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  2. With the XFL, he doesn't interfere and when he doesn't it does well. We'll see though.
  3. Binnington's throwback mask has easily become my favourite goalie mask this season, and we haven't even seen it on the ice yet.
  4. To finish up the ECC, we head to Utica. The Utica State Buccaneers have, with the exception of the addition of a red jersey and addition of the name on the back, had the same look since day 1 of the football program. Utica State University Location: Utica, New York Type: Public University Founded: 1945 Major Rivals: Central New York, Bronx
  5. I’m just happy it isn’t Totems. MOD EDIT
  6. As a Rainy City Bitch Pigeons fan, that just makes me laugh now. As for the NHL team, going with Kraken is a terrible idea. It reeks of minor league. I personally think it will be Sockeyes but i'm betting on me being wrong about that too.
  7. I imagine that's just due to the application on the items themselves. If it's anything similar to the B-Devils' alternate logo, I expect it'll have the team colors in it.
  8. 2,1,3 The sword as the stripe is a great idea
  9. I've always despised the Kraken name; people talk mad crap about Sockeyes, but nothing screams "beer league tryhard cool name" of the proposed candidates harder than a team named the "Seattle Kraken". It's almost roller hockey-esque. It's the Bitch Pigeons of the actual listed names; a meme that's spiraled out of control and looped from being funny right into being annoying. Though at least Kraken isn't a meme copied from NFL fans.
  10. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the three options, but my order of preference would be 1, 3, 2. I’ve seen a few concepts drop pewter but still emphasize red and it just doesn’t do it for me. Granted, it still looks good above and wouldn’t be a bad option, but in my opinion, if you’re going to drop pewter, go all in on the creamsicle
  11. If you know it Oregon you are watching then maybe, but for the most people, they wouldn't know the team because there are not unique markers on their uniforms that say we are the Ducks....the horrideous wings on the helmet, the plain jersey, the plain pants and not visual identity other than the "O" on the back helmet screens PeeWee football to me.
  12. TCU with new "blood-themed" alternates; For those that forgot, horned frogs spit blood and they have previously gone with red-accented helmets, uniforms in the past but this is a bit overboard to me. i would have been fine with white numbers outlined in red
  14. Cant believe I'm saying this, but I like option 2 the best. I would still use an orange jersey for the alt, but I'd keep the red logo on the helmet. I also think it could maybe use a little pewter. Maybe on the sword stripe (instead of the light grey/silver) and as a number outine. Basically using option 1 jersey with the white helmet and pants.
  15. I reserve the right to add to this list later on, if I can remember to, but whichever day it was - May 23, 2018 if I'm not mistaken - when the Lightning lost Game 7 at home to the Capitals in the ECF definitely ranks towards the very top of the list, more than the other Game 7 ECF defeats because this was at home instead of on the road. It was disappointing but not a huge shock to the system to lose those decisive games in 2011 and '16 in Boston and Pittsburgh, but losing the last two games in 2018 with the decisive game at home, and especially because they were trailing pretty much the entire game at that, was one big wet fart of a way to end a season that they definitely could've won the Cup. (And 2019 doesn't really end up on any list of mine because of two reasons. 1) It was over the space of a week, not any one day; even if I knew trouble was lurking after the way Game 1 ended, it could've just as easily been an irrelevant footnote as well when it was all said and done, and 2) it was the first round, which dulled the irritation considerably in a somewhat perverse way. Like, it was embarrassing as hell, but at least it was quick and I didn't have my hopes inflated by a deep playoff run preceding it.)
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  17. Morey is a true hero for his drive-by activism. . Ask the G-League dudes and Kyle Kuzma and Klay Thompson how they feel about all of that. And then ask Buddy Heild about his below-market contract. The NBA will have a real boner for Boston or Philly vs one of the LA teams in the Final.
  18. Thomas Dimitrov came to Atlanta from New England. He knows he'll likely need a new gig after this season they nearly always come back, ask Scott Pioli.
  19. I love the eagle logo and I get the War Eagle reference but having your nickname be the tigers and having an Eagle logo instead of a tiger just doesn't work for me. Especially on the orange uniform where it literally says Tigers on it.
  20. #2 and #3 are infinitely superior to #1 so that leaves it to the last two. I personally don't care for the helmet/logo on uniform #3 but I understand why you made those changes. The helmet and logo on #2 make it the best option imo.
  21. The city council and mayor of Schenectady NY coming to an impasse over the construction of a multipurpose arena, one that would have housed the Tri-City Comets of the American Basketball Association, circa 1974. The facility would have more than likely housed World Hockey Association and later American Hockey League teams, Major Indoor Soccer League, and indoor lacrosse teams as well. In 1977, "upset" residents of Schenectady at a meeting with proposed Eastern League team owners and city officials voicing their concerns that a baseball stadium would bring a teenage drinking element to the park and too close to their quiet neighborhood. Despite the over 30 teenagers and myself, speaking for my father at 13, telling these people that NOT having the park why there were gatherings of teenagers, the city officials delayed construction of the park. The owners moved their White Sox affiliate an hour north to Glens Falls.
