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  2. TNT using the same graphics for the sixth straight season. It's getting old and stale. Was hoping for something fresh.
  3. Hold on, I take this back. I forgot about the last day of the 2011 regular season. That was probably the worst of all for me in an “oh my god I can’t believe I am witnessing this calamity before my very eyes.” And it made all my favorite teams happy and it was the culmination of a miserable roster and it led to losing Francona for, May I remind you, Bobby V.
  4. My dad was telling me that Tepper's new plan is to ask the city council for a new football stadium and renovate Bank of America Stadium into an SSS. Not very happy about that, when a 35,000-seat SSS can be built for half the cost of a NFL-size stadium. The Bank still has plenty of years left in it, but I wouldn't be surprised if the council agrees to it. I still consider Charlotte to be the front-runner for #30, but I guess that depends on what ends up happening with the stadium situation and if the MLS is content to play in a football stadium for a while. (ATLUnited shows that set up works perfectly fine, but I'm not sure if it'll fly this time.)
  5. I know the Clippers Lakers convo is dead & this is unrelated to jerseys, but I wanted all y’all to see this for future reference when y’all start talking that Clippers going to take LA craziness. (& I will bash the Clippers every chance I get)
  6. Happy NBA 2019/20 season day everyone.
  7. I agree wholeheartedly Gotham! At this point, I'm 38, and that means they've been in the National League longer in my lifetime, than in the AL. 18 years in the AL as opposed to 20 in the NL. People around here that were and are old enough to remember the Braves time here were ecstatic to hear the news, as the old rivalries could be restored. I love the division we play in, as it's always competitive. I know Pirates and Reds fans won't exactly agree as of late as it's pretty much been a combo of Brews, Cubs, and Cardinals.
  8. absolute sin that I haven't seen any of these until yesterday; these are just as fantastic as the originals, if not moreso. also, go Mallards
  9. I hope he means that. Especially if it makes Donnie squirm As for the hairpiece thing? It wouldn’t surprise me. So far I haven’t had a face to face interaction with him, though. Yesterday was the first time a large chunk of the staff had even met himself
  10. Here's my predictions for division realignment after expansion and relocation is done: NL East- DC, Philly, Mets, Montreal NL North- Pitt, Cubs, StL, Mil NL South- Cinc, Atl, Mia, Charlotte (or Nashville) NL West- SF, Dodgers, SD, Ariz AL East- Bos, Yanks, Tor, Bal AL North- Det, Chisox, Minn, Cle AL South- Col, KC, Tex, Hou AL West- Sea, Portland, Oak (or Vegas), Angels
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  12. The Astros are the only NL West team to win a pennant since they arrived, and they've done it twice. I can think of a lot of fans who'd sacrifice a couple west coast road trips for those results.
  13. As a Charlottean, I can't approve of Cincy getting the Queen City nickname, but every crest has been fantastic, just like usual for you.
  14. If I’m some inbred member of the Patriot Movement living in Elohim City (look it up), I’m wearing it to honor how our domestic terrorist group did that! Well, I’m just happy that the Bucks didn’t do a Dahmer’s victims memorial jersey and the Warriors resisted the temptation to do a People’s Temple-based design.
  15. Vikings seahawks colts bucs saints rams eagles chargers lions jags 49ers texans pats pack steelers
  16. "World Champions" instead of "NBA Champions," they got it right.
  17. Not much, what's Kraken with you
  18. Week 8: Vikings 38, Redskins 13 Seahawks 31, Falcons 14 Colts 26, Broncos 18 Titans 27, Buccaneers 23 Saints 33, Cardinals 27 Rams 31, Bengals 14 Bills 30, Eagles Bears 27, Chargers 16 Lions 24, Giants 21 Jaguars 27, Jets 7 49ers 34, Panthers 23 Texans 30, Raiders 20 Patriots 41, Browns 6 Packers 23, Chiefs 22 Steelers 35, Dolphins 13
  19. Good to see this getting about as much traction as the NWSL. Any more comments before I post more clubs?
  20. Colored baseball pants should be used in throwback uses only, if any tries to recreate the garbage that was the pullover era in the mlb, they deserve to be shot
  21. March 19, 2019 was both the second or third best (also related to the 2018-19 season) and worst day of my "sports life." On one hand, the Magic were finally in the playoffs, at home, for the first time in 7 years. It was the first time I had ever been to a playoff game of any kind, much less a playoff game for my favorite favorite team. I've never seen the Amway Center that crazy. The crowd was the loudest it's ever been. For a day, the entire city was painted blue. Even if the Magic make the playoffs ever year again, I don't think that initial experience will ever be the same again for me. On the other hand, the Magic lost in heartbreaking fashion. After, all 18,000 of us were just walking out of the arena in defeated silence. Game 4 was still great, but by that point we as a fanbase had accepted our fate. Maybe I (alongside everyone else) got a bit overly optimistic after Game 1. Either way, it was a crushing blow, and I learned just how much of an emotional connection I have to the Magic as my mood sunk for days after.
  22. The Astros switching leagues after 50 years was a terrible decision done only to placate the whiny new-money Rangers. Milwaukee was one thing because it had been in the National League before, and it didn't saddle us with the loathsome year-round expanded interleague play. We don't need a tertiary level of game importance that isn't being offset by a petty local rivalry.
  23. The Eiffel 24 (which is no eiffel-65) is okay but eventually it gets to be like St. Louis and the Gateway Arch, like, there's gotta be more to this city. The lettering reminds me of Toulouse-Lautrec posters, too.
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