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  2. Still stand by my theory that Nike intentionally makes OSU’s uniforms subpar to assist Oregon. Oregon State has had such a hard time getting their graphic identity right. I actually really liked the interlocking OS and the font that came with it but for some reason that was never embraced. And just stick with the traditional Benny Beaver already. Everything about their identity since the mid-00s has just been trying too hard to look “tough”.
  3. The Blazers will be in their black/dark grey City uniform tomorrow. OKC will be in white.
  4. I disagree. The combo of those two clashing uniforms, plus the ugly ass court, plus the nasty orange shirts in the crowd . . . the whole thing was visually disgusting. Portland, please wear black on Sunday.
  5. I resent not being given the chance.
  6. Oregon State feels one step forward, one step back. I was the minority who loved the previous design and the striped facemask. I love the new logo and all. I like the striping here. I like the shoulder stripes. I despise "BEAVS" on the chest. Would be nice to see Oregon State in full length pant stripes again. Would expect a white and orange helmet as well in the future.
  7. All due respect to the both of you, but at this point, it seems Montreal, Calgary, and KC all have the best shot at Camden. For the sake of the Wranglers I kinda hope he ends up in Calgary, but only time will tell... For now, let's make it two in a row, Bulldogs!
  8. Preach it!!! I hope they're able to wear these kits one more time. Maybe next Wednesday so I can see them in person?
  9. Looks like the Missouri State Bears football team might have a new helmet coming or at least decals, based on their Spring game.
  10. The white and orange uniforms make me think this is something the Cleveland Browns would wear.
  11. Well it sure as heck worked, my hatred for the Penguins was at an all-time high after Game 1 of last year’s series.
  12. This was intriguing to me. So I put it to the test with this years results: Some very interesting results: Pittsburgh left out all together (head to head tiebreaker goes to Montreal) Colorado makes the playoffs in the west with 71 points, Pittsburgh eliminated in the east with 81 points... Three way tie for second in the Metro (I broke these ties by number of reg wins Really shows how Tampa and Calgary dominated in the regular season making their early exits that much more glaring
  13. The main tweaks I would make are change the chest wordmark to "Oregon State" and make it white on the black jersey to make it consistent with how the other jerseys are done. Otherwise I think they could have gotten away with no wordmark at all.
  14. Lighten the brown. Don’t let it remain unchanged.
  15. In a word: no. Read on... First, the bolded. Having lived in Nashville the past five years, I can tell y'all this: Barely anyone around town cares about the Oilers identity. (Much of that can be attributed to Nashville being transient Central these days, but still...) The Pro Shop at the stadium sells some Oilers stuff (or at least they did, last time I was in there about a year ago--& even then it was just some 47 Brand caps and t-shirts), but you'd be extremely hard-pressed to see anyone wearing any Oilers stuff out around town. Speaking of the stadium, there's exactly one wall in one of the corridors dedicated to their Oilers history--that's it. So while the organization does acknowledge their Oilers history, suffice it to say that--nah, Nashville really doesn't care much if at all about it. Well I can give you three reasons: For one, the alliteration sounds good. For two, Tennessee's not particularly known for oil production, barons, or wildcatters. (Again, .) For three, this upcoming season will be their 21st season as the Titans--they're old enough to legally drink now! (Um, ahem....) Seriously though, that means now, just like Jacksonville, an entire generation has now been born and grown up knowing and seeing their team--in this case, as the Tennessee Titans--while older generations are, well, "crossing over to the other side". And to quote a half-bar by Jay-Z, "time don't go back, it goes forward". So while many in Texas and older generations certainly lost one, many in Tennessee and younger generations, and some who chose/choose to follow the franchise, gained one. (And if that reference missed you, don't worry about trying to catch it. Lol) And that segues nicely into another point that may spark some nerves, and is one I'm finding myself challenged with right now. This whole fiasco with the Oilers/Titans (& to a certain extent other relocated franchises as well) really illustrates the problem we humans have with letting...things..go, especially of the past. I'm telling you, we'd need much happier and much less stressed people if we can just learn to honor and respect the past, but accept and embrace the present. I know that's gonna jostle some people, but think about it. In regards to this, the people of Houston and whatever fans the Oilers had outside Houston lost their team/identity...many with no personal connection to Houston are crowing louder about the Oilers than people in Houston are! (And I'm in the weird position of having a personal tie to both Houston and Nashville, so perhaps I see all this from a unique perspective.)
  16. ‘Beavs’ is terrible and the word mark is unnecessary with the beaver at the collar. I dig the stripes.
  17. These are definitely a bit different from what I was expecting. The helmet is the same as the black helmet they used last season, but it’s still nice. The thick pant stripes are nice too, and the tree ring pattern inside the numbers is a really nice touch. I could do without the ‘Beavs’ on the chest, and the shoulder stripes are a bit weird, but overall it’s still a pretty solid look. I’d probably call it a lateral move, or maybe just a slight upgrade, but something closer to last season’s fauxbacks still would’ve been better. I will say though that I like the decision to add some white to the orange set, as now it’ll look more cohesive when mixed and matched with the black and white uniform pieces. Also, I’m very annoyed by the fact that the black jersey has an orange swoosh while the black pants have a white swoosh.
  18. Pretty disappointed with Oregon State, I was really hoping for a something more like their Benny fauxbacks from last year.
  19. Love them. The wood ring texture on the numbers is a subtle touch, and the natural color of the away unis is different. Clean.
  20. Oregon State's new uniforms have been released. Not a bad look for them and the consistency in the striping/colors allows for easy mix-and-match ability.
  21. Minnesota needs a kit in almost the same shade of blue for a secondary, watching the game yesterday it just looked right with the Loons in light blue.
  22. Yeah, I liked their old set as well, but I think the new jerseys are pretty good as well. I can't help but think that the color change had something to do with Providence also being navy and vegas gold. Thanks for the feedback!
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  24. This! This is exactly how the Twins should look! No need to mess up a classic look like they have done in recent history. Bringing back the cream throwbacks and removing the red alternates are exactly what I would do too.
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