  22. Little bit to unpack here. I wasn't conflicted about the orange helmets. After looking at IRL photos, the matte orange looks bad. So that does get changed to glossy orange. The facemask going white wasn't something I expected to like, but after changing it, I think it looks cohesive and better than navy. The navy helmet by contrast is much younger to Illinois, and I personally think it looks better matte so it remains unchanged. I removed the victory stripes from the collars of all sports that had them, and changed the collars on the navy football/hockey jerseys to orange. I also left the numbers outlined on football. While the color arrangement isn't the same, it helps match the helmet logos IMO.
  23. I'm waiting for's probably only a matter of time. Colored pants work good with the Pirates throwback set IMO.
  24. I think a top 10 11 should about cover it. I'll echo @CS85's thoughts about watching a team you love fall apart just like you knew they would. This last weekend's Bears games was the epitome of that feeling, but in terms of specific days, here's my list. 11. September 9, 2018: Packers vs Bears. This will be a theme throughout the list. Aaron Rodgers is my least favorite human being in the entire scope of history. I hate his precision, I hate his stupid smug face, I hate his State Farm commercials, but most of all I hate the inevitability that he will beat the Bears. No lead is safe, no team is good enough to beat this man, and I'm doomed to watch him slice through our defense for the rest of time. 10. April 28, 2012: Derrick Rose tears his ACL vs. the 76ers. I didn't realize the consequences of this at the time, but the aftermath and being robbed of one of the most entertaining players I've ever seen hurts quite a bit. 9. November 10, 2014: Packers vs. Bears. Aaron Rodgers throws 6 touchdowns in the first half against the worst Bears defense I have ever seen. This loss came immediately after getting curbstomped by the Patriots the previous week. I don't think I've ever cheered for a worse team than that one. 8. February 7, 2007: Super Bowl XLI. For whatever reason this loss doesn't bother me as much as the more recent Bears disasters, as I was just happy to be there. Still not a great feeling to lose the Super Bowl. 7. April 4, 2005: Illinois loses to North Carolina in the National Championship. I was five years old when this happened, and this was the first team that I ever really got into. Dee Brown and Deron Williams were my heroes. I remember my parents finally letting me stay up long enough to watch the end, and being absolutely devestated when they lost. I think this was the most I cried over a single sporting event. 6. May 10, 2015: Lebron buzzer beater in Game 4 vs. the Bulls. For as much as I hate Aaron Rodgers, Lebron is right up there in terms of always beating my team. After the Rose buzzer beater in the previous game I thought this time would be different, but as soon as Lebron pulled up for the shot I knew this series was over. 5. June 1, 2014: Blackhawks vs. Kings Game 7. I'll admit that this loss doesn't hurt that much in the context of winning three Stanley Cups, but losing in overtime in Game 7 is always heartbreaking. 4. October 10, 2017: The USMNT loses to Trinidad & Tobago to miss the World Cup. Something that should never have happened, but something we totally deserved. We still haven't recovered from the aftermath, and I'm questioning whether we ever will. 3. January 23, 2011: NFC Championship Game: The next-closest the Bears had come to winning it all. This one didn't hurt quite so much as I thought it would as I was still fairly young and the pain felt duller than the #2 and #1. This game wasn't taken from us at the last moment, instead I was forced to watch us slowly fall short as Caleb Hainie threw a pass to BJ Raji for no apparent reason. Seeing the Packers win it all two weeks later hurt even more. 2. December 29, 2013: Aaron Rodgers 4th & 8 to Randall Cobb. Those same damn Packers. The day Aaron Rodgers finally retires will instantly hit the top ten of my best days of my life as a sports fan. 1. January 6, 2019: Cody Parkey Double Doink. Especially in the context of this season to see the first good Bears team in years fall apart in the most predictable way possible was heartbreaking. That was our shot at the Super Bowl, as it's clear that whatever worked last year is now gone.
  25. I disagree. As a visual communicator, I appreciate when the teams on the field are as easily separate visually as possible. The all white vs the purple/gold creates a very dramatic separation, and makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing game to watch.
  26. You keep saying that but his actions don't match up with that. At all. Yeah, Vince is going to piss away half a billion dollars, TV deals with Disney and Fox, a new company and a second attempt to run a football league before the season ends after two years of preparation. Uh huh, makes total sense to me.
  27. After reading the comments on that tweet, I can't believe how many people want Kraken as the name. That may be the worst name of all.
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