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  2. Your images aren't working as LunaPic doesn't allow hosting. Download the image from there, upload to Imgur, copy the image URL and paste here on the boards.
  3. It's been four hours since the news broke, so I guess I need to see a doctor now
  4. It’s not new. It’s been used all season for the NBATV Broadcasts that weren’t RSN Simulcasts.
  5. Except that those of us (me) who don't live there can't keep track of which is the Eisenhower, the Dan Ryan, or the Tri-State.
  6. I would compare it to trying to build a table with an eyeglass screwdriver while under strobe lights. Frustrating, painful to watch, and just an annoyance after a while. I hope Thornton gets the Mattingly treatment, where the team wins the Cup the year after he retires. The dude is a dirty player, while also not being a convincing leader. He (and most of the roster) should have been sent packing after the reverse sweep. The 2016 Cup appearance was a fluke.
  7. Don't forget about Montreal either. That could be another open spot if they were to go to the CPL.
  8. Man, I miss the Fiesta. They don’t need new uniforms at all (well, they could scrap the camo alts), but I’d sure love a Fiesta court again.
  9. You just need a better ownership group than last time. MLS has been trying to help, but like the NFL the leagues can only do so much. I would make sure that Dave Peacock is kept far, far away from it; he screws everything up.
  10. Why does the thought of Quark playing baseball crack me up?
  11. All of the Twins retired numbers use the 1987-2014 Pinstripes/Red Number Look. Even people who played from 1961-1986 during the Cursive Era with Pinstripes with Blue Numbers or the Pinstripe-Less Pullover Era have them.
  12. Now that would be nice for the man who has been called "The best catcher of the 21st century".
  13. Yeah, no. We aren't going to clutter up the boards with team-specific threads. You can talk about the Red Sox with everyone else in the 2019 MLB Season thread.
  14. Strongly Agree. Slightly disagree. Johansson had some really clean entries into the zone and got in front of a few shots - I don't mind his play. Backes really isn't the problem either. That fourth line is abysmal and Chara has lost so many steps he literally has to interfere with any player gaining the zone on a dump and pray he doesn't get called. Don't get me wrong I love Chara's leadership but his game is sheeeeeet.
  15. The logo for Joe Mauer's number retirement game includes pinstripes and a red 7. Hopefully they wear Metrodome throwbacks to complete the look and honor Uncle Joe's prime
  16. I have created a forum for all Red Sox fans here in the community. Let's go Red Sox!
  17. Miami isn't a real team and we all just need to accept that and welcome in the Florida team we all want, the Tampa Bay Rowdies.
  18. People like to poke the bear, and our friend here just never learned and always came across as defiant to anyone who told him "no politics"
  19. Here's the latest update....
  20. If they can even use Lockhart because someone else is suing over that now!
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