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  2. Tampa got like two months of road games in a row this season, too. WTF? Why? They’re gonna suck enough as it is. Why make them play basically the entire middle of the season on the road? They put the London game in-between two west coast road trips, for goodness sake. That’s madness. I’ll be stunned if win more than two games next season.
  3. I'm part of the older generation which Chet Coppock was a very big deal, even w/o his WWF stint, especially SportsChannel America and NewSport/Talk. "Hi ho, here we go!" RIP, Mr. Chet.
  4. I KNEW as soon as I posted that someone was going to bring up the EPL. Ok fine, it’s the most domestically.
  5. Being a Sharks fan is like trying to cross the 405 on foot during rush hour and hoping you don’t get smashed by a bus or something.
  6. It's like constantly peeling the protective plastic layer off a shiny new device but at the last second, it rips. And just when you think you've gotten it again, you scratch whatever it was protecting so it's forever marked. And that one little piece remains. Every couple years you think, "This is it. This is the the year the whole thing will come off in once piece." But it never does. It's like that. Go Sharks.
  7. Just stop. This is just another MLFB at best and NAFL at worse, but as for the NAFL, there's little after Christopher White and wife were charged in May 2017.
  8. I almost feel bad for The Sharks, mainly because I'd like to see ol' Jumbo Joe win the Cup. (Guy can't have too many years left in him) Much like how Ray Bourque Won the Cup with the Avs.
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  10. A little bit of an update via the league's Facebook: - St. Louis has former Ram Mike Jones as CEO - Akili Smith is a part of the league, heading the Portland Progress - Ken Stills Jr. is heading the Oklahoma City Power - Toi Cook is part of the Founding 50
  11. I love the NBA, but the Premier League says, "Hold My Beer"
  12. SBJ/SBD's Daniel Kaplan spoke with XTRA San Diego sports radio. It starts at the ~22:00 mark and unless you really appreciate old school hokie, sports radio, you'll skip to the interview mark. Note that one of the co-hosts was part of the Fleet's radio broadcast. The interview goes to the 31:00 mark and the rest of the hour has the host talk about the AAF, their soon to be launched podcast on the AAF.
  13. Amazing work as always, really apreciate what you do. Cheers
  14. You do know blue jackets are a civil war term for the union soldiers, not a bee
  15. Weird isn’t exactly the word I would use for it.
  16. If the Sharks come back in this series, will this be their 2018 Capitals moment when that team beat the Pens? And that is one big IF.
  17. Foot traffic = potential sales tax dollars. 81 baseball games aren't good enough as the cost of venues continues to grow faster than GDP. Hell, colleges/universities are getting into the PPP (public/private partnership) real estate business in the last decade.
  18. 1951 SEASON Leading Goalscorer: Hyun Ki-Chang (Grimm) - 101 goals League MVP: Stuart Arlington (Xiong) Apologies for the delay: had some important assessments for my university studies. Ruddy and Ulbrich began their tenure in the GFL, with both sides hosting in their inaugural matches. Ulbrich managed a victory in their first match against Richburg, comfortably accounting for the reigning wooden spooners 17.4 (106) to 10.8 (68). Ruddy was less fortunate, in fact a disastrous start, with the visiting Grimm team too strong, prevailing 26.18 (174) to 5.6 (36). Angerer won against Xiong by 21 points, 14.21 (105) to 12.12 (84). Chavez and Day had a draw, with both sides scoring 11.12 (78) each. Due to the addition of two new teams, each team played each other thrice, for a 21 round regular season. Hyun continued to perform at his best despite getting older. He booted 101 goals, which won him the leading goalscorer for the fourth time in five seasons. His experience and presence up front led the Reapers to a perfect start, winning their first eight games. As a result, this resulted in Grimm managing the highest scoring output for the season. The Reapers never fell below second spot at any point in the season, and wins in their last two games enabled them to secure the minor premiership (best regular season record). Angerer continued to play marvellous football as they compiled a 14-7 record. The Bulls were always in contention, though had a late-season slump. They suffered an embarrassing loss to Ruddy in round 20 when they were heavily expected to win. The Reapers' midfield continued to improve, and William Lindsey continued to defy the odds: at 37 he was consistently scoring goals for the team. After a poor 1950, Xiong rose and returned to the finals. Despite Arlington's return, the Bears had a struggling start, only winning four of their first twelve games. Suddenly, Xiong