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  2. I just realized you said that. No one can control everything, no one can watch over everything. No one can control someone going ape**** and screw things up for others. But calling out mods only make it worse. Basically, all I'm saying is stop being a child and accept it.
  3. Some of those World Series games ended too late for the west coast even. That was crazy. West coast sport watching is generally the best, but again, those 7pm east coast start times should be pushed to 8pm to benefit those of us who work out here. And even then, a 5pm start is pretty crappy.
  4. It doesn’t do squat, they think they look cool. And they don’t.
  5. Aren't we past side panel color strips? I know the Patriots are holding on to them for dear life but enough already.
  6. I think the biggest issue was finding a willing partner to help them with 48 teams. They've been at odds with their neighbors for a multitude of issues not related to soccer. I still can't see where all of the current 32 teams will fit as it is right now, let alone around 1-2 million fans.
  7. This also strikes me as less of an issue in basketball, where games take roughly the same amount of time and it's a reasonable length at that. I don't really think about it as a problem on par with the interminable late nights of the World Series, for example.
  8. I never seen the niners use the looney toons alt logo. They even recolor it, I think I only seen this logo in Madden.
  9. There was no way Qatar could do 48. I still say they move it (since the US is off the table, I would suggest Australia and New Zealand (together) or the UK as the most "ready on a short notice" nation that could take the World Cup), but that's incredibly unlikely.
  10. And I believe that he was the first AFL star who was "counter-poached" by an NFL team.
  11. I feel like they'd have gone black heavy, then introduced a purple and green city/earned jersey later on as well.
  12. The Larry O'brien looks nice. It reminds me of the 97 finals patch. I like how the Western and Eastern Conference Finals word marks makes the WCF and ECF horizontally.
  13. Steve Myhra, who tied "The Greatest Game Ever Played" (i.e., the 1958 NFL Championship Game) only made 40% of his field goals in 1958 (4 for 10 . . . as in 10 attempts in the whole 12 game season). Plenty of Colts have said they were nervous as hell before the kick, which was only a 20 yarder. His long for the season was 28 yards. The next year was even worse. 6 for 17 for a 35.3% conversion rate . . . but he did hit a 47 yarder and went 50 for 51 on PATs. Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS FGA FGM FGA FGM FGA FGM FGA FGM FGA FGM FGA FGM Lng FG% XPA XPM XP% Pnt Yds Lng Blck Y/P AV Career 62 4 12 5 9 7 23 14 11 3 3 1 91 44 52 48.4% 189 180 95.2% 1957 23 BAL 65 12 1 6 4 41 66.7% 16 14 87.5% 1958 24 BAL 65 12 3 10 4 28 40.0% 51 48 94.1% 1959 25 BAL 65 12 17 6 47 35.3% 51 50 98.0% 1960 26 BAL K 65 12 7 3 4 2 4 3 3 1 1 19 9 48 47.4% 37 35 94.6% 1 1961 27 BAL K 65 14 5 2 5 5 19 11 8 2 2 1 39 21 52 53.8% 34 33 97.1% 5
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  15. Up next are the Northfield Raiders. Northfield High School Nickname: Raiders Enrollment: 1,290 Rival(s): Owatonna, Faribault Class: A State Titles: 0 State Tournament Appearances: 1 (2017) Home: Northfield's current home is very bland, almost no gold, the logo is bad, and it is not at all similar to their away. I decided to base this set off their current away which I really really like. For the home I made the thick stripes all maroon, there are 6 of them, and the thin stripes gold. I replaced the logo with "Raiders" script like they used to use. I moved their classic Raider logo to the shoulders. Away: The away jersey is almost the same as their current away, I just change the logos. Alternate: Their alternate is a gold version of the home and away, there is no white on the jersey like their girls team. The script on the front is replaced with the classic Raider logo. Next up will be the Owatonna Huskies. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  16. I'm not sure what they are officially called (compression pants maybe), but those blue yoga pants these three are wearing under their uniform which seems to be all the rage right now look awful. It doesn't matter if they are white, which you see mostly or a color they just stick out so much that it hurts the aesthetic of any uniform. Don't get me wrong, I would imagine there is a good reason so many players have gone to wearing them, maybe they give the knee some additional stability or something, so I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to wear them. Just saying they are ugly.
  17. My respect for Sunderland just went up by a lot because of that sponsor. My dad is a pediatric oncologist at Arnold Palmer Hospital, so I'm glad to see any awareness efforts made for childhood cancer. The kit? Eh, it's ok. That tiny bit of black on the collar looks out of place when there's no black anywhere else on the shirt.
  18. FIFA makes a somewhat sensible, but not the correct decision. They have decided not to increase the amount of teams for Qatar to 48. * - The correct decision is to still move it from Qatar, but FIFA's married to that albatross now.
  19. Man, I haven't seen Rollerball in years. That was such a good bad movie. Now I want to see someone make concept uniforms for a rollerball league.
  20. These really grew on me and i hope they stay in some capacity
  21. Here you go! I like the red better, personally, but this works too.
  22. That's a nice touch, then. I still don't like how it looks.
  23. I understand making start times reasonable on the west coast, but I don't think we (east coast) should have to stay up until around midnight or 1 AM just to watch the end of a playoff game.
  24. I think it's mimicking one of their older kits which is why the cuffs and collar are striped. I remember owning a couple soccer jerseys with that very collar/cuff design on it.
  25. As long as tackling is part of the sport of football I wouldn't go so far to completely eliminate pads entirely. You'll always need protection from knees and shoulders and elbows from hitting heads and faces. You need something protective, but not so protective that it makes the wearer feel invulnerable enough to use the equipment as a weapon the way they use today's hard plastic helmets and shoulder pads. The problem as I understand it is the repeatedly bonking heads in hard shell helmets. The helmet doesn't absorb the blow so much as stops it creating a whiplash effect inside the skull. The skull stays in the same place, but forces the brain to slosh around in your brain goop and it bumps into the sides of your noggin, which is where that dangerous CTE damage occurs. I'm no physicist, but I think the solution then would be some kind of thick foam helmet, with facial protection (like a boxing helmet) and thick foam shoulder pads, that absorb blows and don't deliver as much force by the tackler wearing it. I could be way off here, of course. The other thing you can do is eliminate the lineman crushing heads on every single play and make hand contact the only legal form of blocking. Maybe go to CFL rules and make the defense line up a yard off the ball so both lines have more time to get their heads up.
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