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  2. How did you choose the number font? It looks great!
  3. Seconding @Red Comet here, @Balu the Bare has a new site that'd be a great place to upload the afa, we've already got a couple old threads being moved there, and some new ones too!
  4. And
  5. Ark

    NHL 2018-19

    Considering they will never wear those uniforms at the same time, who cares?
  6. Next up we have the New York Mets! The main set is based off of the Mets' 1980's racing stripes look, which is to me their most iconic look to date. The away wordmark is based off of @SFGiants58's fix-up of the 1987 style script, thanks to him for allowing me to use it. The away also has a slight royal blue tint to it. The alternate is based off of the Mets' 80's BP uniform. The BP uniform is based off of @bkknight95's Mets alternate in his MLB by NIKE series, which I loved. Since the main set is basically a fauxback in itself, the Mets go more traditional with their Turn Back the Clock uniform, going with the classic pinstripes, possibly as a Sunday home alt uniform. Any comments/criticisms would be amazing!
  7. Or they just wait for the Canucks to do their traditional 10-15 re-branding, which they'll inevitably go with some random scheme, leaving blue-green for the taking.
  8. The other thing I hate about the Bruins switching to black socks is that in order to match their jerseys stripes they have to use socks very similar to the Penguins. It's like when the Senators and Devils for a period of time wore identical socks. Two black and yellow teams in the league, an infinite number of ways they could stripe a sock and they both wear basically the same socks. Ideally, the Bruins would go back to using yellow socks because that's what the good lord intended, and the Penguins would switch to a stripe that matches something on their jersey because those stripes match nothing on their jersey. But to be fair to them they did have them before the Bruins.
  9. I just heard about the SFF subform getting taken down. As I mentioned in my appreciation post in the AFA thread. These have been pretty big for me, I remember searching for sports histories and stuff as I used to do little dumb ones when I was 5 or 6 (simple one season). And I figured I couldn't be the only one. At one point during my deepest depression saga I remember stumbling on the AFA and the dodgeball thread (can't remember its name to save my life) and reading hundreds of pages just to catch up. I remember reading the PHL when it was in the 50s. I remember the Buffalo Bulls being decent, I saw legends like Cleveland, intense rivalries start, and dynasties form. I remember asking you how you simulated and back in the day you said you used or whatever. And since then I started working formulas and how to work it for playoffs and other stuff. And I ended up with multiple branching simulated sport histories (no logos or player names, just teams, sadly) that I made inspired by this and Veras' work. I remember when I got to 20 simulated seasons (my previous record was like 6 I think before reading this thread) and thinking "dang, this is amazing". While I haven't had time to continue it lately, at one point in school I started doing it and I'm currently at nearly 75 years of history in just the one league. All that from just reading this thread and asking you questions about how this worked. At one point I even tried to make it more detailed as you have it now, but my brain doesn't like that as much. But, to finalize, I wanted to thank you for all your work. I'll continue to follow your progress as this continues. I guess I never really got a favorite team in this league, so... Go PHL!
  10. Thanks for the memories, Veras. Its a shame that some immature bungholes had to go and ruin it for everybody but I've got your blog bookmarked on my computer and phone and I'll still follow your blog there. I second @CodeG in that while I'm disappointed that it's come to this, I have a hard time blaming moderation for coming to this decision. This thread has been swell and its great that I saw it when I did. or the new site Balu has set up aren't bad spots to set up the new thread either.
  11. Literally nobody is saying they should use the "exact same color scheme" as the Canucks. Navy blue (like the Seahawks and Mariners) and bright green (like the Seahawks and Sounders) maybe paired with a gold to separate themselves from the other Seattle teams, would look different enough to set themselves apart from Vancouver. Come up with a template different from the Cancuks', pair it with a set of striking logos, and there won't be any brand confusion.
  12. I didn't notice it until when they got to the playoffs in 2016, wasn't an NBA fan. The colors combined with the square letters and numbers hooked me.
  13. I guess I'm a few days late to the party. I remember years ago reading through this and the dodgeball thread (forget its name) and thinking these were amazing. I remember attempting my own, but alas I have no way of creating uniforms so I stuck with leaving the histories only to myself. Of which I have gained over 100+ seasons in 2 separate sports, let alone the countless times I tried to start a new league. This thread, and the PHL which I watched grow since the 1950s, have been inspirational and helped me threw thick and thin. I can remember being in hard points in my life and reading about Krause's Victory Bowl victories as well as Skippy Cleveland over in PHL. I can remember being at school reading these threads and classmates see "sports fan fiction" and making fun of me. Yet, I understand fully the reasons behind deleting the Fan Fiction subthread, as theres been a lot of threads yet really only 3-5 that have stayed semi-active. I will try to continue to follow both pages through the blog posts. I guess this turned into more of a both AFA and PHL appreciation post. Even though I wasn't very active here besides asking about the Ghosts every season or two. These threads were one of the main reasons I kept coming to this forum, I will still try to remain sorta active on it and I hold no grudge against the mods (I know how hard it can be to mod from experience). I wish you the best of luck with your family as well as getting the blog up and running. Let's go Ghosts.
  14. This year's kit looks closer to that. There's a seem across the chest that's wider than what that Spurs kit used. That's why all of the UA teams last years that had any designs, seemed to cut them off abruptly at the bottom of the yoke.
  15. Wow...I didn't realize the A-League was expanding by 2 clubs. That MacArthur logo has a lot of weird negative space at the top with the name above the horns. Ochre is a unique color...but will be hell to match on fabric and apparel. It reminds me of the "old gold" that Wolverhampton Wanderers originally used and gradually switched over to a more orange hue.
  16. Young me saw these jerseys on SportsCenter one morning and thought, "They wear yellow/ home...instead of white (teams used to wear white at home, kids)...that's awesome!" Oddly enough, researching their logo change to the Orca, 22 years ago, is how I stumbled onto these boards...and subsequently realized I wasn't the only kid who liked sports logos.
  17. My wife is not a fan of soccer...but is a diehard fan of FC Koln. Why? According to her "because it has a ing Billy Goat in the logo."
  18. I imagine the design process was TO make it the primary...but possible backlash from ST holders when they saw it forced a polishing of the existing logo.
  19. That looks a lot like Tottenham’s from 16-17.
  20. Today
  21. While I see the logic, the learning curve would be brutal.
  22. Feels like he's supported by Whole Foods or some sort of high end supermarket.
  23. True. Union would be the first former GDR club in the Bundesliga since Energie Cottbus in 2009.
  24. The white numbers make it look like they're a men's league team or a junior team wearing the Blues template. They need the yellow numbers.
  25. Just following the SEC-model. From The Athletic story, where CFT got its story from:
  26. I became a fan of the Oregon Ducks and Michigan State Spartans because of their uniforms. I got to watch the first game Oregon played in the, at the time, top of the line uniforms with the first gen wings on the shoulders when they came to play Boise State here. And then I became a huge fan of Mich State's Pro Combat uniforms. Things became complicated when the two teams started playing each other. But seriously, these two teams got me into the uniform design game and uh, here I am.
  27. I think this sort of butterfly effect game is too hard to play. Maybe a hypothetical KD move elsewhere would have attracted LeBron or Kyrie or somebody and created a different annoying superteam. Maybe it would have prevented the so called “decline” of Steph and Klay (lol) and the Dubs would’ve won all this regardless. Who knows!
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