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  2. The Braves should've never left Milwaukee.
  3. Isn't it tradition though for the Bears to have a QB who can throw for 2,800 yards, 16 TD and 10 INT? Who was the last Bears QB to throw for 4,000 yards? Was it Eric Kramer? The QB is the last thing I think of when I think of Chicago Bears.
  4. I'm not ready to fire Pederson (yet) but both Groh and Schwartz need to go and maybe also Howie Roseman for doing basically nothing to fix our problems from last season and drafting poorly. Its like Wentz is the only Eagle trying... ridiculous.
  5. I like that the Brewers do everything in their power to ignore their one season as the Seattle Pilots. It's a nice way of saying that they should have been included in the 1969 expansion in the first place (also that the Braves were to blame for the move, not the market) and that it was a mistake to give an expansion team to that woefully unprepared group (thanks, Stuart Symington).
  6. Surprised they chose not to play at US Bank.
  7. It’s only fitting that if LAFC wants to win the Cup, they have to start their run by beating the only team who has had their number. For the record, I wanted literally anybody else lol.
  8. Now I'm feeling kind of left out that it's not Seattle/Portland. Anyway, regrets to Minnesota. They're a good team with a good roster and an amazing stadium. But they just don't have the intrigue of El Trafico, and it's going to be so awesome. And should Seattle and Galaxy win, Seattle hosts the Western Conference final. I can dream! I am fan in theory of the home and home, but this one-and-done knockout tournament has just been so, so much better. Instead of road teams playing to score and park the bus, we've gotten wide-open end-to-end games. Way to go MLS. Some of the Euro leagues might think about stealing this idea...
  9. True. I’ll try to balance it out more. I loved the Michigan/Penn State matchup. Did they get a darker helmet or finish lately? Maybe I missed the memo for Michigan. Much like what the poster above me stated, we’re basically praising an all white blank template set. Oregon can do no wrong for thousands of fans. But we crap on the others. Ill bring some balance to my posts if others do as well.
  10. Bummer for Minnesota, but I sort of feel like MLS needs a matchup like Galaxy vs LAFC at this point in league history. This weekend was fantastic for MLS and getting another derby in the playoffs is going to generate a lot of interest and help to build on the momentum they’ve built up this weekend. I’m really curious to see how that game is going to rate, especially against Thursday Night Football. What a great weekend of soccer, and it all culminates for me tomorrow with Sacramento’s “Big announcement”, which I’ll be front and center for. This is definitely one of those weekend’s that is helping me fall in love with this game just a bit more. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!
  11. We're getting El Clasico in the conference semis... Eh, I wish it was in the conference finals instead, but whatever. The semifinal round is set now... Wednesday - Both games on FS1 Toronto at NYCFC (at Citi Field since there was a chance for the Yankees to still be playing. Could they change it back now that they're out?) Real Salt Lake at Seattle Thursday - Both games on ESPN Philadelphia at Atlanta LA Galaxy at LAFC
  12. Is 2020 going to be celebrated as the Brewers' 50th Anniversary season? I don't recall seeing anything this past year, but the team recognized 1994 as its 25th.
  13. Or a team being officially called Vegas instead of Las Vegas.
  14. Change for change sake doesn't make any sense especially if the fanbase is ok with the traditional look, especially when you've built a brand for a long time. Minor adjustments? Sure, fine. But ahould a team like the Raiders change lheir look because they've been losing for years? Hahaha. Tell that to their fanbase. If its not broke, don't go fixing it.
  15. I'm hoping we get extra time tonight. Still one more to go for Minnesota!
  16. Unless something miraculous happens, that's what we're about to get.
  17. Today
  18. For your halftime entertainment, everybody's favorite Eagles fan that @BringBackTheVet introduced to all of us back in 2015 (linked because you know it's NSFW in the slightest)
  19. Seeing the Roughriders wearing the green jersey under the dome at BC Place on Friday night was a rare site. Got me thinking when was the last time the Riders wore their green jerseys under a dome during a meaningful game, regular season or playoffs (not counting pre-season). All I can think of is 1989 Grey Cup in Skydome.
  20. The Villager's home shirt is a deep red base, with a brown neck and brown/grey accents on the sleeves. A light grey rectangle pattern is overlaid on top to create contrast and carry over the colour from the badge. Beaudry's away kit is slate white, with a deep red neck, brown/grey accented sleeves and features a sublimated pattern of light brown rectangles, echoing the pattern from the lower section of the crest, taken from the walls of the station.
  21. Honestly wouldn't have thought they'd be okay with that.
  22. *Rabid screaming while biting into a phonebook and clawing at the wallpaper*
  23. The lyric you are quoting doesn’t specify an authentic cap, just any cap with the NY logo
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