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  2. #4 The wing is well defined and there is a fluidity to everything else
  3. Does it seem like all of the special and alternate uniforms in junior are using the old CCM template?
  4. Yet another case of a vintage helmet logo totally clashing with the rest of a modern uniform. This sucks.
  5. If the saints insist on wearing all white I would rather them make the color rush the normal away uniforms
  6. I have the Longhorn Network. I don't have the Pac-12 Network. Dissolve the Pac-12!
  7. That would actually be an awesome, classy name, so of course this '90s trend would never go for it.
  8. I am still trying to figure that out myself...
  9. Congrats to North Texas SC winning the first USL League One Final tonight over Greenville. USL Championship wraps its season up tonight/tomorrow with postseason beginning next week, NWSL playoffs begin tomorrow, MLS Cup playoffs have begun, and next week the Canadian Premier League Championship will begin leg one of their final between Forge FC and Cavalry FC.
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  11. Glad you like the idea! The inaugural '67 logo actually did have a jet, but it's awfully subtle. TBH, I didn't want to include yellow in the main set because green & yellow feels kinda un-Seattle to me. I think they could save yellow for retro gear like the Mariners do. (Full disclosure: I was young when the Sonics moved, so I guess Sonics fans might disagree with me...) I can understand your concerns about looking too Celticsy, though. The blue was just meant for the city jersey (like what the Jazz do with red). Here's a version of the skyline with the retro yellow, though! Thanks for the kind words! I figured that since these nicknames exist IRL, I might try to go for what the Sonics would do with it. I also can't think of how to incorporate the plane with "Sonics." Besides, "Jet City" is classier than Toronto's "North" and makes more sense than "Lob City," right? Okay, I made some attempts to address these concerns. They're not perfect, but I think they're better than what I had before: I curved the nose and tail of the plane, and rounded some of the corners of the Space Needle. Note that the wing is curved on Version 2. I can't decide if that's better than the angular Version 1. Version 3 is supposed to be a more rounded commercial jet. Let me know which version you like! Thanks for your feedback, everyone!
  12. Beaubien 67's home shirt is a dark orange (flame), with a line pattern that features different shades of orange in varying lengths. The sleeves have cream and brick red, and the neck mirrors the red on the sleeve. The away top is a cream colour, with orange wavy gradients, sleeves and neck finished with flame orange. Both shirts are sponsored by Steinberg Supermarket, founded in Montréal in 1917.
  13. They didn't get far enough to use the new OT rules. Otherwise South Carolina wouldn't have won by 3. EDIT: ESPN bottomline claimed the UNC-VT game was the first time the new rules were used.
  14. I agree. It's a bit busy for a logo. I wanted something similar to the St. Pauli FC logo. I'll revisit it this weekend, to see if I can simplify it.
  15. The St. Paul Saints' reaction to all this? It's news to us.
  16. Maybe it struck a bit light this year (to compensate for the absolute show Antonio Brown brought), but the Madden Curse stands strong once again.
  17. Love it overall so far. I do find the skyscrapers in the Atwater crest to be too much like an illustration. It would be nice to see them simplified and more iconic.
  18. Love the tie-in with it being the 25th anniversary. Back in original colours, Not a Hitmen fan myself, but curious about how their fans would feel about a return to the original colours full-time. I like the pink and silver trim better than the red and copper trim they have going on. An uncommon colour scheme that works. Always liked this past uniform they wore as an alternate. This idea with tweaks such as making the stripes on the jersey like they are on the socks would be a good primary look.
  19. If you’re gonna use a round shield, use a rounder trident too so the shapes go together better. Also why is the top border of the shield missing?
  20. Somehow this one went under the radar for me and maybe most of us. Baie-Comeau Drakkar have dropped the black trim this year. Going just red and yellow.
  21. Dolphins in all white. How exciting. Wish Gase could've stuck around longer. Saints also in those bland all whites that are literally just a helmet with a black jersey number.
  22. True! The Lakers though need to get rid of the black on their current purple jerseys since it's inconsistent with their gold and white sets.
  23. I expected nothing out of the Revs today, but they ended up hanging with ATL just enough that I was disappointed about the loss. Ah well. A full season of Bou + Gil + competent coaching is a great thing to look forward to, at least, and that’s before whatever other personnel moves happen — not sure I’ve ever been optimistic entering a Revs offseason before!
  24. What the hell happened at the end of DC/Toronto?
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