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  2. Generally I can figure it out but it's weird for Utah to wear the gradients in the playoffs and against the Rockets to boot. I associate tequila sunrise sports jerseys with Houston through and through.
  3. A few requests for some tweaks: - Neon green cap bill for the Mariners home/home alt sets - Red front numbers on the Dodgers alt - For the brown Padres alt, maybe try flipping the script colors (gold with a white outline)?
  4. Not just backward but a different design. His shoulder bolts have more points on them before they switch direction in the center than all the other shoulder bolts in the photo . So an extra segment longer on (assuming) each end of the bolt
  5. I've never been a fan of the Astros using orange as main colour, but you just changed my mind! Great job as well with the Angels and the outtakes
  6. The main series was finished in an eye blink! I've enjoyed it very much. From the last teams posted, I think you've make a great jobs with the DBacks restyling. Also, I'm a fan of the "Los" from "Los Angeles" wordmark!
  7. This is it guys! The final team of the series: the Washington Nationals! The Nats set is inspired by the city of Washington DC, featuring the Washington Monument on both sleeves and pants, as well as off-white pinstripes for the home jersey, inspired by the marble used in the most important and iconic buildings of the city (colour idea suggested by @MJD7 I'd like to thank all of you who have taken part in this series, giving me feedback, suggestions and ideas. I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did!
  8. Thank you both! The original idea was to make it subtly, following the style of most soccer jerseys. Would you suggest using a contrasting colour for it?
  9. And Manchester United has decided 6th place is a good place to be this year.
  10. Frustrating thing about this first round is that there are so many games where the underdog is making tons of noise and putting a scare in 'em... but then just barely losing in the end. Spurs/Nuggets looking like the only series that's interesting at a full-series level.
  11. That timeline has the Minneapolis Giants and the Dodgers playing in Flushing Meadows. Also, you want dark? How’s that for dark? P.S. If Tennessee Oilers was fine, then the same goes for Denver Pirates. A rebranding in both cases would be ideal, but an awkward name can suffice.
  12. Yeah, sorry, I hate these. Great if it fits your team color, but these look ridiculous on the Houstons and RSLs and New Englands of the world. And, I have to say it every time, there's nothing environmental or sustainable about making special one time use kits! So stupid as to be offensive.
  13. Can somebody swap those pants
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  15. That’s fair, but we also have to deal with what is. it would be nice to live in the parallel dimension with the Brooklyn Dodgers and Milwaukee Braves and LA Rams. But we live in the darkest timeline.
  16. Seeing those McCoy photos kind of makes me think white isn't necessary. I think with very minor changes (obviously the socks and facemask would need to be unified) this could just be the next Browns set. It would satisfy people who love the Color Rush, as well as those wanting a return to the traditional look:
  17. That's how I feel about them. So close to being really good, but marred by completely avoidable mistakes that baffle me as to how they got through to the final design. The inconsistent stripe weights are what bug me most. Based on the background graphic, the shoulders have outer stripes that are a little too thick, while the pants have outer stripes that are too thin and are barely distinguishable from regular Braisher stripes.
  18. Tonight is a must-win for the Magic. If we lose tonight, there’s zero doubt in my mind we lose in Toronto, and the series is over. At the same time, I just have to remember that I had no expectations for this season. This team has already gone so much further than I, or really anyone, thought. No matter what happens the next two games, it’s been quite a ride.
  19. How is that possible? The Rockets do have a red logo. They have been wearing red uniforms with maroon trim a lot. Also wear black uniforms with red and dark grey trim a lot. I thought their primary colour scheme was red with silver trim but they do not seem to wear those uniforms much at all. So, yes, tough to know what the Houston Rockets colour scheme is. But enough of this, gotta state my "make up ridiculous excuses" about other things.
  20. I was thinking about it... Maybe for the next few cities. The soccer and basketball teams are connected, so maybe I’ll add the IBA to that too. The polar bear is meant to be a black bear.
  21. And in this case, it was a standard baseball style specifically chosen to reference the Yankees and bestow a little of their legitimacy upon the new franchise in town. No different than early football teams borrowing the name of the local baseball club in hopes some of their credibility would rub off. It doesn’t matter that the Bears and Giants have now used those names for a century, no amount of tenure changes the origin. There’s absolutely an argument that the Mets have been using pinstripes long enough that they should keep going, but that doesn’t alter the past, nor does it make them the Pinstripers. We’d laugh them off the internet if they tried to adopt a hashtag like “#PinstripePride”.
  22. There's a reason EVERY team in the NFL uses white/gold/silver for their numbers on their colored jerseys.. it's the only thing that works. Colored numbers on colored jerseys are 100% impractical.. they're miserable for coaches, broadcasters, athletic trainers, spotters, fans who follow more than just the ball, and anyone trying to break down film.. they're not functional, which defeats the purpose of them existing in the first place. They're simply NOT great uniforms full stop.. they're trash.. they were designed to be worn once or twice a season as a gimmick.. Browns fans like them because they got excited for new uniforms a few years back, only to have their hopes shattered with overdesigned garbage, so the Color Rush uniforms were welcomed as a return to a simple, traditional look, not because they're actually decent uniforms. Just better than the horrible uniforms they wear on a more regular basis..
  23. My working theory is that the Browns color rush jerseys are absolutely perfect... for the Bengals (just darken up the brown to black and there it is).
  24. A lot of the times when a team uses pinstripes I tend to overlook the element, but when I think “Yankees” I instantly think pinstripes.
  25. How is this possible? The team colors are right there in every teams logo. Common sense should be that if you see a uniform that does not represent what is in the logo, then it is a special uniform and that's that. Look, I don't like the rampant alternates as much as the next poster but you guys don't need to make up ridiculous excuses to dislike it. You have the TV Broadcast telling you what teams are playing, the team logos to tell you what the team colors are, hell, the front of the jersey should be an obvious indicator as to who the team is.
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