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  2. The term "choke" is incredibly overrused. Being up 3-0 and losing a series is a choke. Running away with the Presidents Trophy and getting swept in the first round is a choke. Losing the conference final 4-2 to a team that finished two points behind you in the regular season? Not a choke.
  4. Thank you @Veras for all you put into this and for all your help when I launched the PHL. I look forward to continuing to follow the AFA on the blog!
  5. This looks very promising, after I finish updating the blog I will definitely look at moving over there. Thanks! That is the plan and actually has been in the works for some time. It might take a little while to get to it, especially now, but it is something I always wanted to do. Thanks man, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's been a fun ride and it's not over yet! I wondered if I would stick around on here myself and ultimately decided I will. I have some concept ideas I plan to share in the main concept section in the near future, specifically a QMJHL concept series I've been picking at for the past little while. It's too bad the fan fiction section is done but at the same time I would encourage anyone to check out the main section, there's some good stuff on there. Just click on comments at the bottom of each post and it will prompt you to sign into your google account to post a comment. I believe you can also comment anonymously without signing it. The GHL was the rival league from the 1960s that eventually merged with the PHL. If your asking what the PHL's version of the Canadian Hockey League is, it's the Canadian Junior Hockey Association, or CJHA. There are five ten-team leagues across the country. Thanks man, and thank you for your contribution over the years. I'm glad I could be a help to you and that the project impacted you. I'm interested to hear more about your leagues sometime. maybe you could post it on the new forum or something sometime.
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  7. The Kansas City Rustlers finally add TV numbers. The Milwaukee Voyagers add Braisher stripes to the shorts. New ownership takes over in New Jersey; Gulf+Western Industries, future parent company of Paramount Pictures, Desilu, Simon & Schuster and Sega. With that, the Rogues roll out a new look: C&C Welcome.
  8. Speaking of NFL QB's who played for a quarter of the NFL teams:
  9. Can’t believe they both thought they needed to move from this classic look.
  10. This guy should get one of those uniforms that was worn by Gaylord Perry and Casey Stengel.
  11. the drop shadow for the retro is fuego.
  12. If you consider *where* the dragon tail is emerging's apparent that it's more a metaphor than a design element.
  13.'Sullivan Quarterback J.T. O' Sullivan out of UC Davis. His career lasted from 2002 to 2012. He's played for: Saints (02-04) Packers (04) Bears (05 and 07 - practice squad only) Vikings (05) Patriots (06 - practice squad only) Panthers (06 - practice squad only) Lions (07) 49ers (08) Bengals (09) Chargers (10) Raiders (10) That's eleven NFL teams he spent time on in any capacity. He also played two stints in NFL Europe with the Frankfurt Galaxy and spent 2012 with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
  14. defrankdupeaccount and defranksdupeaccount have also been banned for the same reason.
  15. Suh finalizing a 1 year deal with Tampa Bay, a day after cutting Gerald Mccoy.
  16. A couple of looks at the old Lions... like the new uniform, basically white-free.
  17. While I think it's mostly a function of him having so many teams, I don't expect to see LeBron James on this list in 20 years:
  18. I don't think the lack of standard aqua over white is noteworthy with how often the team has worn white at home. They do seem to favor throwbacks against NE and they even wore orange against them on at least one occasion I recall (2009 or 2010), so that part is something I guess.
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