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  2. Lakers/Clippers should have had it's own night on the schedule. Fantastic game, great energy. And it's crazy how authentic NBA 2k20's commentary is (yeah I know it's been great for years...but there is seemingly zero difference between video game Harlan;s lines and real life Harlan).
  3. My memory is foggy, what's this river that I'm in? New Orleans is sinking cause the Raptors got a win. Championship Banner Hanging Ceremony
  4. NHL on NBC: We've been using the same graphics for 4 years. NBA on TNT:Hold my beer
  5. As I posted back in February: "Filtered through this thread. Montreal is a top candidate. Portland looks promising if there is a group of investors behind the cause. However, after seeing the list of other cities being brought up as potential spots, I am feeling Vancouver is not getting serious respect. Lets look at some basis to back that up: The short season Single-A club outdraws many Triple-A clubs in attendance: There is still a downtown waterfront spot for a stadium (with mountain view and near a public transit hub), as there was a proposal for that site to be a new soccer stadium before BC Place was renovated in 2011. Build it in the 40,000 seat range and throw on a retractable roof: Vancouver is a growing, cosmopolitan city. There can be money found in the city if the right investors step up. If Seattle can get an NHL team and Vancouver has one, why can that not be the same in MLB? Vancouver got an NBA team when Seattle had the Sonics." --------------------------------------------- Thing about this - think it could work but just not likely to happen.
  6. Given that there's a wildlife rehabilitation program for the endangered California Condor in the southern end of the state (near Zion NP), this would be an excellent, not-too-painfully-obvious-in-the-vein-of-the-Grizzlies name. Bonus points for basing such a team in St. George.
  7. with the new clippers court I really want to see the clippers play more in those black jerseys at home. I know design wise they’re not the best but look wise they fit the court really nicely. Blue or white jerseys look to off putting and bright for the sleek black court that they have.
  8. and some people wonder why Laker fans are so hated.
  9. The Lakers are playing in yellow at Staples Center against the blue-clad Clippers. The Lakers are also the visiting team. Nike-era NBA. Gotta love it.
  10. Clippers tonight: If fans are going to treat us like the road team, might as well dress like it.
  11. This is just a concept design from Footy Headlines but man I wish it were real.
  12. I suspect that the struggles that the NFL has had with logos for recent Super Bowls are the product of a desperate desire within that league's leadership for a common element in the branding of each Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the Olympic movement has enjoyed a common branding element for decades thanks to that iconic symbol of five interlocking rings. It seems to me that as long as those rings, the host city's name, and the year in which that city is hosting an Olympic Games are present, an organizing committee for those Games and anyone hired by such a committee to design an emblem for that edition of the Olympic Games should expect to have a wide degree of freedom in crafting a logo that works well with the event's time and place. As for the 2024 Olympic Games' new emblem, it is an alluringly daring and stylish symbol that is very befitting an Olympics being held in a city known worldwide as a hub of art, design, and fashion. Whoever developed that logo gets an emphatic merci beaucoup from me. Now, I am curious as to what will become of the rest of the visual identity for the 2024 Games.
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  14. The only critiques I'd have are: The way that the torch lines up with the words for Colossus FC makes it look like COLÖSSUS. I'm not in love with the name or the affiliation with MNUFC for Minnesota. I think it's enough to have the same color scheme. You already did an MLS series that was amazing. No need to just repeat that. And I just want to iterate again the absolute genius that is the flame. I've looked at it 20 times and I still love it.
  15. Love a lady liberty team. They remind me of NY Liberty in the WNBA, but much better. Sucker for the Liberty green it has to be my favorite unique color that a team could use.. and paired with navy is the ideal identity for a team if I had one. The orange is a tad light but it is fire after all so I’d be dumb to say go darker. Favorite tied with the Houston one.
  16. CALIFORNIA ANGELS but that's another story: So the Sixers Navy "City" that leaked is legit? Some claim it was fake on Twitter/Facebook etc. So if it's legit it's to honor the William Penn Statue?
  17. Bit of a heads up, I will be redesigning the Panthers as well... i've discovered that their kit needs a revamp so there is that. Packers is already well done so they aren't going to change... and neither are the Raiders or the Redskins. When we get past the Titans, I'll be continuing on with the West teams of San Francisco and Denver.
  18. For the love of Jimmy Carter just eliminate interlague play and the wild card. Go back to the 1969-1993 4 division format. If you don't win your division: TOUGH
  20. Any constructive criticism or suggestions before I move onto the home/away jerseys?
  21. Sacramento (Roseville) is home away from home for me. I grew up in the Bay Area, moved to Roseville for awhile before making my way to Oregon. I will always have love for Sac. I try to get down there as much as I can. I was just there a few weeks back for the Aftershock rock festival. Wish I was at the rally for the Republic. I'm definitely going to make it my goal to be at the first Republic home game in 2022 (Hopefully against the Timbers ). So stoked for @Bucfan56, @tp49 and Sacramento.
  22. So, with the cup & title graphics done, I put them together with a couple of vintage crossed lacrosse sticks and a "Brampton" banner. I gave the lettering a white drop shadow to suggest that the words are engraved into the cup... This is a national championship, so I placed a classic, red maple leaf in behind... Voila!!!
  23. Actually, I think it's the bagginess of the throwback stuff that makes it look so bad. I think in a modern cut uniform colored pants could look decent.
  24. That was, from my memory, the reason behind the design on PNC Park. Owners wanted an intimate ballpark that emphasised the view of the city over adding additional seats. One of the best ballparks for those reasons.
  25. What about Vancouver? It's has been mention many times, can it support a MLB franchise? I've heard the MiLB Canadians team has a good turnout; but again, no.stadium. Or is it too close to.Seattle or within the Mariners market? Omit last post, couldn't get rid of quote..
  26. I can't even begin to describe last night and I couldn't be prouder of this city. The energy in the crowd was just palpable. Best moment of the night (sorry @Bucfan56) was getting major stink eye from Ron Burkle because of my choice of headwear, yes, I was wearing and Islanders hat. I'll say this, and I said the same when I met @Bucfan56 is that no one should underestimate Sacramento and the will here to get things done. Starting with the Kings eight or so years back, things looked hopeless and the team was pretty much gone. Instead the bootstraps got tightened, a little luck came our way, the G1 came to fruition and the Kings stayed. Burkle in the video posted from The Bee (which I actually had a physical copy of yesterday for was free though) said something similar. Folks should have taken notice with what went down with basketball here. I saw that energy again last night. This city don't quit...and man, did it make me smile. I'd like to give @Bucfan56 a shout out as well. Enjoyed talking to him (we have a very similar sense of humor,) and I'm thrilled for him, the rest of the staff of Republic FC, and the fans of Sacramento! Y'all did it!
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