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  2. Both 1 seeds got thrashed, so it kind of seems like a year the sharks would make The Finals. Not like anything in these playoffs has made sense so far.
  3. Just curious, what font did you use in the league logo?
  4. Could just be the lighting, but the number outlines and center striping on the orange uniform looks to be the same gold color from their last set, as does the Nike swoosh on the black pants. Like others have mentioned there are certainly a few tweaks I would make but overall a very nice, modern set that is unique to OSU. “Beavs” and other nicknames in general work much better on helmet bumpers than as chest wordmarks. Really like the road uniform and helmet.
  5. Oh, who even cares? They’re gonna get stomped in game 7 anyway.
  6. Sharks go on a miraculous run to the Cup finals and win the damn thing finally!!!...........Wait a minute what the hell am I talking about.
  7. It seemed so ripe for the ghosts of Brendan Morrow to come out there.
  8. That was either the least Sharks ending of all time. Or, pending a game 7 blowout loss at home, the most Sharks ending of all time. Jesus. Go Sharks.
  9. Losing in double OT on a shorthanded goal. That’s rough.
  10. Yeah... it is and there will be a Game 7. Who would of guess that a shorty would save the day?
  11. As a 9ers fan I love these better then are current uniforms
  12. That's a popular color scheme for non-existent teams...
  13. These were Reebok and were stitched tackle twill bolts. During this era, the offensive line had a different bolt pattern on the shoulders for some reason. They aren't backwards.
  14. Agreed that home teams should wear white always so home fans can see a variety of color matchups. It's also dumb that hockey switched to color at home. I hate it. Portland looks awesome in those black city jerseys. I prefer their traditional look, but these are really pretty great.
  15. Why do I get the feeling that San Jose is going to win this game only to get beaten to a bloody pulp in Game 7 on Tuesday?
  16. So the Rays wore their rainbow gradient throwbacks last night and will wear them three more times this season. With them playing the Diamondbacks in May, why didn't anyone think of having a 1998 expansion team throwback night? I'd love to see the rainbows be worn against the D-backs road pinstripes. Missed opportunity.
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  18. The Braves have traditionally owned most of their affiliates (the High-A club, whether it's been in Durham, Myrtle Beach, Lynchburg or Kissimmee, has always been an exception), so naturally they'd just keep the brand the same, since there's no chance of the team ever switching affiliates.
  19. Oh, I's just the Cubs are the only ones I've ever noticed doing this (seemingly imposing it, perhaps, and often rather obtrusively) for all of their affiliates, without fail, for years. Elsewhere, it seems like it may be up to the minor-league team. The Binghamton Rumble Ponies and Columbia Fireflies, for example, don't seem to have any Mets identification on their jerseys.
  20. Sharks, I get that you're trying to get back into this, I really do. But let's just swallow our pride and try for next year, after some much-needed tweaking. "Adulteress' Punishment" by Riz Ortolani runs in the background, while Jumbo Joe imagines his free agency. This is said haunting audio, coming from a movie that's a beautiful piece of filth.
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