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  2. Would’ve been interesting if hypothetically Vancouver did go with Ravens or Dragons, if either name would’ve carried over to Memphis or not (or if it would’ve stayed up to today had it carried over at all). We’ll never know, but fun to think about.
  3. I like the courts how did you do the cool sidelines for the dolphins and a request do a old school LSU
  5. And finally the Eagles. I'm in the kelly green camp... that ugly midnight blue-ish green thing they seem to be so in love with isn't going anywhere, but it should. New font also. Simplified wing for the helmet... complete removal of all black. The throwback to the Vermeil/Jaworsky 70's uniform.
  6. Shaq and Penny definitely helped, but Orlando's starry logo and their pinstriped uniforms really caught my eye as an 11-year-old.
  7. Dallas is getting more work. I'm standardizing the colors. Dark royal blue and metallic blue-silver throughout. (Navy and silver is boring, and used in other places better IMO.) The Dark uniform gets a complete overhaul to match the home whites, and the throwback is similar to one worn in the past.
  8. I for one hate the rangers and bruins for sure. I was a big fan of the image above (rangers v kings), but reversed it wasn’t my favorite (kings in black). My favorite in recent memory has to be this one. I know I’m in the minority but I really like vancouvers set as a whole. Wish they went full stick in rink but the matchup looked great, especially when played in Vancouver
  9. @Ferdinand Cesarano The Expos is bad, even the original, that font is not elegant at all, it’s pretty poor and ugly and is a big downgrade from even a simple block. The lower case words underneath the bad logo is bad, all that on the chest of the jersey next to the number, that’s really bad. The tricolor hats are overrated.
  10. I've brought up my issues with Washington's look before... I hate the yellow facemask, and I'm bugged by the mismatching stripes, so I'm attempting to clean that up. The throwback is to the Sonny Jurgensen 60's look;
  11. The Giants have one of my favorite uniforms, at least before they introduced those pointless white pants. I'm getting rid of those, adding some very small color elements onto the jerseys and pulling an interesting throwback from their distant past;
  12. Love what you did by making the nationals red heavy, and I like the caps you chose. Both are unique. I don’t think the logo works as well on the chest though. As a sleeve patch yes, but on the white homes I think you should have the beautiful Nationals script to match the away uniforms, and place a navy outline around the numbers. For the Braves, I would go with single color (Navy) NOB and navy piping on the aways.
  13. What should I add for fix to my court? Let me know, I want as much feedback as possible
  14. So initially, this was just an NFC North thread... the idea being that those teams were in need of very little changes, so I would just do some minor clean up and add some new alts. In my perfect NFL, every team would go back to just a single alternative look, whether that alt was a throwback or not, and the "color rush" concept would just mercifully go away. I liked what I came up with and decided to expand it into the NFC East, a division that is also fairly nice. I found that, like the NFC North teams, New York and Washington would just need a bit of tweaking, while Dallas would need a little more, and Phillly more still. I may expand this to the rest of the NFL, although if I do, as I go along some teams are going to need more than just a slight tweak obviously. Concepts to follow...
  15. Seton Hall I went with a popular logo (the building) of the University itself, so I thought why not. Kind of replicating Virginia Tech' court with the building.
  16. These really aren't what I'd be looking for for a real-world update for them, but nevertheless they would be very popular in the real world as throwbacks. Like ... I could definitely see the Rangers looking like this in the past. These weirdly hit a mark for me, just maybe not the one you were shooting for.
  17. Kraken - Love the colors. Logo is good. Sockeyes - I like the colors. definitely unique. Logo does look a little minor league to me, but maybe that's because the only fish logos like that I've seen are minor league ones. Totems - i think this would look a lot better with the colors adjusted. I know your first two were navy, but this would benefit a lot with a darker blue, make the neon more green. Sasquatch - love the jersey. Classy all around. The logo though reminds me of the Jim Carey Grinch with Klingon forehead ridges. Sorry. Look at images of real sasquatch for better ideas. (i kid). One thing on the jersey i just noticed actually us the bottom hem stripe. It is thicker on the back of the jersey than it is on the front. bring it up a little on the front and you'd be good. overall, these all have some great qualities and i'd love to see full uniforms and road versions. I really like the path the Sasquatch is on though.
  18. My guess would be it was influenced by the use of black on Cleveland's jerseys during LeBron's last few seasons. I feel like the design process may have been based on whether or not LeBron would've liked certain design choices. They may have used his likeness as a model.
  19. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. Embracing this will separate them further from Calgary as well as make them look a little more unique.
  20. Seeing the pictures and highlights of this game will create vivid memories. And the game itself will spur many conversations on message boards and on TV and radio (not that young fans listen to radio). All of this will be helpful for the historical knowledge of the vast majority of fans who are not likely ever to get to the Nationals' franchise history page at Baseball Reference to see the Expos players' pictures and the Expos' season totals. Do they, though? It would be interesting to see a survey of baseball fans in the 13-to-15 age group on the question of who were the Montreal Expos. My speculation is that only a very small amount of them would be able to identify the team as the former identity of the Washington Nationals. And, every year that we get farther away from the Expos' move to Washington, there emerges an additional set of young fans who would be even less likekly to know this. These are the fans who will benefit most from the memorable event of an Expos throwback game. No; simply about the fact that the Expos are part of the Nationals franchise. Even if the Nationals were doing a throwback to the Expos' latter-day uniforms that I don't like, I would still be enthusiastically in favour of it. The problem with the racing stripe is not the colours, but the width. The Expos' aesthetic was refined and elegant. The thick racing stripe clashed with the delicate thin lines in the number font and with the understated lower-case wordmark. Compare it to the racing stripe worn by the Mets. While the racing stripe didn't aesthetically benefit the Mets' uniforms, at least in that case there was no thematic clash, as the bold stripe was in harmony with the wide strokes of the Mets' wordmark. A modification of the Expos' original uniform that would have been appropriate would have entailed a thickening of the sleeve stripes to the level of the sleeve stripes that appeared at the ends of the sleeves of the latter-day road jersey.
  21. The thing that bothers me the most about the Lakers' look is how inconsistent it is. I've always been a believer in that a home and away uniforms (in basketball) should follow the same template. If there's no side panels on the home, there should be none on the roads. The striping pattern is especially weird to me because the on the yellow uniforms, the stripes appear "within" the armholes, while the jersey color appears again on the outside of the stripe. While on the purple uniform, they appear on the edge. It's like they made one of those "Spot the Differences" between these two pictures. As a side note, I've always hated (too strong of a word) stripes like the ones on the yellow uniform. I'm a big fan of three even stripes on waistbands and armholes for basketball, but the jersey color should either be in the middle of the three, or not at all present - in this case purple/white/purple. Though I will give Nike credit here for not having yet another NBA team with solid stripes at the neck and armholes. That just looks lazy and uninspired.
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  23. I was a big fan of the Rangers-Kings Finals from 2014. I'm a sucker for a series where the teams don't share a single colour, and the bright Rangers look contrasted nicely against the greyscale Kings look.
  24. I never said they were under any obligation to. I said it would be best. Chicago has great jerseys, but I don't want 31 other teams wearing red white and black with those stripes just because it looks good for them.
  25. Well I'd rather they use a great existing color scheme, than try and reinvent the wheel and have a marginal one that's unique. Of course if they can get a great, uniquely theirs palette, perfect.
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