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  2. Someone who actually listens to the radio would probably be able to answer better than I could. But basically it's been a 10-year spiral since CBS launched The Sports Hub. CBS brought over Toucher and Rich from the rock radio station to Sports Hub for their morning yell-fest. Still not something I'd ever want to listen to, but they're more Stern than Hannity, for what that's worth. In general they still have a lot of your typically miserable Boston yokel being :censored:s about sports, but they manage to Stick to Sports better than WEEI did even back then, and they've nabbed a few other WEEI voices through the years. This has positioned them as the smarter, hipper of the Boston sports stations (again, low bar). Obviously WEEI has since leaned even further into political sludge than they always have been. In terms of live rights, CBS already had Patriots and Bruins rights (WEEI lost the Bruins in the 90s if I recall) and mostly launched Sports Hub so they could put those two on a dedicated sports channel instead of preempting the rock or news stations. Since then they've also siphoned away Celtics and Revolution rights directly from WEEI; I'd imagine those are by far the two least-listened-to teams in the market, but the Red Sox are all WEEI has left. Last thing was that Sports Hub launched on FM, so it just had that clear signal and reach where it matters most. WEEI eventually launched an FM simulcast but I suppose it was too late. Combine all that and I think that mostly explains why WEEI has leaned into its basest non-sports instincts, especially in the current political climate. Maybe they wanted to be the radio version of Barstool but a.) they're too scummy even for a lot of Stoolies, in Stoolie City USA, and b.) that's probably giving the management too much credit. Anyway Minihane is too much of a mental trainwreck to ever get a reputable job again, but either way he says he doesn't want to do sports anymore, so I'm glad I'm rid of him as long as I don't run into him yelling into a speaker phone at CVS.
  3. BellaSpurs

    FC Nantes

    NashNantes Btw that’s a huge downgrade
  4. I actually really wanted to use black and pink for an alternate, but I wanted to make sure the two uniforms could mix and match with each other, so I went with just navy and white. Within the parameters you gave me, though, here's what I came up with: My first thought while trying to create a wilder design with a navy and white color scheme was these Yankees prototypes, so I took the pinstripe idea and played around with it a little. I had to add white to the pink and black to get the shorts to work with both jerseys, and even then, they're plain white. The socks are colorful, though. C&C appreciated! This was a fun one.
  5. Agreed. It’s important to understand how much the demographic shift produced by Bill 101 turned away the baseball fandom of the area, as well as the corporate support networks needed to fund a competitive team. Said separatist leanings increased the pain the province faced during the Canadian recession of the 1990s, especially after the referendum failed. Without the PQ, maybe the Expos would have had a better corporate support network to keep the team afloat through the recession (like the Blue Jays, who arguably benefitted from a post-Bill 101 Canada and claimed Southern Ontario as their territory - hurting the Expos’ revenue). Without the separatist referendum, maybe they get a stadium built with public money (it never should have come to that, but I’m just being realistic). With a stadium or better ownership, Loria never would have been sent in to “salt the earth” and the team wouldn’t have fallen as far. Those who try to claim that the PQ weren’t at fault to some extent are misguided. Heck, Jonah Keri made a point to mention these “demographic issues” in Up, Up, and Away.
  6. It was just like this one. Same number and everything. One was a M, one was a L.
  7. Yep, Rangers/Blackhawks is the only O6 Stanley Cup matchup that hasn't happened yet, which is noteworthy for these boards because it's one of the better aesthetic Finals I could think of. There are a lot of reasons, but the bulk of it was the 50 mile radius exclusive zones on player rights that made Detroit, Toronto, and Montreal so ridiculously dominant during the O6 era. Interestingly, we were a game 7 OT goal away from it in 2014, and a game 7 away again in 2015. There's no telling how long it could be before both teams are dominant at the same time again.
  8. This one is pretty appropriate in C-Bus right about now, especially with 7 losses in 8 games.
  9. Speaking of template nonsense, and a far more egregious example. WTF is this? Who on earth is buying this crap? "Here are some famous Star Wars characters and also a soccer team." I feel like I'm hallucinating. I know this is a complaint about the Fanatics takeover of all things sports merch than it is about MLS specifically, but this particular example is all MLS so here we are.
  10. San Jose is, and always will be, the ultimate regular season team. They're the NHL equivalent of Marty Schottenheimer and Andy Reid.
  11. Award for the most pointless cap in the league? I’m watching them wear this and I often forget the white outline is there. The difference so minuscule, they might as well be wearing the classic blue cap. The 2 tone cap was much better. This one here has no reason to exist.
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  13. More anticipated than a Charlie Brown Christmas...
  14. So....JuveNantes then?
  15. I hope this split N thing isn't becoming a trend. That being said it's a nice mark, very balanced. Looks great in that embroidered visual on the website.
  16. The Canucks will never ever ditch their blue and green look again. I eventually see them returning to the classic Stick in Rink full-time with Johnny Canuck added to the shoulders down the road. Seattle could always use green with some variation of teal or light blue. The Hartford Whalers could have had a hot-selling uniform if they went with Hunter green as a primary colour and teal as a secondary. Uniform matchups with the Sharks in their beautiful originals would have looked awesome.
  17. Looks like it's a league-wide thing for the month of June:
  18. not gonna lie, a lot of the '90s Solons' elements kinda feel like the Ottawa Senators as a baseball team. and I dig it.
  19. LOVE the Lions new helmets and uniforms. IMO, the best Lions helmets since the 80's white ones. Awesome job Lions! The rest of league looks great too.
  20. They had that problem with the Reebok jerseys too.
  21. I actually prefer the Rockies scheme for the triceratops. And I also like the rocky feel to the dinosaur, but the face definitely needs to be cleaned up. I can’t quite tell where the eyes and nose are...
  22. Yeah, the NFL really let the uniform nonsense out of the bag last year. Multiple alts, relaxed rules on when, where, and how often an alt can be worn, mixing color rush elements into non-color rush sets... we saw it all. And it sucked. Teams like the Panthers practically wore a different combination weekly, and none of them were the one uniform they should be wearing. It's only the horrific nightmare riot of the NBA that's keeping the NFL looking somewhat restrained by comparison. And some of you want to introduce multiple helmets into this unappealing soup? Insanity. The NFL gets boneheaded flak for being too controlling ("No Fun League!! ... I just thought that up!! Durr!") when in fact, when it comes to uniform policies, they need to go back to being much more controlling. They should go back to one alt, period, whether it's a throwback, color alt, or whatever, just one. And it should only be worn twice, never in the playoffs. I'd go further, and make each team designate a primary uniform combination... jersey, pants, and socks, that have to be worn together for at least 5 home games.
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