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  2. I'm a Kings season ticket holder pulling for the Sharks. I need several showers after this.
  3. Can't believe GEICO is running an ad where a hockey fan harasses a woman of color, NOT A GOOD LOOK, BAD OPTICS, PROBLEMATIC, DO BETTER, THIS IS WHY WE'RE NOT THE NBA
  4. This is a description of me right now. Super happy the the B’s pulled it out, but seeing the Caps lose always gives me great joy.
  5. Wow in the final 5:26 down 3 on a 5 minute major to take the lead and pulled goalie and scored to tie it back with 29 seconds left. Islanders won it in OT though. The fact this happened in game 7 down 3-0 eclipses that by far. But still. We're in uncharted territory. Sharks can be the Lightning and live in infamy or be the Blue Jackets and revel in one of the greatest feats in franchise history.
  6. Remember when the line was that Sharks fans were kind of irritating? Those quaint old days...
  7. This is the most insane 10 minutes of hockey I’ve ever seen. Maybe just ever in general.
  8. Cue the Vegas fans not grasping that it's a damn rule that an injury resulting from a cross check is an automatic 5 minute major. Don't let the blood on the ice get in the way of their scrappy little lovable underdog self-glossed narrative.
  9. Someone on Reddit told me this is only the third time it's happened. At least, in recorded history.
  10. Some rumors are that the Penn State assistant is now Ohio State assistant Larry Johnson.
  11. I figured scoring four times on a five minute major didn't happen often, but am I reading your post correctly, is this just the third time it's happened?
  12. I'm no hockey expert, but I think you just described the entire history of the Sharks in four sentences.
  13. I saw a Red Wings/Islanders game last February where the Islanders scored four goals on a 5-minute power play and, much like tonight, that turned a 3-goal deficit in the 3rd period into an Islanders lead. And, also much like tonight, the Red Wings tied it up afterwards to force overtime. Apparently it happened one other time, in 2011, but I didn't see the game or remember the event.
  14. You know what? When the Sharks scored four goals on a do-or-die power play to erase a 3-0 deficit, I was fully prepared to post "that is the least Sharks-like thing they've ever done". Except, now, if they end up losing this game in OT, that will suddenly have become the most Sharks-like thing they could've ever done. Crush everyone's hopes, build them back up higher than before, and then crush them again. Total wind-up merchants.
  15. You've got to be -ing kidding me. If the Sharks end up losing this game...
  16. Before tonight, has anyone here ever seen a team score four times during a five minute major? I think the most I've ever seen was two. And the Sharks still had 1:11 left on the PP when they scored the 4th goal. Holy hell, that was something to see.
  17. Lightning's meltdown lasted 4 games. VGK took 1 PERIOD to do so.
  18. PS, welcome to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Vegas fans. Now you're getting a real feel for how this stuff actually works. Enjoy.
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