went up another gear, scoring eight consecutive wins to secure a finals spot. A narrow loss to Grimm in round 21 ended their regular season on a low note, but the Bears will enter the finals in strong form. Arlington played strongly in defence, leading the Bears to the best ranked defence. Expected to struggle again, Richburg had a terrible start, only winning one of their first nine matches. Suddenly their fortunes immediately changed when Willie Quinlan returned to the side in round 10. He not only played well, he inspired the rest of the team. It subsequently improved the Bulldogs' performances and suddenly four rounds later, the Bulldogs were within striking range of a finals appearance. The Bulldogs only lost two more matches for the entire season with Quinlan in the team, and won their final four matches to secure a finals spot in a sudden-death match over Day. Ulbrich's first season was one to remember. Expected to heavily struggle, the Pilots managed a winning season of 11-10. Travis Yeoman, released by Day, proved that he was still an elite forward, managing 84 goals for the entire season. The Pilots were notably more accurate in their goalkicking, winning games against the odds. Ulbrich consistently hovered around mid-table, though were not able to break the four. Highlights for the Pilots' inaugural season included sweeping Richburg in all matches and a win over Angerer in round 21, in what could be a fierce rivalry between these two sides. Day had a very strong start, winning six of their first eight matches. It seemed that the Knights were a lock in for finals football. However the wheels turned against them, only managing four more wins to end the season 10-10-1. Matej Vidmar played strongly in the first half of the season, but injuries to the midfield limited his output in the second half of the season, with the Knights conceding large scores. They had to rely on beating Richburg in the last round to secure a finals spot. The result was a disaster for the Knights, going down by 49 points to consign them to sixth spot. Expected to challenge for the flag, Chavez had a season to forget. The Nationals suffered the ignominy of being the first team to lose to Ruddy. Chavez started with a 6-7-1 record, but their aging stars, began to struggle as the season took a toll on them. To add insult to injury, Shigeru Ueda torn his ACL, which ruled him out for the last seven weeks. His absence was felt as the Nationals slumped to six consecutive defeats, before managing a consolation victory in round 21 over lowly Ruddy. Ruddy's first season was a struggle. The Longhorns only managed two victories for the entire season, and were often on the receiving end of thrashings. Unlike Ulbrich, who signed more experienced free agents, the Longhorns signed younger ones, and many of them struggled against the bigger bodies of other teams. Quite simply, the Longhorns were basically bullied. Major Events: Ulbrich's score of 3.5 (23) had the lowest scoring shots of any team in a match in GFL history. Grimm vs. Ruddy in round 8 had Grimm win by 16 points despite scoring one fewer goal and 21 more scoring shots: the scores read 8.25 (73) to 9.3 (57). A controversial finish in round 11 had the siren blow between Day and Xiong on a wet day. None of the umpires heard the siren. Day fans and players celebrated, however Liam O'Malley of Xiong scored a goal two seconds after. The umpires signalled the goal and then signalled the end of the match. The goal stood, leaving the scores 4.12 (36) to 3.15 (33) in Xiong's favour. Grimm's eight consecutive wins to start the season was their best ever start, and by any GFL team. Feedback, comments and criticism are welcome on the presentation!
  19. I love how all the media outlets were talking about how the Warriors were in trouble and how KD was "rebelling" against Kerr last game due to only taking like 8 shots. I think we can put that nonsense to rest now. KD is having another MONSTER game. There's no league in the world where the pendulum swings further from game to game with as much dramatic conjecture as the NBA. It's absolutely maddening.
  20. No. They've been doing this for the last couple years, it's just a marketing thing and nothing more.
  21. I mean, that’s a fair point to make, but I don’t think they should’ve done it either though. Just because it HAS happened, doesn’t mean it SHOULD happen
  22. More like “landlord”, but the point remains. They’ll need to stay relevant.
  23. NBA players like to chirp but these refs need to chill out.
  24. Three thoughts on the games I've watched tonight... 1. WTF, Caps? 2. I thought the Blues were dead and then they reel off 3 unanswered and win a game I'm not sure they had any business winning. (Full disclosure, I didn't watch this one that closely) The GW goal was pretty sweet. 3. Being a San Jose fan must be weird.
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