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  2. I miss you, I loved you, come back (the jerseys, not Bo Outlaw).
  3. Once Calgary goes full retro, it won't even be a Top 5 home uniform in Canada.
  4. So the Clippers City edition is Straight Outta Compton inner City inspired to oppose the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and the Lakers. 2017-18 edition honored teams original colors from San Diego 2018-19 edition honored the court from the L.A. Sports Arena 2020-21 edition will be a black version of the 2019-20 Straight Outta Compton set
  5. Williamson looks strange wearing number 1, a guard's number. It seems to me that he should be wearing something like 32 or 33 or 44. I suppose I'll get used to it if he keeps that number. But right now it is like seeing a pitcher with a single-digit number.
  6. Rookie of the year odds, everyone. And to the surprise of nobody, Zion is the runaway favorite.
  7. That script and split blue/red trim? At this point I’m actually hoping they sell exclusively blue and exclusively red gear
  8. I am not defending national territorial integrity; I am noting the reason for the Chinese obsession with it, and for the tremendous offence that they take about it. Except the Hong Kong protesters are not "fighting oppression". What they are fighting is China's legitimate use of its governmental authority to adjudicate a criminal case. While the Chinese government's response to the protests has certainly been excessive, its original exercise of authority in the extradition was not. I'm for that. Of course, the two are now to some extent intertwined. The league has already stated that it won't police the expressions of opinions of its employees. And that does not please China. This is why the two viewpoints are incompatible. The NBA is trying to have it both ways: to defend individuals' freedom of speech while at the same time appeasing China. In my view it should give up on appeasing China, and should concentrate on places like Spain. In so doing, the league would make a lot less money in the short term; but there would be no more walking on eggshells to avoid offending Chinese sensibilities, as the sailing would be smoother on account of the lack of serious cultural clashes. This is correct. While major pro sports in play a positive role in general in the world, the large companies that run them must not be allowed to masquerade as charitable organisations. Also, we should remember that an employee can get in trouble for knocking a corporate partner, whether that partiner is a foreign government or a private company. For instance, if an NBA team's employee were to tweet a criticism of Nike's manufacturing process, or were to express support of someone who had been suspended by Turner Sports, that employee would be called on the carpet for jeopardising these relationships, and arguments about freedom of speech would not be raised. The China thing is this, writ large.
  9. Agreed 100%, especially since the 2 are one and the same for the moment. The issue in this thread in particular is when certain individuals derail it with term papers on the complete history of Chinese politics. It just opens a Pandora's Box and I don't want the thread to devolve from its true intent. Trust me, I get what you're saying Buc, but sometimes we can't have nice things here.
  10. This is very ironic considering the topic. Final thing I'll say about it is this. While I definitely think China is being ridiculous in their response, why does this surprise anyone? If you put that much financial stake in a country like China, to the point where it can seriously hurt your bottom line if you go against what they want, you're pretty much going to have to lay in the bed you've made if it goes south. The illusion that the NBA is this "woke" league compared to all the other pro leagues is just that. An illusion. And the illusion that Lebron is anything more than just your typical, out of touch millionaire is the same thing. It was a nice trick they got to play for awhile, but we all know (and deep down, have ALWAYS known) that CREAM is the standard with these huge multinational corporations and the rich people involved with them. Why would the NBA be any different from any other major company? None of them give a single about anything other than sweet, sweet cash. If anything, I think this is good because it exposes the league, and Lebron, for what they really are.
  11. Yes, and in my opinion? The matter looks like brown, and the dazzle fabric looks pewter. I get that you feel you have to defend the Bucs' current set, but no. You're not selling me on this one.
  12. For the record, as a huge LeBron fan, I hate all of this. Even with the most charitable of reads, it's still his dumbest move since the Decision and we're going to hear about it for years. Hopefully the start of the actual season changes focus. The NBA isn't going to solve broader issues or US business and entertainment entanglement with China, though I hope everyone learned something this month.
  13. Pewter is a metal, yes. And depending on the source of the coloring, it does have that tan/brown hue in it. You can argue that the old color is more metallic or a more accurate pewter or simply that it looks better. In some lighting, I do see what you mean in terms of the new fabric also looking like a dark brown. But in terms of which looks more brown/tan, the pictures speak for themselves.
  14. The XFL assigned their QBs today
  15. It's a throwback.
  16. Next we will be heading to the east for the Atlantic 8, which I never finished in the first iteration. Up first are the Baltimore State Blues named after the Blue Crabs popular in the region. Baltimore State University Location: Baltimore, Maryland Type: Public University Founded: 1913 Major Rivals: Maryland State, DC Tech
  17. On that note - Let's get back to actual NBA discussion and stop diving into the Chinese Political landscape.
  18. “Fighting oppression is the same as imperialism” is definitely one of the stranger takes I’ve seen regarding anything ever.
  19. If I were ever able to get in touch with the Chinese consulate, I would denounce their government for its counter-revolutionary policies, from the treacherous snake Deng through to the cult leader Xi. But if they want to give me money, you can have some.
  20. Today
  21. Nada. The old dazzle fabric gave it that metallic look that's inherent in pewter. It is a metal, after all. The matte not only looks brown, but it's not even properly pewter. It can be if it's matte, as pewter is a metal. It has a nature reflectiveness and a degree of shininess to it.
  22. 1). Only when dealing with you, my friend 2). I'm, literally, from Nevada. I say this from a lifetime of dealing with the fallout that city has created 3). I'm more of a Dominion guy, myself. 4). You do realize this is, like, 75% in jest, right?
  23. Need to see the full uni with side view but looks like the right side has red accents while left side uses blue.
  24. STUNNER of WEEK 7: Titans wearing light blue over navy vs. the Chargers I believe this is their first home game on Sunday in light blue since 2013
  25. "They should not have let the refs be in position to decide it" is OK in the "bad calls are part of the game" sense. But when "bad calls" drift into "one-sided officiating" it's a cop-out. What would be the reaction to this game had the Lions been on the good end of calls like this. We'll never know because this would never, ever happen that way.* "Bad calls" tend to go in the favor of the more "important" teams and the high-profile players. Particularly in the NFL and NBA. *Packer fan: "The Fail Mary!!!!" No. That wasn't one-sided. It was pure garbage both ways. And what "happened" to the Packers led to the end of the replacement refs.
  26. They finally got it right by using their ACTUAL colors. College football teams, your turn. P.S.: I like the new number font, probably a good change of pace from the Serpentine font.
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