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  2. Saskatoon Blades of the WHL (2004-2016 logo) saying “We bleed blue”. Thanks in advance.
  3. My understanding from 2013, when I worked with the Brewers on a 1913 throwback, was that numbers were absolutely required by the league. Perhaps that 2012 game convinced MLB to make such a edict.
  4. Putting “Erie” in the helmet is trying too hard to be clever. You shouldn’t have to search for the location name on the primary mark.
  5. 90's Solons looking great so far. Looking forward to this series continuing on.
  6. Same. I just wanted a say in this large project. I’m going to stay in the concepts section. I will follow you on the blogspot, @hawkfan89. Quick question, how do you comment on the blogspot?
  7. As someone living in Salt Lake, I haven’t heard anything from the Grizzlies concerning moving up to the AHL since they made that statement 2-3 years ago, but there’s also no telling what could happen with Seattle opening up shop. Also, West Valley City—the Salt Lake suburb where the Grizzlies play—owns part of the current ECHL franchise and their home arena, the 10,500-ish seat Maverik Center. I know that the ECHL Grizzlies have had a greater degree of success in the last 3-4 or so years, making the playoffs pretty consistently (I think). IIRC attendance has risen to around 6-7k from 4-5k after the first decade in the ECHL (about 2005-14). In short, I think the Grizzlies staying in the ECHL is more “big fish, small pond” than anything else, but if Seattle goes with Idaho as their AHL affiliate, Utah may find themselves in a similar situation as in 2004, having no real regional rivals (which, may I add, is the primary reason why they dropped down to the ECHL in the first place).
  8. Why? Why not pronounce it right, now that you know?
  9. I like the laurels around the cap logo. This reminds me of a Buffalo Sabres-esque evolution in color way and logo treatment.
  10. Shouldn’t there be alternates in phase two of the solons?
  11. Hit the nail right on the head with this one my friend.
  12. He's been involved at various levels of Dutch soccer for going on 21 years. He broke into professional soccer as the Academy Director for PEC Zwolle, back when the club was playing in the Eeerste Divisie - the second division - of Dutch Football. He served in that position for nine years, simultaneously serving as an assistant coach with the club's first team for 6 of those. He also did a stint as the assistant coach of the Royal Dutch Football Association's U21 National Team during that period. He then spent almost four years serving as the head of the youth department for the soccer programs of a couple of different Qatari sports clubs. Then, it was back to the Netherlands as an instructor and a scout within the Royal Dutch Football Association, before becoming technical director with PEC Zwolle in the summer of 2012. He's held the latter position - and scouted for the Dutch U23 National Team - ever since. When you look at the respective logos of the Royal Dutch Football Association and FC Cincinnati, is it any wonder the MLS side tabbed him for their GM's slot? I mean, the guy should feel right at home.
  13. We already knew that because they won it all in 2015 and won 73 games in 2016 without him. I think I've said this every year, but I'll say it again - I understand his decision from a personal and financial standpoint, but from a competitor's point of view, it'll never not be lame that he went to the Warriors. I think the only way he'll ever live it down is if he leaves, goes to the Knicks, and is able to bring a championship to New York.
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  15. The powerful bread lobby keeps stopping their research.
  16. Locked away in a vault, I have the prototype Baltimore Bombers and St. Louis Stallions uniforms.
  17. You're yanking my chain, aren't you?
  18. Can’t, they can only wear the 2 sweaters they designated before the playoffs began
  19. I don't know what's worse ... the top or the shorts with the dragon tail?
  20. New team: Fort Wayne Spacemen!!!
  21. Woodstrock - that odd combination of David Woodley starting and believing relieved by Don Strock!
  22. See, this is what's great about us: different views. I think the old look is boring (sad seahawk) and the new look is great, it helped make me a fan.
  23. This was mostly in reference to the people continually asking the same question over and over. Im all for the banter just to be clear.
  24. I like them, but the design is so crude
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