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  2. The striping not being on the back of the socks could also be a manufacturing thing. The Jr. A team I did colour for, and a couple others in that league, had no sock striping on the back because it’s a different material. No idea why it’s a different material, but it is. If you look at Hebig (#41) in that picture above, you can see what I’m talking about because you can see the back of his shinpads through the back of the sock. PA changed to their current set in 2013, well after other teams had started to figure out and fix their Edge missteps. (The CHL switched to Edge for the 09-10 season, two years after the NHL) This leads me to believe the entire set was a choice, not a relic of the past. I’ve posted on the boards before about PA’s set looking like it’s from the original NHL Edge rollout, despite the jerseys being unveiled six years later. It’s got issues that had already been fixed by other teams.
  3. Seriously. STOP. ASKING. We’re at the point where we’re going to move the deletion day forward every time someone begs for a concession. Don’t test us.
  4. :censored: the Sharks. They should’ve just folded it up in round 1 and not wasted everyone’s time. Y’all wonder why I constantly trash this team. It’s because they’re a complete and total waste of oxygen.
  5. According to the SportsNet announcers, that's the first penalty shot the Blues have been awarded in the playoffs since 1968. I know that they're relatively rare, and even more so in the playoffs, but that's a long damned time.
  6. I wanted to think this game was going to be different and yet when the leading team is the one surging in the second period, I'm pretty much done for today. I'm sure the Blues will wrap this up Tuesday. Goddamn Sharks got me to believe again. I hate it when that happens.
  7. Shut your mouth. (I need more totems, more totems, ALL IS LOST ALL IS LOST)
  8. Hertha-Union games should be interesting if Eisern Union makes it to the top flight. When was the last time there was a capital derby in Bundesliga?
  9. That's part of how I became a Norwich City fan back in the day.
  10. Just a meaningless, curious question, with the threads being deleted, will those posts be deleted from our post totals shown below our PFPs?
  11. This is horrible news. SA in the real the worl a couple of A$$hats have runined it for the rest of us. I am witha few of the comments. The main reason I come to the board is to see the fan fiction logos and stories. The main forum concept as of late have been lazy with adding one color or changing a small stripe. Then calling it a rebirth or re imagine I know it has been settled but I still would like to see at the least close the threads to further comments so we can go back and revisit them. Please Please Please
  12. When I was making changes to move the FLD'S up.... I was just about to post that until all of that showed up.
  13. Are you combining the PCL with the Continental League? What names are you use for the Continental League? Will the PoD of the TL be 1958?
  14. Those 1950s stirrups are jarring, but other than that the Reds look great.
  15. After Leeds screwed it up again, I hope that Union makes it against Stuttgart in the Bundesliga relegation games.
  16. Davidson Made something different. I made the wood the shape of the logo, just to change it up and experiment
  17. You're not wrong, though I do kinda like little details like this that tell you exactly which season a photo is from when you look at them in retrospect.
  18. Dear Lord the delay of game penalty for sending it over the glass is dummmbbbbbbbbbbbb.
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  20. White Sox and Blue Jays (only after latest rebrand). Blazers (though bucks are my favorite). Winnipeg Jets, oddly enough.
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