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  3. I actually saw a report on saying that a PCL team is being targeted for a move to St. Paul and that some short season clubs, like the whole Northwest League may become full season operations.
  4. The talk is that they would eliminate the Rookie level teams and the short season level teams. This means these leagues would disappear... -New York/Penn League (14) -Northwest (8) -Appalachian (10) -Pioneer (8) You're at 40 teams right now if you cut out those four leagues out. Don't know where the other two are coming in. With what has been mentioned, here's what I think will happen here with the things mentioned in the article and what you have brought up: Triple A: Pacific Coast League (10) - Albuquerque, El Paso, Fresno, Las Vegas, Reno, Round Rock, Sacramento, Salt Lake, San Antonio, Tacoma International League (20) - Buffalo, Charlotte, Columbus, Durham, Gwinnett, Indianapolis, Iowa, Lehigh Valley, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Pawtucket, Rochester, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Syracuse, Toledo, Wichita Double A: Eastern League (12) - Altoona, Akron, Binghamton, Bowie, Erie, Harrisburg, Hartford, New Hampshire, Portland (Maine), Reading, Richmond, Trenton Southern League (8) - Birmingham, Biloxi, Chattanooga, Jacksonville, Montgomery, Rocket City, Pensacola, Tennessee Texas League (10) - Amarillo, Arkansas, Corpus Christi, Frisco, Midland, Northwest Arkansas, Shreveport (Formerly Jackson Generals), Springfield, Sugar Land (Former Mississippi Braves), Tulsa
  5. Came here to say this, it’s so unnecessary.
  6. It's still on. Sorry gang, you all know what you did. EDIT- I'm well aware that I am not innocent in the constant Canucks arguments. That being said? Moderation has decided that we're all sick of it. And judging from the responses these "discussions" usually get? People outside of the usual suspects are sick of it too. So here it is in case Glenn's warning (that I reposted btw) wasn't clear enough. We do not want to hear ANYTHING Canucks related unless it is specifically about a new uniform or logo. That's it. Is it unfair that the Canucks are the only team with this restriction? Maybe, but they're the only team that derails threads constantly. We'll re-evaluate this position at the end of the season, but as of now? No Canucks talk unless it's to discuss specifically updated and new elements. Nothing else, and I mean NOTHING, is to come from it. Warning points and other disciplinary action to come for those who insist on continuing to clog this thread with non-relevant Canucks discussion.
  7. Posted in the NBA season thread, but TNT can dump that shot clock on the court right now.
  8. Saw the new logo at the Panera by my house today. They're currently remodeling it (adding in a drive thru, among other things), and they changed the signage on the building to the new logo. (And my chip bag had the new logo, too, for the record. )
  9. TNT can :censored: right off with the shot clock on the court.
  10. The real Bengals should look like CNYU (except the helmets)
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  12. It always intrigues me how much people will debate about how much the Canucks logos may or may not have anything to do with Canucks, but nobody beats an eye at the current logos of the Golden State Warriors.
  13. Looks like this is our foot in the door to get Ueck as the home announcer.
  14. The Blackhawks also have all the colors in their jerseys present in the logo. The Canucks do not. Honestly I’d prefer a black orca with royal blue and green trim. Silver is fine too. It’s basically a fancy white adding a little more to the crest.
  15. The Blackhawks logo was ten years old once... Time has nothing to do with my argument, it's perfectly acceptable for logos to contain colours not found anywhere else on the jersey. The Canucks and Blackhawks are just two examples.
  16. The shot clock above the free throw line TNT is using seems very unnecessary when there already is a shot clock on the scorebug and another behind the basket. Just creates visual clutter EDIT: added picture
  17. John Henry has more money than God, I don’t give one single about the luxury tax. Pay the man.
  18. First look at the Kings throwback court
  19. How about Buffalo Penguins (because Buffalo, NY has snowstorms, and it's a perfect cold place for Penguins) Sacramento Quails (State Birds of California)
  20. I don't really think you can compare the Blackhawks logo which has been around since 1940's and the navy and silver orca which has been around for about 10 years.
  21. I loathe to see it happen too, but if they want to get under the luxury tax, he has to be the 1st to go. I doubt he'll pull a Mike Trout & decide to stay.
  22. When your team’s uniforms warrant an 18 page message board discussion on a rumor, you probably have a problem with your uniforms.
  23. I like Lou Will, Montrezl and Pat Beverly. Your mileage may vary on Mo Harkless, JaMychel Green, and Landry Shamet. Yeah, the Lakers are screwed if anything happens to LeBron or AD, but Danny Green, Avery Bradley, Jared Dudley, KCP, Quinn Cook and JaVale are all good. Dwight can be good, and people say nice things about Troy Daniels. Also, if anything happens to PG -- with two bad shoulders -- and Kawhi -- who has a degenerative thigh condition -- the Clips don't look so good. Regardless, the roster each team starts with isn't what they'll end with, so who knows. To be on topic, the Lakers have better uniforms.
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  25. Difference also being the Clips had/have depth, Lakers don't
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