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  2. Part of the protests against institutional racism are examining how and why some people are disproportionately arrested compared to other people, and how society creates circumstances that make some people more likely to commit crimes than others. The easy example is a lot of black people are in jail for selling weed while a lot of suburban white kids doing the same never have that fear. And getting popped for dealing when you're 19 has dramatically different life outcomes. A harder example worth diving deeper is the prison to school pipeline. It doesn't matter if a person deserves angel wings or not; it's not really worth bringing up. No one deserves extrajudicial execution, full stop.
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  4. The apparel licensing deals are typically exclusive for the athletic department and related marks only. Any other merch and logos/marks are fair game to be licensed which is why you can buy champion und gear or an under armour usc shirt from the campus bookstore or sports retailer. Schools have also got into the private label game to capture more revenue for themselves. The funny thing about notre dame is from what I remember a big part of their compensation with ua was stock compensation. I have no idea what came of that and if they were able to sell it off before ua tanked but what a cautionary tale about partnering with an upstart that was leveraging their own equity in an attempt to buy market share (as others have stated). Without good product and organic growth these scenarios rarely turn out positive. I think we will see a chapter 11 filing before the end of the year or right after the dismal holiday season.
  5. Texas A&M is on probation for recruiting violations
  6. Hm, great jersey, but I'm not sure I'm feeling that crest so much. There are pieces I like, it's close, I like the falcon head. looks like a cross between an e-sports logo, a fake rune from a knockoff Tomb Raider video game, and a weird cult tattoo. I'd like to dial back the abstraction just a touch.
  7. Practice courts being installed in the Coronado Springs convention hall at Disney.
  8. Originally, I had issues with ditching the "Las". Ideally, I would have loved Las Vegas Knights. However, Las Vegas is commonly referred to as "Vegas". The NBA Warriors aren't Oakland, California or even San Francisco Bay. They are "Golden State", the nickname of California but it also rhymes with "Golden Gate" as in the Golden Gate Bridge. There's Tampa, Fla. However, all Tampa teams are called "Tampa Bay" and not just Tampa. Seattle HC...this isn't Europe. Sorry.
  9. They said Antonio influenced Kepa. Same thing they said that saved a point for Man U vs Everton.
  10. Notre Dame probably sells more merch than UCLA and Cal combined. Their fanbase is massive. How much of that merch is UA stuff I'm not sure. All the shirts I've bought during the UA run have been made by Champion.
  11. I think the Forest Dragons and the Pike still need a little bit of refinement. * I think it's ok if the dragon has flames. Maybe the "forest" can be him breathing fire onto a tree growing footballs or something. * Soomething about the new pike looks "flat". Maybe it's the tan color, not sure. What if you had it catching a football (different from the Miami Dolphins' alternate, of course) in its mouth? Or maybe it's body is arched over a diagonal football instead of catching it (this hides the "back" fin, of course). Just my 2 cents, of course....
  12. I've been rethinking how the MEAC falls apart, and I think it could go something like this; Dayton joins the Big East- Despite what the conference is saying, the Big East should try and get to 12. Dayton is a Catholic school in the leagues footprint who was a national title contender last year and maintains the balance between Eastern and Midwestern schools. Delaware joins the A-10- This would give the A-10 another Eastern Flagship school Howard joins the Colonial- A high quality school in the middle of the leagues footprint NC Central and Norfolk St join the Big South- Each teams biggest rival recently left for the Big South SC St to the A-Sun- Now a geographical outlier in a crumbling conference, they jump at the first offer Morgan St and Delaware St to the AmericaEast- The only two remaining football-playing members get the AEC to 6 football teams Coppin St and UMES join the CIAA (D2)- The only option for staying D1 would be with the NEC, who I don't think offers them. I thought about having Howard join the A-10 instead of Delaware, but that would give the conference 3 teams in the DC area and would be a huge step up for Howard. I also could see Morgan and DSU going to the NEC instead of the AEC.
  13. Seattle HC. That way no name is technically chosen and all the hipsters will love it.
  14. Golden Knights is a terrible name, but the absolute WORST part of their identity is that they decided to ditch the Las portion of their name and just call themselves the Vegas Golden Knights. That’s the lamest, hokiest, most tacky on the nose Las Vegas bull :censored: I’ve ever seen a sports team do. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about that dumb hockey team.
  15. What's chrome vs what's pewter on your concepts?
  16. Again with the Devil's Advocate - outside of a certain level of hockey fan, does anyone think this way?
  17. Thanks, I'll take it! I think the face could be improved but I still haven't gotten it working any better; they're just kind of a weird looking fish in my view haha. Anyway, I got distracted for a time but decided to come back to this. Here's an update to the Grand Rapids Rampage! This one I didn't want to change too much, but I took some of the little detail marks out to simplify it in some areas, and added a darker shade of red to give it some depth. On the helmet, it felt natural to do a wide, tapered stripe based off the main horn of the logo
  18. 110% agree with you on all counts except I don't have a problem with Golden Knights. Knights by itself sounds better but of course, due to the London Knights trademark.... California Golden Seals, Vegas Golden Knights, it works for me.
  19. Agreed.. the tonal striping on the jerseys makes perfect sense and looks great due to the way it helps the contrasting numbers "pop".. but on the other uniform elements, the pants should match the helmet with contrasting striping.. the way the white helmet and pants look with the bold purple striping is great.. and white striping on the purple pants would look great as well.. Also, your Adidas template is about 5 years out of date.. their current template has both shoulder yokes AND cap sleeves.. modifying your current template shouldn't be too difficult though, as the adjustments are pretty straightforward.
  20. I will never understand how anyone could sign off on that mismatched hem stripe for 26 years without noticing a problem.
  21. Dark royal, like the Islanders use, is the perfect compromise of the shades.
  22. It appears they're allowing teams to use their home courts for practice:
  23. Two beautiful uniforms! Besides the gold, the Sabres did use a lighter shade of royal blue.
  24. Yep, me too. With the crossed sabres symbol appearing on cavalry hats, the color scheme calling back to those late 1800s cavalry uniforms, the classic crest's roundel feeling like a patch you'd see from that era, I figured they were referencing the U.S. cavalry. Maybe it's just coincidence.
  25. Playing Devil's Advocate -- unless you are on a board like this, does anyone think this way?
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