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  2. Lost four-straight games to lose the series. Damn, Milwaukee... what a collapse. Congrats Toronto; this is a big moment for your franchise. Still, you are so :censored:ed.
  3. We the North! We the North! This team...this ing team man....from being a kid who stuck by his team with their stupid dinosaur jerseys as all of his friends were loving MJ and the the disappointment of the Vince Carter the slow rebuild back up since constantly coming into the playoffs strong only to choke....getting trounced by LeBron year in year out. Dealing with NBA pundits and fans who wrote them off for being the weird Canadian team... The Toronto Raptors are playing for the NBA Championship. Oh my G-d...this can't be real. WE THE NORTH!
  4. I assume you're referring to David Tepper, in which case my post will make sense. If not, then just ignore me. I love what Tep's been doing with the Panthers. He is indeed the ideal owner, one who's invested in the game and willing to simply write the check for improvement. He's already building us a brand new practice facility (one that's actually indoors!), and he seems to be willing to stay involved in the team and its operations, while also letting the football guys do their thing. My favorite part about the guy, however, is his commitment to the city of Charlotte. We'll have to see how inevitable stadium negotiations go, but he seems to want to keep the team in Charlotte, and he's even looking into buying an MLS team for Charlotte (yes please!). I'd say he's the guy people should be looking up too, and I sure hope it works out for both him and the team.
  5. The Gasol corner 3 had me say, "Game Over". Then Kwahi hit another three.
  6. The LA Kings did it with the Lakers.
  7. Bucks are probably in big trouble here. The Finals May be over by the time KD is ready to come back. Toronto doesn’t scare me at all.
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  9. For 1966, the Detroit Roadsters have notified the UDA League office in Manhattan of a proposed overhaul of their look. Here's a preview of the Roadsters' new logo. Colors have yet to be determined: C&C Welcome.
  10. I seek your assistance. I am starting a project and seek the assistance of this community in developing it so that it may be the best it can be. To begin I present here the logo for the league. This league is not like most others on this board. This league is the Norsk Skihopping Assosiasjon (Norse Ski Jumping Association). The year is 1886. A little about the logo and its influence. At the center of it is a shield. The shield is styled and colored in the fashion of the Norwegian flag. In 1886 Norway was historically actually a part of a union with Sweden. As part of this union some slightly different flags then the one we know today flew over Norway. However, the flag of modern times had already been used before the union and was at the time the base for Norway’s flag as part of the union. Therefore, I stuck with this design because although Norway is at the time united with Sweden, the league is exclusive to Norway. The shield is supported by two figures. At left a Viking and at right a reindeer, both representative of Norway. Centered above the shield is a pair of crossed skis, representing the sport. Centered over the shield is the initials NSA, standing for Norsk Shihopping Assosiasjon. I am presenting the logo here in three forms. One brightly colored, one with saturated colors, and one black and white. This is a work in progress so please advise.
  11. The issue with this is that the helmet and pants/shoulder caps are different shades of blue, and that wouldn’t be the case with the current setup. The blue numbers on the current set would help, too.
  12. The Detroit Roadsters will be unveiling a new look for 1966. For comparison's sake, here's the old logo and uniforms. And now, a prototype of the new Roadsters logo: As of this post, the Roadsters are still trying to decide what colors to pick. C&C Welcome.
  13. And Barca get upended in the Copa Del Rey Final... No way I see Valverde sticking around now... he’s been able to win the league in back to back years but neither of the Madrid sides have really put much of an effort to stop him. I think Barca will go for Poch if he’s available or maybe even Ten Hag from Ajax.
  14. Making subtle tweaks for 1966 is the Houston Marshals. Old: New: C&C Welcome.
  15. Another team updating their look for 1966 is the Boston Unicorns. Old: New: C&C Welcome.
  16. Maybe the Seattle NHL owners will eventually realize that they're going to be sharing an arena with any hypothetical Sonics team, and sharing a color scheme wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
  17. Also I guess maybe the Lakers are a better fit?
  18. The Dallas Metros overhaul their look for 1966. Dallas won the first two CDA championships in 1954 and '55. Old: New: C&C Welcome.
  19. This is a cursed image. My take on the whole Montreal/Washington thing is "let the organization decide." If they choose to acknowledge their past (like the Hurricanes are doing with the Whalers), that's fine. If they do a Rangers-style throwback (which I think would be cool), that's fine. They already choose to honor several Expos-related people in Nationals Stadium (they have the name and the Expos logo next to it), so I don't see why fully embracing their past would be a bad thing, but only because no other team has come to replace the Expos (So I wouldn't be ok with the Pelicans doing something like that). Also, while the Expos logo isn't good by any means, it's like the current Pistons logo: the nostalgia is what kept it around. The eMb is iconic and quite literally is the Expos. If they used anything else it wouldn't be the same.
  20. Wish there was a way to work it so it was leaping through the sun.
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