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  2. It's time again... The Road to Omaha kicks off with the announcement of the 16 regional hosts. They are... -Arkansas -East Carolina -Georgia -Georgia Tech -Louisiana State -Louisville -Mississippi State -North Carolina -Ole Miss -Oklahoma State -Oregon State -Stanford -Texas Tech -UCLA -Vanderbilt -West Virginia There's some good teams hosting next weekend. These also get in automatically as well. Where they'll be seeded will be revealed tomorrow.
  4. The brim and the main color of the "P" is yellow, and the "squatcho" is red. Obviously the "P" has a red outline, but this is the closets I could find.
  5. I'm impartial to the name 'Grizzlies' but if Vancouver ever gets a team again I demand the return of that sweet teal, black, red and bronze colour scheme.
  6. I have huge respect for Poch. As someone who likes Messi infinitely more than they like Barca, to see them become desperate, sack Valverde with the assumption they can lure Poch, then get stuffed by him and end up having to scramble for a new manager. I think this season is the first of a transition to the Premier League as the best league in the world. To me, they had always been the most competitive, but La Liga was the best. Real regressed hard this year, and Barca still can’t win much of anything of worth recently. Combine that with the fact that City and Liverpool are probably two of the three or four best teams in Europe, and it seems to lend itself to England once again housing the best league in the world.
  7. Of course. The Phillies look amazing. I like the overall design of the first set, but I like the powder blue more then the royal. Curious as to how it would look if you switched the royal blue on the first set to powder blue.
  8. It doesn't annoy me as much as people who call their lover "bae".
  9. Yeah I agree. Any different colors that could work better for the Roadsters?
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  11. Salmon is a shade of red that's also basically unused in the NHL and is mightily distinct from the bright red the rest of those teams use, so I don't really see why it'd be such an issue. I'd get it if it were the same shade of red, but there's plenty of unused shades that would work with Seattle. I wouldn't want Seattle to just copy Chicago's colors, for example; but diverse color choice just to have diverse colors from the rest of the league is a recipe for hideous jerseys. Red and black is overused maybe, but that's because it's a combo that works in many different applications. It may be kinda bland, but I'd rather a team look bland then look garish.
  12. There's one issue with that color scheme. It's waaay too similiar to Ohio State.
  13. Ideal look for the Knicks, with an orange alternate:
  14. I know these are just mock-ups but it doesn't look that way to me: White is THE neutral color, so it just blends in. Black, not so much.
  15. Are there any teams besides the Phillies where the squatcho (f your chee) matches neither the bill nor the monogram? I've always thought it was corny.
  16. I have little issue with a team using a single color that is used excessively, so long as their second color provides more variety and helps them stand out. All of the blue teams you listed (outside of Tampa Bay and Toronto), have variety. Teams such as the Avalanche and Blue Jackets technically both use red and blue, but both use it vice-versa... and yes, the different shades do help them contrast. I agree with you in that instance. Seattle is a new, upcoming franchise that has a chance to stand out and make themselves unique. Having distinct characteristics would be good for their brand. How exactly can a team with a red and black color scheme adjust their shades to stand out from the other four teams that use it? And mind you, FOUR is a lot. Black is black and the only way I see them differentiating themselves with red is with... I don't know, pink? You could do deep red, like the Miami Heat, but that's just not very 'Seattle' IMO. Regardless, I would still considered them as just another red and black team. Seattle can market and build a better brand around something that isn't completely already in use. Red and black, in almost any instance, would just be lame.
  17. I wish there was a sarcasm font on here. Edmonton continues to be a mismatched-striping nightmare, and the black is totally unnecessary. BC’s pants and helmet have one vibe, but the jersey has a totally different one. Other than that...
  18. I hope Seattle picks a color scheme that isn’t being used right now. This is a major reason I feel Vegas’s design worked so well was because it was unique. Seattle should try and do something similar; maybe use light blue and/or brown, two colors basically unused in the current NHL.
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  20. Just kidding around. If Vancouver ever gets a NBA team again, I would like to slap anyone who even suggests they get the name back. It is cursed. Memphis can keep it. Express is what Memphis wanted to rename the team to when Vancouver relocated, but was rejected for being a corporate name. Considering the times, I wonder if Memphis tried again, would the league would say no now?
  21. And now we have the Philadelphia Phillies! As previewed in @Carolingian Steamroller's wonderful MLB series, for the main set I decided to try to inject a little bit more blue into the color scheme. Although I like how the Phils currently look in real life, this was done in order to separate more from red-heavy clubs like St. Louis and Cincinnati. The hat now has a blue brim & blue outlines are added to all of the logos/wordmarks. The liberty bell replaces the numbers on the sleeve as a new patch. Although the numbers were a nice touch, the bell would bring a more iconic element of Philadelphia into the identity. The away is inspired by the Phillies' 1940's road uniforms, but with added emphasis on red. The Turn Back the Clock uniform simply brought about an opportunity for Philly to keep its cream alternate uniforms, which are inspired by the home version of that same 40's set. For the alternate take, I was determined this time around to not to go for the popular maroon & powder route (although I have a set with that scheme ready, in case anyone would really want to see it), instead I just decided to replace royal blue in the Phillies real-life set with powder blue. The away gets more of a powder tint to it, and the red alternate gets a few touch-ups to be cleaner & more readable. I probably prefer Part II to the main set, just because it feels more "Phillies" to me. The added royal blue was worth a shot though, I think. Let me know what you guys think though!
  22. For the Roadsters, why not red and chrome/silver, the color of sports cars.
  23. I apologize for my transgression, @officeglenn. It won’t happen again. And thanks for being polite about it.
  24. What teams use red and black as their primary colors in the NHL aside from the Hawks, Flames, Canes and Sens? A color scheme shouldn't be dumped purely because another team uses it, that's why you use different shades to look distinct. Hell, I'd argue blue is far more overused then red in the NHL. Tampa, Columbus, Toronto, Vancouver, Colorado, Winnipeg and St. Louis all use blue as a primary color in their schemes. Tampa and Toronto even use similar shades. And that's not even counting use of it as a secondary color, which adds Montreal, Edmonton and Washington to the list.
  25. I think this thread exemplifies what the "sports fan fiction" sub-forum was supposed to be. Good concepts but also a little more imagination to it. This thread was really fun for me, an Iowa native. Thanks for your work!
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