own like the Athletics own green.
  7. Alright, Cincinnati fans, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. You’ve taken our most prized possession, last place in the table, and we want it back. Who wants to lose more? We’ll soon find out!
  8. I'd argue that while never a starter, he's more well known in a Bills uniform than any other he ever wore.
  9. @BrandMooreArt one more thing. The more modern design is a thousand times better with the updates. The passage of time I believe will be kind to that design and provided the team can continue to show the original uniforms on the field it can give the team two looks to showcase which is good for sales and helps to cater to multiple audiences. We all have our favorites though
  10. Some day, we’re going to look back on these Warriors teams the same way we do the MJ Bulls. Today is not that day.
  11. What are you trying to achieve though, as the Pistons? If it's just to have the (subjectively) coolest logo, that's fine. But for an old, storied franchise like the Pistons, nostalgia and a classic look is so much more engaging for fans. Sports branding isn't about gaining new fans, you do that by winning and having marketable players. Sports branding is about engaging your fanbase and getting them to care enough to part with their money. Because of that, the target market doesn't really include people who don't know about the historical significance.
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  13. Thanks for the insight. The process you describe sounds very thoughtful which is good to know.
  14. Aside from Newcastle, Ajax, and Werder Bremen, all of the teams I like in foreign soccer leagues are because of their look. OGC Nice, Roma, Valencia, AIK, etc.
  15. This is certainly annoying. I signed up to be a part of this PHL/AFA thing and it is being deleted. There are some great threads over there, and I hope some of the bigger people appreciate what the AFA and PHL did for this board. I, certainly won’t be here as much anymore.
  16. I prefer Man City, Liverpool and Tottenham over the other three big 6 teams for that reason. I am a Boston sports guy, so I’m a fan of the Red Sox Patriots Celtics and Bruins, but when i was younger I couldn’t help but favor some teams when I would make up records or whatever I did with miniature helmets and pennants. MLB- Marlins, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Blue Jays, Angels NFL- Bengals, Jaguars, Texans, Chargers, Falcons, Seahawks NBA- Bobcats/Hornets, Hornets/Pelicans, Spurs, Thunder, Blazers, Hawks, Nuggets NHL- Ducks, Sharks, Wild, Jets, Coyotes, Lightning, Blues, Canucks, Predators I was never a fan of any of these teams, but they always stood out to me because of colors. I will say though, this is exactly why I am a Tar Heels fan
  17. Putting the NFL 100 logo on the collar is going to irritate me all year long. The NFL shield fits that space so well, and having the smaller shield with text above it just doesn't work in that small of a space. It seems so unnecessary. I'm not a fan of the NFL 100 logo either, but that's a different story.
  18. I’m so pissed right now, @Veras, you were the reason (along with the PHL) that I signed up for this board in the first place. I’ll be following this as long as you do it. We all love your work, and I cannot possibly imagine how you feel about this decision. I’m sorry this had to happen, but we all appreciate everything you do for US! The dedication to making great logos, uniforms, storylines, ect! The hard work put into your writing. The requests you take. Thanks Veras!
  19. @BrandMooreArt Wait, Jimmy Johnson was responsible for navy being added to the Dolphins’ color scheme? Now that I think about it, the timing makes sense, but I never made that connection.
  20. So disappointed with this. The PHL is the only reason I signed up for this CCSLC thing, and I probably won’t be back after this. I don’t know if I will be able to post on the blog, but I sure hope I can. Annoyed is one word I would use right now. @hawkfan89, I really appreciate what you do for us and this board. The fact that you created this is just awesome. I’ll be following this as long as you do it. Thanks man. Go Roughnecks!
  21. The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. If not for that stupid TV show about hockey playing superhero ducks from outer space, I probably wouldn't be a sports fan at all.
  22. the latest changes were driven by a different CEO and creative team than the 2013 versions. so, yes the “team” wanted to fix some things, but it was quite a different team by then, and a matter of convincing Ross to make some changes. the changes were subtle in an attempt to do what made the most sense and not go into a meeting like “we just like this better”. but say “Jimmy Johnson brought blue from the Cowboys and thats not really us”, then you’ve got a problem that people care to fix they’ll wear the whites against the Patriots. i think thats a squandered opportunitiy; add Indy and Buffalo to a great list of uniform matchups that would both be aethetically pleasing and historically relevent
  23. The beautiful uniforms of the Oakland A's of the early 70s constituted a major reason for my picking them up as my second team. I took a liking to the Blue Jays when they debuted in 1977 for the same reason. And my feelings for that team really intensified in 1989, when the team went to a button-down / belted style.
  24. For me it's colours. I like blue, so I liked the Blue Jays, and then since the rest of Toronto teams were blue I decided I liked them all. (Raptors weren't popular far away from the city yet, and TFC was years away). I shudder to think about 6 year old me nominally considering himself an Argos fan... since I'm now a Ticats SSH.
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